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SUV 2018-2019 Toyota Fortuner

In the Kazakh city of Kostanay began production frame SUV called 2018-2019 Toyota Fortuner model year.
It is planned that the company “SaryarkaAvtoProm” will produce about 250 copies per month.
For motorists of the Russian car is interesting because in the framework of the educated “Customs Union” can import it into our country without paying customs duties.

So, 2018-2019 Toyota Fortuner (SW4) is a standard midsize SUV, created by the Japanese company for emerging markets based on the Hilux models.

The car was a little outdated brutal angular appearance that gave him a male character and more aggression.
A massive radiator grille, large bumper and slightly slanted headlights only reinforce this image.

If we talk about the size of an SUV, the length of it reaches 470.5 cm, width is 182 m cm and a height of 179.5 cm. Under the wheelbase allocated 275 centimeters, and the clearance height is solid 22 centimeters.

Depending on the equipment curb weight 2018-2019 Toyota Fortuner is in the range 1810 – 1875 kg.
Fuel tank is able to accommodate up to 80 liters.

Pretty spacious interior SUV has a 7-seat configuration arranged in three rows of seats.
The front seats have a weak lateral support, and the backrest of the second row of seats can be folded in a ratio of 60 to 40.

If the front and second rows of seats have enough space in the last third series it is designed primarily for children or small growth of passengers.

As for the interior, inside 2018-2019 Toyota Fortuner looks the same as the outside, that is – simply and slightly old-fashioned, but tasteful.
The front panel does not differ ultramodern ergonomics, but all the controls are quite comfortable.

Option SUV from Kazakhstan at the initial stage of sales is available with only one power unit.
Novelty gasoline 4-cylinder 16-valve 2.7-liter engine with direct fuel injection function.

Its capacity is about 160-year-horsepower at 5,200 rpm and maximum torque of 241 Newton-meter is achieved at 3800 rev / min.

At the base of this motor is equipped with a mechanical 5-band transmission, but as an option, and 4-step “automatic”.
With manual transmission 2018-2019 Toyota Fortuner maximum speed reaches 160 kilometers per hour, and with a little less automatic – 155 km / h.

Performance fuel consumption and dynamics of dispersal of the car is unknown.

Presumably, over time, the Kazakh version of the SUV will receive other (more powerful) engine available in other countries.
This 171-horsepower diesel engine volume of 3.0 liters and top-end petrol 6-cylinder 4-liter 238-hp engine.

In addition, it is possible that in the motor vehicle scheme will appear Jr. 2.5-liter diesel engine capacity of 144 horsepower.
However, officially the probability of occurrence of these engines in the market of Kazakhstan is not yet confirmed.

Based 2018-2019 Toyota Fortuner with a two-lever independent suspension in front and multi-link independent rear design on the frame platform.
The basic equipment of the Kazakh version of the SUV has a drive to the rear axle, but in top trim or for a fee in the “base” car gets four-wheel drive with a rigidly-link front axle, reduced transmission and locking rear differential.

The rear-wheel models are fitted with simple drum brakes, but the wheels of the front axle received disc brakes.
Rack and pinion steering assistance went.

Available in Kazakhstan 2018-2019 Toyota Fortuner has three levels of equipment – Comfort, Elegance and the Prestige.

Note that the standard on the SUV included alloy 17-inch wheels, foglights, full-size spare wheel, cloth interior, Halogen optics, roof rails, spoiler, heated and electric door mirrors, full power accessories, central locking, climate control, music 6 speakers system, chrome exterior, front airbags, EBD system and ABS, as well as some other options.

Prices for the new SUV 2018-2019 Toyota Fortuner in Kazakhstan are in the range 39 200 – 44 500, depending on the equipment version.
Currently, the official delivery of the car in Russia are planned.

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