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SUV 2018-2019 Range Rover Sport HST

By the end of March 2018-2019 year the UK carmaker Land Rover declassified release of a new “heated” modification SUV 2018-2019 Range Rover Sport with an index of the HST, the official debut of which took place at the Auto Show in New York in April of this year.

The British position their new product as a “golden” middle ground between standard SUV with 340-horsepower 6-cylinder engine and a “hot” Recorder SVR with a V8 engine of 550 horsepower.

Visual 2018-2019 Range Rover Sport HST 2018-2019 model year is seen as a natural athlete.
However, this definition applies to the base variant of the car.
SUV looks modern and monolithic, and rapid profile with swollen wheel arches and a flat roof line gives the new product truly dynamic appearance.

From the usual “sports” 2018-2019 Range Rover HST modification can be distinguished by 21-inch wheels with the original pattern (as an option available to discs with a diameter of 22 inches), on tinted optics, red caliper brake system and create a contrast black roof.

Also, the black color, priority was given to the finishing falshradiatora grille, exterior mirror housings, air ducts and fog lamps in the design.

As for dimensions, the length of the new 2018-2019 Range Rover Sport HST in 2016 reached 485, five centimeters, width SUV rests on the mark 198.3 centimeters and a height of 178 centimeters.
The length of the wheelbase of the car is 292.3 centimeters.

Height clearance in the standard state does not exceed 20 cm, but if the air suspension during off-road mode is translated, the clearance is increased to 27.8 cm, and in emergency situations – up to 33.5 cm.

Interior of the new 2018-2019 Range Rover Sport HST in 2016 does not differ from the standard version of the SUV cabin.
Inside the set is the same multi-function steering wheel with four spokes, and similar digital dashboard and a similar center console with a large touch screen and a nice climate control unit.

Interior SUV 2018-2019 Range Rover Sport HST 2016 premium leather trimmed called Oxford Leather, which harmonizes with the black ceiling decoration, door panels and center console.

On the floor mats and the front visible inscriptions HST, and the notes of the sports saloon added laths made of polished aluminum.

The new 2018-2019 Range Rover Sport HST received front seats with good lateral support and user-friendly profile.
In the back seat there is enough space for two adult passengers.
In addition, the rear seat is adjusted back angle.

British car has received a fairly spacious luggage compartment, which is in the normal state is able to accommodate about 490 liters of luggage.
Rear seat develops in parts, increasing the luggage compartment volume of up to 1760 liters minute.
In addition, it formed almost perfectly flat floor.
By the way, underfloor luggage dokatka not hiding, and a full spare wheel.

SUV 2018-2019 Range Rover Sport HST in was at its disposal 6-cylinder V-twin powerplant with a displacement of 3.0 liters.
It is fully compliant with environmental standards Euro-5 and is made of aluminum.

This engine is equipped with a supercharger driven, feature variable valve timing technology and direct fuel injection Bosch.
Its capacity reaches 380 horsepower per minute 6500 rev / min and a maximum torque of 460 Newton-meters in the range from 3500 to 5000 rpm.

The engine is paired with an automatic 8-speed transmission and all-wheel drive system with a self-locking differential.
Under normal conditions, the thrust between the front and rear axles is distributed in the proportion of 48 to 52, but depending on the traffic situation on the front axle can be transmitted to 62-x percent of torque, and a back – up of 78 percent.

The maximum speed of the SUV 2018-2019 Range Rover Sport HST model year up to 225 kilometers per hour, and the acceleration from zero to the first “hundred” on the speedometer British car it takes about 7 seconds.

Based on the new platform from the standard version of the 2018-2019 Range Rover Sport.
Front model is equipped with an independent suspension with double wishbones and rear mounted independent suspension with multi-link design.

Car steering assistance received in an adaptive electric power.
The new 2018-2019 Range Rover Sport HST in received the braking system from Brembo calipers with six pistons.
The diameter of the front brake discs is 38 cm, rear – 36.5 centimeters.

The list of basic equipment of its new British automaker has included climate control, premium music system, a multimedia complex with a display of 8 inches, the digital dashboard, a wide range of electronic driver assistance and an abundance of airbags.

Receiving orders for the SUV 2018-2019 Range Rover Sport HST kicks off in April this year.
The cost of new items will be announced later.
It is known that the new car will be available in North America, the Middle East, in China and in our country.

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