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Started production 2018-2019 Infiniti Q50

In Japan, the company in the city of Tochigi in the pipeline put new sedan 2018-2019 Infiniti Q50, which goes on sale this summer.

At the launch of the production model in the present president of Nissan, Carlos Ghosn, head of 2018-2019 Infiniti Johan de Naison and 3 -fold winner of championships “Formula 1” Sebastian Vettel, who is the director for the implementation of the program of high achievements of the Japanese automaker , and along the face of the brand advertising campaign.
The new Q50, whose presentation was held at the Detroit Motor Show in March this year, is intended to replace the model range sedan G37.
Note that the car is the first model of the brand that created the alliance Renault-Nissan, with the participation of Daimler.
Outside view of the new 2018-2019 Infiniti Q50 has some similarities with the hybrid concept Essence, yet presented in 2009 th year at the Geneva Motor Show.
The power range of machines includes gasoline 6-cylinder 3.7-liter engine with 328 horsepower and a maximum torque of 364 Newton meters and a hybrid installation, which consists of a 3.5-liter gasoline engine and a 67-strong motor.
The total capacity of the hybrid installation reaches 354 horsepower.
Both versions are equipped with an automatic sedan 7 -speed manual transmission.
We also note that in Europe, 2018-2019 Infiniti Q50, where sales will begin in autumn of this year, will be available with a diesel 4-cylinder 2.2-liter unit with 170 horsepower from the Mercedes company.
For such a modification is provided either an automatic transmission or a 6 A range manual.

In the North American market, the minimum cost of a sedan of 36 450 dollars.
For all-wheel drive system will have to pay an additional $ 1 800.
For 2018-2019 Infiniti Q50 with a hybrid power plant will have to pay at least 43,700 dollars.

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