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Stylish Compact MPV Ford B-Max 2018-2019

Model B-Max from 2018-2019 Ford Motor Company can be considered as the most advanced car in its class.
Built on the basis of the super popular Fiesta last generation, 2018-2019 Ford B-Max combines the emotional component, swiftness, the dynamics and dimensions of urban hatchback with four people in the salon and comfort inherent in large minivans.
This American company engineers have introduced some interesting technical solutions.
The first noteworthy, of course, the body.
And here the main feature – the lack of B-pillar.

This means that the wide-open front and rear doors form a huge aperture, which makes the process of planting a car exemplary comfortable.
This is an important factor, given the small size and problems with the landing on the back row of most cars of the same class.
It may seem that the reverse side of the coin should be a catastrophic decline in the rigidity and strength of the structure.
However, the 2018-2019 Ford B-Max, despite all the fears, perfectly survived the first crash tests.
In particular, the powerful side kick.
It is clear that the company’s engineers simply do not have the right to circumvent the problem of security attention.
Although trouble with it was a lot.

On this occasion, the director of technical control 2018-2019 Ford Darren Palmer said: “One of the most important tasks that we solved was the problem of a side collision.
In conventional vehicles has a central rack of a body, and this body stand provides considerable strength.
Therefore, for the 2018-2019 Ford B-Max, we had to invent it anew.
We decided to build in the central rack directly on the door, and this component has been manufactured from high-strength steel.
Together with a special lock, which is activated in a collision, we have received the same level of safety as conventional vehicles. ”
So, is divided into two parts, hidden in a rigid design of doors and cemented with special clamps, center stack, which is “de facto” no, it withstands shocks from outside.

But only one of passive safety, its function is not limited, as it adds body B-Max rigidity necessary to achieve a high level of management.
Ultramodern body structure overall, but not the only innovation 2018-2019 Ford B-Max.
For the first time for the European models of the company in the small car used an advanced voice control system SYNC, which has caused a real stir in the United States.
Potentially, it can reduce the number of accidents at the expense of those that occur due to loss of driver focus on the road.

With the help of SYNC can even call for help in case of a traffic accident.
System through a mobile phone connected to it the owner phoned the emergency services and allow people to describe the situation in the cabin, and the GPS-sensors will indicate the location of the vehicle.
Although the latter option is not offered for all markets in Europe.
But the “Best Engine 2012” – 1-liter EcoBoost petrol is available in all countries.
With only 3 cylinder, it develops 100 horsepower and is capable of moving a car weighing about 1.5 tons.
One of the key factors of this high performance engine is a direct injection of precisely metered amounts of fuel into the cylinders.

Thus, more complete combustion is achieved, which leads to a reduction in fuel consumption.
In addition, the duty cycle for one injection occurs several times – as long as necessary for optimum engine performance under certain conditions.
Perhaps for the first time in motors of small volume EcoBoost applied oil baths for both drive belts, which helps to reduce stress and noise.
The pump delivers a replaceable productivity required amount of oil in the system depending on the engine speed, thus ensuring uninterrupted oil supply during all accelerations are reduced friction loss and the total weight of the power unit.

For the supply of a sufficient amount of air into the engine 2018-2019 Ford B-Max meets low inertia turbine.
It increases the power of the engine, especially at low speeds.
The compact dimensions and reduced inertia allow it to “pump up” the engine torque with almost no latency, which is especially important during heavy acceleration.
Thanks to the 1-liter EcoBoost has a capacity of 1.6-liter naturally aspirated engine, but he is also more economical to 20 percent in fuel consumption figures.
Note that in the motor range of 2018-2019 Ford B-Max includes another 120 -strong the EcoBoost, gasoline 1.4 – and 1.6-liter Duratec series of engines with capacity 90 and 105 horsepower, as well as diesel units in volume of 1.5 Duratorq family and 1,6 liters capacity of 75 and 95 forces.

As a transmission for 2018-2019 Ford B-Max is offered 5 -speed “mechanics” or 6 -step “automatic”.
The model is available in three trim levels Trend, Trend Plus and Titanium.
The basic version of the 2018-2019 Ford B-Max includes heated exterior mirrors and rear windows, electric mirrors, air conditioning, front and rear electric windows, CD -pleyer, tire pressure sensor, central locking and a few other options.
Price 2018-2019 Ford B-Max will start from 18 500 dollars.

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