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SUV Cadillac Escalade 2018-2019

The new generation premium SUV Cadillac Escalade, the fourth in a row, Americans have officially presented back in October of 2013 th year at the auto show in New York, and was recently made ​​public a list of vehicle equipment for the North American market.
In the United States, the novelty will go on sale this spring, and the Russian market model will arrive no earlier than autumn.
The previous-generation Cadillac Escalade came to market in 2007-th year, received GMT900 index, and motorists have enjoyed a pretty good demand, including in our country.
SUV of the new generation, many experts perceived skeptical, calling it nothing more than a deep restyling of third generation.

Let it remain on their conscience, while we will continue acquaintance with the Cadillac Escalade 2018-2019 th model year.
There were no significant changes in appearance, judging by the photos, the new product has not undergone.
The car remained recognizable, remained the usual angular shape and brutal features.
A new optical LED, as well as “advanced” radiator grille with shutters, closing at high speeds, and a number of other elements that give the appearance even more premium.
After a generation of change model is slightly increased in size.
Now off-road length is 518 ti centimeters, width of the model is 204.5 cm, height is 189 cm.
The wheel base of the car has a length of 294.6 cm and a clearance height of 23 centimeters.

The SUV running order weight reaches 2651 kg.
We add that the United States will be available lengthened modification Cadillac Escalade with an index of the ESV, which may appear on the Russian market.
The length of this version will be 569.8 cm and a wheelbase increase to 330.2 cm.
The “base” Salon SUV has a 7-seater configuration.
In the first and second rows of seats 2, 3 in the third row seat.
But for the extra 2 separate second-row seats can be replaced with the usual 3-seater sofa, making 8-seater cabin.
Free space inside the car became much more, extra centimeters received all 3 rows of seats.

So, in the legs increased about 10-ti centimeters, and over the head of nearly 4 centimeters.
However, the third row seats are still not very convenient and is likely to children.
Salon Cadillac Escalade new generation trimmed very high quality materials.
In particular, in the interior US engineers used expensive soft plastic varieties, wood, suede, natural leather, and even carpet.
All interior elements were made and installed manually, but this is an additional guarantee of high quality.
SUV Cadillac Escalade 2018-2019 th model year equipped with the same powertrain as its predecessor.

This V-8-cylinder 6.2-liter engine with EcoTec3 series feature variable valve timing, adaptive Active Fuel Management fuel system (at low loads are switched off 4 cylinders) and direct fuel injection.
The engine has undergone modernization and now his power is 426 horsepower (was 409 hp) and maximum torque increased to 565 Newton-meters-ti up to 623 -x.
Note that the upgraded 6.2-liter engine is already under the hood of the new GMC Yukon.
The couple are invited to the motor former 6 A range automatic transmission, to which previously had no particular claim in terms of reliability.

Dynamic performance and accurate fuel consumption figures, Americans have not yet sounded.
Recall that the previous generation of Cadillac Escalade accelerates from zero to 100 kilometers an hour in 6.8 seconds and its top speed is 172 kilometers per hour.
Fuel consumption depends on the type of drive, on average consumed 14.6 – 16.2 liters per 100 kilometers.
After modernization of the engine, these figures need to be improved.
In North America, the new Cadillac Escalade will be available in two versions – with all-wheel drive and rear wheel drive.

But in the Russian market the new product is likely, as in the case with the previous generation, will be available only in all-wheel drive version with a transfer case that transmits traction in the proportion of 40 to 60 with a priority on the rear axle, and a rear limited slip differential.
Also available are a number of electronic driver’s assistant – the StabiliTrak Electronic Stability Control, Traction TRC system, tire pressure monitoring and more.
At the heart of Cadillac Escalade th 2018-2019 model year is the platform of the new Chevrolet Tahoe.
However, unlike the Tahoe instead he got a multi-link rear springs spring suspension.
In front of the set design independent with stabilizer bar.

All of the car wheels are equipped with disc brakes with ventilation and vacuum booster and ABS systems, the BAS and EBD.
Steering assistance is offered in electric power.
In the new generation of the North American market Cadillac Escalade will be available in three equipment variants Standard, Luxury and Premium.
The “base” model will get climate control, seat cooling and heating system of the front row, leather-trimmed steering wheel, remote engine start, adaptive cruise control, a digital dashboard, a rearview camera, Bose music system, multimedia CUE system, alloy wheel 20-inch wheels, navigation system and power tailgate.

In our country, probably, as in the case with its predecessor, will be presented only the last 2 complete SUV that we have somehow called Base and Platinum.
Russian Cadillac Escalade cost of new generation will be announced closer to the start of sales.

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