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Specifications and disadvantages of 2018-2019 Volkswagen Polo Sedan

Classical and strict 2018-2019 Volkswagen Polo Sedan is designed to ensure the appearance of the car almost hit with motorists of all ages.

Body – the size and color defects

Faceted headlights, narrow slit false radiator grille, front bumper with a pronounced bottom edge – a spoiler, “smile” lower air intake with round foglights on the edges. Hood with two characteristic ribs on the sides forms a broken transition to trim the wings.

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Disadvantages 2018-2019 Volkswagen Polo saloon sedan assembly
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disadvantages interior and exterior

Profile of 2018-2019 Volkswagen Polo Sedan – with a compact hood, high roof falling to the stern and lean the trunk. Harmonically enlarged wheel arches complement the stylish vyshtampovki top and bottom sides. The rear of the car – with a large boot lid, bumpers and simple spaced along the edges of shades marker lamps.

When producing Polo sedan is used with double-sided galvanized metal and high-quality anti-corrosion treatment, which allows the manufacturer to provide 12-year-old guarantee on the body. Paint German resistant and quality, according to reviews of the owners after two Russian winters cars look exemplary (chips, scuffs, minor scratches not).

Ideal auto is not the case, and in the body of the 2018-2019 Volkswagen budget news has its own design flaws. The most obvious problem Polo sedan:

  • – Low-mounted rear spring support,
  • – Protruding cables “parking brake” (incorrectly routed under the bottom)
  • – The lack of protection of the engine factory metal bottom,
  • – Small low informative exterior mirrors,
  • – Poor design leashes wiper.
real ground clearance on the 2018-2019 Volkswagen Polo sedan is 12 cm

The rest of the problems with the body from the owners does not occur unless you take into account the disadvantage of a very expensive body parts that require replacement in the event of an accident.
Recall dimensions 2018-2019 Volkswagen Polo sedan to our readers: 4384mm – length 1699mm – width 1465mm – height, 2552mm- base.
170mm – Ground clearance (clearance), at full load the distance between the body and the road surface is reduced to a mere 120-130 mm.

Wheel and tire: the manufacturer’s capacity for rubber 175/70 R14, 185/60 R15 and 195/55 R15 on the iron disks R14 – R15 and R15 alloy. From reviews of the owners have to figure out what to Polo sedan can be installed drives with larger tires: 215 / 50R15, 215 / 45R16, 215 / 45R17.
For cars offered seven color options: Candy (white), Urano (gray), Night Blue (metallic blue), Reflex (silver metallic), Silver Leaf (metallic), Wild Cherry (red metallic) and Deep (Black Pearl).
Here below are the approximate prices for spare parts and details: the hood – 11500 rubles, Bumper front or rear (naked) – 8000 rubles, the front wing – 4,500 rubles, the unit Headlamp – 2700 rubles, taillight – 2800 rubles.


2018-2019 Volkswagen Polo sedan is built on a front-PQ25 platform from the Polo hatchback 5th generation, but extended in length by 82 mm wheelbase. The front suspension is independent MacPherson struts on, back semidependent – torsion beam. Front disc brakes, rear – drum archaic.

Motor gasoline 1.6-liter CFNA issuing 105 “horses”, the box the default transmission mechanic 5-Th stages, optional automatic gearshift Tiptronic (manual control mode). To the manufacturer and the dynamic performance characteristics of the engine with a 5 speed manual (6 automatic transmission) – acceleration to “hundreds” of 10.5 (12.1) s and “maximum speed” 190 (187) km / h in real operating conditions are confirmed.
In the opinion of the owners, regardless of the type of box, the sedan can be accelerated up to 193-202 km / h (who at that garazd) Fuel consumption “in life” and roughly corresponds to the data of the plant:. 9-10 liters in the city, on the highway 6, 5-7.5 liters at a speed of 120 km / h. The experimental nature of driving suggests that when driving at a constant speed of 90-95 km / h Polo sedan is satisfied with just 5 liters of gasoline.

Driving characteristics and test drive

The car perfectly helm, kept straight and enters the turns, suspension moderately hard and energy-intensive. Chassis configured with the optimal balance for comfortable movement on rough roads and high-speed driving on highways with good coating quality.
In our opinion (the same as with the majority of car owners) suspension Polo sedan segment among the best compact sedans competitors.
Deficiencies in the chassis, engine and gearbox is simply not in the vehicle components and assemblies used time-tested in other models of 2018-2019 Volkswagen AG.
The biggest problem, according to reviews of the owners, it is of poor quality maintenance on the company’s service (low qualification of staff) and tires Kama, does not hold water.
German cars (and genetically Polo sedan – a real “German”) designed for high-quality service and specialty materials, this also applies to consumables (oil, filters, brake pads, bearings, shock absorbers and other details). Regarding what kind of engine oil to choose for Polo engine sedan – fit “synthetic» 5W-30, corresponding to the classification VW 504 00/507 00.

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