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Sedan Chrysler 200 2018-2019

The first Chrysler 200 was born in 2010 and became one of the “crisis” of the American automaker’s vehicles.
Model Class «D» is positioned as the youngest concern “relative” sedan Chrysler 300 .

However, if the first generation of “two hundredth” was a scale redesigned Chrysler Sebring, now his replacement came a completely new model.
The second generation Chrysler 200 sedan was the fruit of the joint efforts of the American company and the Italian automaker the Fiat .

The car is built on the platform of the Alfa Romeo the Giulietta , which also underlies the Jeep Cherokee and the Dodge by Dart .
Now, by the way, will produce a sedan, and the body “coupe-cabriolet” Americans decided to no longer use.

The length of the sedan Chrysler 200 2018-2019 model year has increased by about 1.5 centimeters – up to 488.4 centimeters, but the distance between the axles of the car on the contrary decreased by the same 1.5 cm – up to 274.3 centimeters.

In addition, the increased width and height of the car – to 187.0 and 149.0 cm, respectively.
Ground clearance or clearance is 15.5 cm, and turning diameter is 11.1 meters.

The new car has increased rigidity of the body, helped by the use of steel in the construction of high-strength grades.
The basic version of equipment American sedan weighs about 1570 kg.

Outside Chrysler 200 second-generation significantly changed.
Now, the sedan looks more elegant in its exterior is dominated by smooth lines – like on the legendary Chrysler Ghia concepts of the last century.

The rounded roof line of the new Chrysler 200 2018-2019 model year is associated with a coupe.
Chrome-plated grille falshradiatora like smiling, and original front optics supplemented daytime running lights with LEDs.
On the front bumper of the car stands out massive air intake.

Boca hood of the car and got a nice relief and can be identified on the stern elongated lights to LED elements and a small spoiler, crowning the lid of the luggage compartment.

We should also mention the modification 200 S. There is not an abundance of chrome parts, but offer alloy wheels with a diameter of 18 inches, while the “standard” are 17-inch wheels and a bumper at the stern in this version received two pipe exhaust system.

The new Chrysler 200 2018-2019, in comparison with the first generation, significantly improved interior finishing materials.
In addition, for an extra charge include decorative interior elements made of natural wood, and LED interior lighting.

All variants of the sedan equipment (except initial) obtained Leather-clad 3-spoke steering wheel, on which there are cruise control buttons and a music system.

The basic version of the machine is equipped with a dashboard with analog speedometer and tachometer, as well as a 5-inch monitorchika bortkompyutera.
Complete sets are more expensive virtual dashboard – all indicators are reflected in the 7-inch display.
In addition to basic information, he is able to duplicate the data the navigation system.

The central panel interior is set at an angle, and in its upper part located touchscreen 8.4-inch screen multimedia complex U-Connect, through which the center console there is a minimal amount of buttons.
And those who stayed have chrome finish.

Traditional switch gearbox American engineers decided not to use, and in its place installed a round dial, and this, in turn, provided additional space under the armrest.

In addition, the armrest – it is also a roomy compartment for various small things.
Steering column sedan Chrysler 200 2018-2019 has adjustments in 2 directions.
Due to the fact that the roof rack were quite thin, the car has excellent visibility in all directions.

The first row of chairs are wide and comfortable, and the modification of the 200 S is equipped with special sport seats, the side support is greatly improved.

As for the rear seats, in comparison with the model of the first generation of free space is slightly diminished here – and in the legs, and above his head, helped kupeobraznaya roofline.
But by itself Salon very wide at the shoulders, so the back seat can get quite comfortable three adult passengers.

During the change of generations of the luggage compartment of a sedan was not injured and are still able to hold about 453 liters of luggage.
The structure of the basic equipment of 2018-2019 Chrysler 200 includes electric windows, music system in the six speakers, Bluetooth, keyless access to the interior, light sensor, and air conditioning.

Also available are as many as eight airbags, two of which are front knee, and the tire pressure sensor and stabilization system.
The most expensive version of the S 200 additionally has a rain sensor, heated and electric adjustment of the first-row seats, leather trim, rear-view camera and climate control.

As the options available heated steering wheel, 506-watt music system, skylight and ventilation system for the seats.
In addition, you can install the adaptive cruise control with numerous auxiliary functions.

Power line sedan Chrysler 200 2018-2019 consists of two petrol engines with variable valve timing system.
“Super” engine – a 4-cylinder 2.4-liter engine capacity of 184 horsepower (6,250 rpm).

This engine shows itself well at high speeds, because the maximum torque at only 4600 rpm is reached in 235 Newton-meters.
This engine is a rather “spirited”, but at a set speed, it becomes very noisy.
On the set of the first “hundred” on the speedometer takes about 9 seconds.

In a couple of 184-strong unit was 9-speed “automatic”, which, though a little slow, but it changes the transmission very gently and helps reduce fuel consumption.
In urban areas it spent about 10.2 liters per 100 kilometers, and on the suburban route, the figure is about 6.7 liters per “hundred”.

The second engine in the lineup of the new Chrysler 200 – a 6-cylinder V-shaped 3.6-liter 295-hp (6350 rev / min) unit Pentastar series.
In comparison with the “younger” motor it has a more restrained and calm character, and provides better traction at medium speed, but 355 Newton meters of peak torque is achieved at high speeds – about 4250 rev / min.

In addition, the power unit is not as loud as the first, and works without appreciable vibrations.
In addition, it accelerates the sedan Chrysler 200 2018-2019 from zero to 100 kilometers per hour is much faster – for 6,5 seconds.
Yes, and “appetite” he is quite moderate – in the city consumes about 11.8 liters per 100 kilometers and consumes about 7.6 liters in the country.

As an option for the Chrysler 200 with a 295-horsepower engine is available all-wheel drive system is connected, which ensures better coupling of wheels with the road surface and prevents the possible effect of torque steer in the event of an abrupt beginning of the movement.

As before, the new Chrysler 200 2018-2019 sedan emphasis towards comfort.
Suspension of the American car is completely independent: the front spring struts with “MacPherson” and antiroll bar, rear – multi-link system also with stabilizer bar.
Suspension gently work out the majority of the irregularities of the roadway.

The sedan saloon Chrysler 200 2018-2019 is pretty quiet even when driving on the highway at speeds exceeding 100 kilometers per hour, but with tight corners the car lurches noticeably.
Besides, he reminds himself not too good understeer.
The steering is complemented electric power, though accurate, but does not differ sufficiently informative.

More good behavior in turns shows Chrysler 200 in the S version, in which the suspension springs have a greater rigidity.
Also this version has two modes (comfort and sport) operation of the power unit and the transmission.

Chrysler 200 sedan sales of the new generation launched in summer 2018-2019 year.
On the North American market the car in the base case equipment is available for $ 22 700, and the most expensive grade sedan is offered in 37 000 dollars.

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