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Successor 2018-2019 Ferrari California

2018-2019 Ferrari company has recently updated one of its most popular models, California You, but now come to grips with the development of the sports car, which may soon become its successor.
The car will be equipped with turbocharged V8, designed in the style of the best-selling 2018-2019 Ferrari 250 GTO and the KERS system.
Test prototype of this supercar has already been spotted in Fiorano at the test site and, as they say eyewitnesses, from him came the distinct sound turbo engine.
According to some sources, the new sports car will provide the same power unit, which the company develops for its colleagues from Fiat.

How exactly will produce horsepower turbocharged the V8, still unknown, although, according to some reports – not less than 500 forces.
However, as a result of the power unit KERS system capacity can be increased to 600 horsepower, which will give the successor 2018-2019 Ferrari California the opportunity to accelerate to the first “hundred” for about 3.5 seconds.
The design of the new sports car are working professionals from 2018-2019 Ferrari Centro Stile in Maranello.
It is already known that the model will be more “light” exterior, inspired by the appearance of popular cars of the past, for example – the 250 GTO.

Successor 2018-2019 Ferrari California will not give up a folding metal roof, although the lowered and raised, it will be much faster.
According to some sources, the new sports car may be present in the second half of the 2013-th year.
Incidentally, it is not clear whether the “heir» California will be able to keep the same name or the same will be presented as a completely new model.

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