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SUV 2018-2019 Range Rover Sport SVR

British car manufacturer Land Rover introduced the world’s fastest and most powerful car in the company’s history.
We are talking about the “charged” SUV called the 2018-2019 Range Rover Sport SVR  model year.

The first official showing of the new model is scheduled for August 14 in the framework of the contest of elegance in the US city of Pebble Beach.
Under the hood of new items engineers have placed 8-cylinder gasoline V-twin engine with a mechanical supercharger.

In the same power unit is already equipped with the standard version of the latest generation of the SUV, but to modify the British SVR increased boost pressure and reprogrammed control.

Through such completions engine power increased to 550 horsepower-minute (before was 510 forces) and maximum torque increased to 680 Newton-five-meter (used to be 625 Nm).

SUV 2018-2019 Range Rover Sport SVR  is equipped with an automatic 8-speed transmission ZF, which has reduced the time change of 50 per cent rates.
For this “machine” engineers have provided as many as 25 programs to adapt the work under the driving style and road conditions under.

They vary depending on operating the brake pedal, accelerator pedal, and other factors.
On acceleration from zero to 100 kilometers per hour “charged” the car takes just 4.5 seconds, and its maximum speed reaches 260 kilometers per hour.

Even before the official debut of the SUV 2018-2019 Range Rover Sport SVR model year was the fastest car in its class Nurburgring, breaking the track in just 8 minutes 14 seconds, which is faster than 10 seconds, compared with the previous record set by German BMW X6 M.

Also, the “charged” version of the model received a permanent four-wheel drive distributes the standard mode of operation, the torque between the axles in a proportion of 50 to 50.

A electronic multiplate clutch center differential 100 percent torque can be directed to the rear and front wheels.

The composition of equipment SUV 2018-2019 Range Rover Sport SVR model year included shock absorbers filled with a magnetorheological fluid that can change its hardness, given the state of the roadway.

In addition, a new car, the driver can choose an optimal ride height, which can be adjusted in the range from 5 to 23.5 centimeters.

Also note that the SUV 2018-2019 Range Rover Sport SVR is in its second generation of equipment Terrain Response system, which, depending on road conditions can optimize powertrain, transmission, differential and suspension.

The development of the “charged” modification of the car is one of the departments of Jaguar Land Rover – Factory studio Special Vehicle Operations.
In the mass production of “charged” SUV 2018-2019 Range Rover Sport SVR will go in the first half of.

In the British Isles the value of the new car will be 93,450 pounds (about $ 800 156) and in the United States the car will cost much cheaper – 110 475 dollars.

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