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Skoda Vision E Concept 2018-2019 – a forerunner of the electric crossover Škoda

A conceptual novelty representing the new Skoda models of 2018-2019, the electric crossover Skoda Vision E Concept is presented publicly at the Shanghai Motor Show 2017. In the review the first information, photo, price, equipment and technical characteristics of the Czech concept. Skoda Vision E Concept 2017, based on the newest MEB platform (Modular Electric Toolkit), created in the bowels of the Volkswagen car giant for the production of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, became the harbinger of the first electric crossover of the Czech company, which will debut in the serial version in 2020 under the name of Škoda Aratan (Skoda Airon), the price of the electric crossover of Skoda will be less than 50,000 euros.

It should immediately be noted that the concept Skoda Vision E is not a prototype of the coupe crossover Skoda Kodiaq Coupe, which, incidentally, is possible and will appear in the model line of the Czech manufacturer. Crossover Skoda Vision E Concept – the newest carrier not only more stylish and bright exterior design of the body than the Kodiak , but it demonstrates a completely different, more high-tech interior, the ability to autonomous movement of 3 levels (independent movement on a high-speed autobahn without driver participation with overtaking and lane change , Mirror autopilot and autonomous parking) and a completely new MEB platform that does not involve the use of traditional internal combustion engines.

  • The external overall dimensions of the body of the Skoda Vision E Concept 2017 are 4645 mm in length, 1917 mm in width, 1,550 mm in height, with a wheelbase of 2,850 mm.
  • The conceptual model of the crossover rests on the ground with huge 21-inch wheels with a chic design of an alloy wheel design.

The body of the Czech crossover concept Vision E as if carved by the hand of a master from a block of rock crystal, deliberately emphasizing the origin of the car from Bohemia (the old name of the Czech Republic). Strict lines of the sculpted body alternate with smooth contours and transitions. In the presence of original LED optics, located on several levels, not only on the front and rear of the body, but also on the doors.

Continues the stylish image of the concept hood with a characteristic relief, a huge area of ​​glass (the windshield smoothly flows through the panoramic roof to the tailgate’s tailgate), characteristic ribs and strokes decorating the body of the crossover. Will such original and daring exterior design of the body of the serial version of the electric Czech crossover show time, and the concept looks externally excellent, especially with open swing doors.

The decoration of the interior of the conceptual novelty is picked up by the minor mood set by the body of the prototype. Salon with four separate armchairs, three large touch screens that grow from the bowels of the front, a stylish steering wheel, a compact digital instrument panel, a touchpad in the center armrest for second-row passengers, a touch-sensitive control of the window regulator on each door, wireless charging plates for smartphones, And, of course, the mass of decorative elements from crystal.

Each of the seats with the electric drive can rotate 20 degrees towards the door when opening, providing a more comfortable fit to the driver and passengers. In the cabin, a flat floor with a total absence of a tunnel, the seats are set as high as possible for a better view, and the legroom in the second row of the concept is 7% larger than in the Skoda Octavia . All the seats in addition to the electric adjustment are equipped with heating and ventilation.

Specifications Skoda Vision E Concept 2017. The prototype of the Czech electric crossover is equipped with two electric motors, one for each axis (total power of 225 kW about 306 hp), which provides the car with a full drive. The stock of electric fuel is stored in a lithium-ion battery capable of replenishing the charge both from the mains and with the help of the braking energy recovery system. According to the manufacturer, the electric power plant provides a crossover with a maximum speed of 180 kmh, and a lithium-ion battery will provide a run around 500 km.

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