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Sedan Alfa Romeo Giulia 2018-2019

June 24 th of this year in the vicinity of Milan, the Museum of the Italian automaker Alfa Romeo was an official demonstration of the new flagship of the company – a sedan called the Giulia, which refers to the European class «D».
This car was introduced directly into the top configuration Quadrifoglio Verde (QV).

It is worth noting that on this date the manufacturer has stopped is not accidental, because it falls on her 105-year anniversary of the founding of the Italian brand.

World premiere of new items planned for autumn 2018-2019 year, when will the Frankfurt International Motor Show, and the next year spring model will go on sale on the European market.

Italian engineers were able to create literally uncommon car – Alfa Romea Giulia 2018-2019 model year received an effective appearance, which is dominated by soft lines and rounded shapes.
Of course, on the road the car will not go unnoticed.

Original bumper complex shape, narrow front optics, rapid and massive profile aft with a large diffuser, four round tailpipes of the exhaust system and a spoiler – sedan looks very aggressive and threatening.

However, this applies only to the most “charged” version, while the basic equipment is far more modest appearance.
In its overall dimensions Alfa Romeo Giulia 2018-2019 refers to the European class «D», but exact figures are not yet announced.

Effectively it looks and interior of the new sedan.
Here in the presence of multi-function steering wheel with button start engine, stylish instrument panel with color display and two wells, as well as a nice front panel with soft curves.

Also in the interior of the Alfa Romeo Giulia sedan 2018-2019 it is worth noting the central console, which is slightly rotated in the direction of the driver, by analogy with models of BMW.
It is a large display and multimedia system installed the air conditioning control unit with three “decks”.

The interior decoration sedan Alfa Romeo Giulia 2018-2019 Italian engineers using only the highest quality materials – natural leather, soft plastics and carbon fiber and aluminum inlays.

front row seats in a vehicle have an excellent profile, a wide range of adjustments and well-developed lateral support.
As for the comfort of the passengers of the second row of seats, the specific information about it is not yet available, as well as information about the volume of the luggage compartment.

In its arsenal sedan Alfa Romeo Giulia 2018-2019 has a V-shaped petrol power unit with six-cylinder working volume of 3.0 liters, direct injection, turbocharging and dual function can be switched off a number of cylinders under light loads.

The maximum capacity of the Italian machine reaches the 510-year-horsepower.
In a couple of this engine offers manual 6-band transmission or 8-step “automatic”.
The car will be available as a four-wheel modification, and in the version with rear wheel drive.

Note that from the ground to first “hundred” on the speedometer Italian innovation accelerates in about 3.9 seconds, and its top speed is about 320 kilometers per hour.

Based Alfa Romeo Giulia 2018-2019 rear wheel drive module chassis Giorgio, in a design that is widely used in carbon fiber and aluminum.
With this model the mass in running order is only 1530 kilograms.

The front of the sedan is based on the cross paired levers and the rear part of the received multi-link design.

The most expensive option equipping Alfa Romeo Giulia 2018-2019 is equipped with an electromechanical braking system called Integrated Brake System, which provides carbon-ceramic discs.
Other versions of the machine supposedly will provide less powerful braking system.

Steering the car is equipped with electric power management, different “island” adjustments.

In the European market the sedan Alfa Romeo Giulia will be available in the first half of 2018-2019 year.
Will the model is available in our country – is still unknown.
The cost of new items and Italian versions of its equipment will be announced shortly before the start of sales.

We now know that in the top configuration Alfa Romeo Giulia 2018-2019 will include bi-xenon headlights, multifunction steering wheel, 2-zone climate system, multimedia system with a color screen, a premium music system and a number of other useful options.

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