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SUV Cadillac Provoq Concept 2018-2019

Cadillac Provoq 2018-2019 – a concept SUV that runs on hydrogen engine with fuel cells.

At the Cadillac Provoq installed the latest generation of hydrogen plant, which is already fifth on GM cars Corporation.
Recall that these vehicles do not require gasoline as a fuel, and the product of their work is a hydrogen.

These SUVs attract the attention of visitors to exhibitions is already ten years old, but in addition to their high cost major disadvantages were the large size of the power plant, a small supply of traction and stroke.

However, the recent shortcomings of the developers already have overcome: Provoq can drive on a single fueling of hydrogen 482 km of which 450 km – compressed fuel and 32 – on the battery charge balance established in the body.

As the fuel tank, a pair of cylinders made of composite materials, which retain up to 6 kg of liquid hydrogen at a pressure of 70 atmospheres.
Balloons fit under the luggage compartment and fuel cells under the hood moved to rationalize internal space Cadillac.

The main engine has an output of 88 kW, and a rechargeable lithium-ion batteries have a capacity of 9 kWh and deliver peak power of up to 60 additional kW.

AWD transmission Provoq is different from most represented on the market today.
70 kW power plant is transmitted through the wires to the front axle and on each side of the rear wheel is equipped with two individual motors, which are supplied to 40 kW.
This scheme provides a good dynamic performance and better stability on slippery surfaces.

Acceleration to 96 km / h in about 8.5 seconds, which is more than 30-percent improvement over the previous generation system.
In addition, it should be noted that the installation size is reduced by half.
SUV maximum speed – 160 km / h.

Larry Burns, vice president of development and research, said: “The car is an indicator of the future – electric vehicles with fuel cells will soon be able to demonstrate the characteristics inherent in all current production car Their main advantage is that they do not pollute nature, and with. In our view, this is yet another pretext for luxury car buyers segment. ”

The roof – the hatch and solar panels

In addition to the above characteristics in the Cadillac Provoq provided solar panels that feed the interior lighting and on-board systems, as well as a modern brake-by-wire, that is, without a mechanical connection between the brake pedal and actuators.

The bottom is made completely flat, which reduces the drag coefficient and improve overall aerodynamic properties of the new items.
The ventilation slits of the front wings are hidden outlet chargers.
Door handles nominated only in case of necessity the opening of the door, in other situations they are flush with the bodywork.

The rest of the SUV Provoq shows further changes in the corporate style of the Cadillac, and it is likely that in the near future will be the serial SUV smaller than the already familiar to Ukrainians Escalade and the SRX .

Design Cadillac SUV was created according to the latest explanation, referred to as a “second Renaissance”, which started with the emergence of CTS sedan 2008 model year.

The grille on the road is closed

Among tech elements visible in the outer parts of an SUV, you can note the active grille, which is covered on the track to improve aerodynamics and open at low speed for better cooling of the fuel cell.

The side mirrors are integrated tubular repeaters of indexes of turns, and a spoiler mounted on the tailgate, located a large LED additional brake light.

roof rails enhance the universality of the Cadillac Provoq, and its form does not affect the aerodynamics component.
Specifically, new tires, preserving energy and saving fuel, which reduces the cost of maintenance of the car were developed to Provoq company Michelin.

Wheels with transparent caps

Transparent caps wheel improves the aerodynamics and does not spoil the appearance, and traditional wheels with massive spokes attract attention in the same way as in any other Cadillac.

Stylish and functional interior Cadillac Provoq, most likely, will go into production without any global changes.
Small metamorphosis can comprehend only pedals and instrument lighting.

The color scheme of the cabin at the Provoq resolved in bright colors and diluted with shiny metal accents.
On the instrument panel mounted liquid crystal displays, which allow for changing information scheme.

Furthermore, most of the interior finished soy materials, amenable to recycling.
Carpet on the floor is made of eco-friendly polyester, leather, used in decoration of the seats and the instrument panel does not contain harmful chemical constituents.

The hybrid technology now enables not affect the interior of the cabin – the hydrogen tank installed under the luggage compartment, battery – under the floor, and the cell – under the hood that makes the interior in a traditional by today’s standards.

The rear seats can be folded in a ratio of 40:60, and enough space for five adult passengers.

As in the last generation CTS sedan , at the Provoq original center console with a convenient audio controls and climate control.

The screen of the navigation system advances the top of the panel, and inside hidden hard drive for area maps, thousands of songs and more.

The main advantage of Cadillac Provoq developers consider full integration in manufacturing technology, so “if the passengers do not know that they are moved to the hydrogen car, they will distinguish the car from an ordinary SUV.”

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