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Sports car 2018-2019 Toyota FT-1 Vision Gran Turismo

In early 2014, 2018-2019 Toyota revealed at the Motor Show in Detroit sports car concept FT-1, showing the design of future production models of the brand, in particular – Supra successor.
Soon, this sports car joins “garage” Gran Turismo 6.

2018-2019 Toyota has now introduced two new versions of entire sports car FT-1, created to participate in a series of computer game Gran Turismo 6.

California design studio, “2018-2019 Toyota” Calty Design Research has designed a new version of the same car, are more focused on driving the track.
The new sports car called 2018-2019 Toyota FT-1 Vision Gran Turismo (GT), will never be built, “live” and will exist only in the virtual world.

“Cloud” sports car FT-1 Vision GT coming battle in computer roads within the above-mentioned series, but from the perspective of the creators of the concept, it is a modification of a track founder of this conceptual line – 2018-2019 Toyota FT-1 presented at the beginning of the year at the Detroit Auto Show.
It differs body design and advanced aerodynamic elements.

Concept 2018-2019 Toyota FT-1 Vision GT also features an aggressive body kit, which includes a large rear wing, vented wings and a massive carbon fiber rear diffuser.
Fully sports car declassified in the near future.
Will he get a physical embodiment or will exist only in the world of computer games – is not yet clear.
Some other manufacturers are also involved in the project Vision Gran Turismo, built their machines in full size.

With regard to the second modification, called 2018-2019 Toyota FT-1 Concept, it is considered the most of its many distinct allusion to the appearance of a new generation Supra.

Its exterior looks as close to reality (except, perhaps, the extravagant mirrors and transparent hood), and the interior is decorated in a futuristic spirit is far less than that of the first concept of the series.

2018-2019 Toyota and BMW are in no hurry to share the technical details of a joint project, the outcome of which is just to become new Japanese sports car.
However, according to the experiments, which 2018-2019 Toyota put on the interior and exterior of the future trends, the project is progressing at full speed.

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