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Started selling special series Black & White crossover CR-V from 2018-2019 Honda company

2018-2019 Honda has announced the launch of the CR-V crossover sales in the Black & White series special.
At the moment, you can only buy a car in the UK.
The machine has a complete set of advanced and updated look.
Bold exterior solutions designers emphasize the individuality of the happy owner of the car.

From the classic black and white version of the modifications are different windows tinted windows and high-quality alloy wheels Orion 19 inches.
Manufacturers added spoiler streamlined, modified the false radiator grille.

CR-V looks luxurious.
Even exhaust pipe has a coating of chromium.
Inside the interior design is made in black and white.
There protective panel and side steps.
These elements are executed in the body color.
The function of these components – strengthening the patronage of the bottom of the car.
All the secrets news 2018-2019 Honda’s leadership does not reveal, in order to spur buying interest.

Powertrains The new vehicle will be of two types: a gasoline engine i-VTEC with a volume of two liters and diesel i-DTEC 2.2 liters.

Part of new urban SUV CR-V (version SE-T) has many modern additions.
In a set of cars has improved climate control system and special electric mirrors.
Spacious interior and well thought-out instrument panel, which has everything you need -. One of the pieces of this version Leon Brannan, the governing branch of the company in the UK, said that the last modification is quite successful.

CR-V series is very popular in the European market.
The novelty will surely attract the attention of potential customers who are interested in a fresh design series CR-V Black & White.
Prospective car owners only need to decide what color to choose, Brannan graduated.
Is it worth it to add anything?
Versatile and elegant design cars always isolated the brand among its competitors.

The first innovation from 2018-2019 Honda’s UK shoppers try.
To date, this crossover will cost 28 400 pounds (or $ 47,300).
Perhaps in the future delivery of this modification will be in our country, but as long as the official information about this is available.

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