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Sedan 2018-2019 Renault Logan

Former 2018-2019 Renault Logan sedan was good in all but design.
Seven-pin keyed suspension, simplicity and reliability of a design, but the appearance of which was ashamed to even slap fans with socks.
The new “Logan” in this sense is almost perfect: he retained all their best qualities, but now for the sake of buying it do not have to go to deal with his conscience and sense of beauty.

What we loved the sedan 2018-2019 Renault Logan?
During the suspension, which could survive ten trips from Moscow to Vladivostok and require repairs.
For the fact that the trunk could carry the bricks and interior construction rebar and not be afraid at the same time spoil the upholstery.

For durable engines, which are able to consume God knows what fuel and still reeling for a few hundred thousand on the odometer.
Well, for a price, of course: a reliable and practical machine, which is sold at a price of insurance on the Porsche the Cayenne – a great deal!

Most of us at least once in their life went on 2018-2019 Renault Logan.
Passenger, driver – it does not matter.
As well as no matter what it was for Logan: of taxi service, a neighbor at the cottage or the local doctor somewhere in the outback.
Over half a million cars sold in Russia and two million worldwide.
That is the scale.

Reborn sedan Logan – one of the first new car “AvtoVAZ”, which will no longer bet only on availability.
Anecdotes about the damn place and a fire at the plant is no longer relevant: fresh and well-equipped to Logan impropriety stop pointing fingers in metropolitan areas with the comments about the level of welfare of its owner.

The car finally appeared individuality.
And making Logan sedan several orders of magnitude more modern, of 2018-2019 Renault managed to keep the price tag in the same plane.
As a result, happy with everything.
Despite the previous architecture, the body has been redesigned completely.
Understand the relationship to its predecessor, can only look on 2018-2019 Renault Logan in profile.
The car is partially preserved the form of doors, but the side glass area decreased markedly.

Front 2018-2019 Renault Logan in the style of the new the Clio : a large emblem on a massive grille and huge compared to its predecessor optics.
Just look at these embossed wheel arches, the abundance of chrome and, of course, with a new grille in the style of other 2018-2019 Renault models.
Is Logan sedan and new bright colors.

Yes, yes, “Logan” is now no longer the ugly duckling in the model range of the French brand, and its full-fledged member, and one of the prettiest.
The side mirrors were repeater turn signals and painted bumpers are now going even in the basic version, as well as 15-inch wheels.
However, in the available versions it would be “punching” with the caps, but expensive – a full “cast”!

In the lounge – also all in a new way.
Nice architecture front panel inserts of textured plastic, lacquered bezel center console – is not yet the New York steak house, but not the factory canteen!

A list of equipment?
You can enjoy the climate and cruise control, rear Parktronic, stabilization system, heated windshield, and the entire area, not just in the area of the wiper rest – hello “luxury» the Citroen the C4 !
– And even multimedia system with navigation!
And for just 10 thousand rubles.

Ah, here would be another chair a little better – the current good look, but will make your back begged for mercy after a couple of hours drive away.
Part of the equipment and technical solutions borrowed from the more expensive models of 2018-2019 Renault.
What unify production.

For example, the dashboard display is implemented in the same way as in dorestaylingovoy the Megane III of .
Podrulevoj joystick to control the multimedia system borrowed from Laguna sample of twenty years ago, climate control unit has migrated from the new the Clio, and multimedia system – restyling of the Duster .

Some decisions appear to be too archaic to vehicle ergonomics claims no: all in their places, familiar and intuitive.
The only thing you can complain – it’s electric window button.
In the version with full power rear windows controls are located on the center console, while the rest are on the driver’s door.

Practicality and spaciousness, for it is always appreciated sedan 2018-2019 Renault Logan, have not gone away.
Trunk volume remained unchanged at 510 liters, but now it can be extended by folding the backrest of the sofa.
The seat can be expanded in a proportion of 60 to 40.

Despite one of the best in its class, the questions to the trunk there.
For example, immerse it in a locker will not work: the engineers have not changed the cover mounting mechanism – huge loop consume several liters of useable space.
In addition, the cover itself is still no padding.
Even in the most expensive trim there bare metal, and not even the internal handle.

Engines for the new “Logan” provided only two: two 1.6-liter, both meet the Euro 5 standards, but different capacity.
Vosmiklapanny develops 82 horsepower (and 134 Nm + 10 Nm), and a top 16-valve – 102 forces.

First – perfect for relaxing drivers.
Traction here without reserve, but for most urban situations enough.
At the top-end 16-valve unit torque more (145 Nm), and responsiveness to the accelerator pedal better.
Such “Logan” easily accelerates to 170 kilometers per hour, but the powerful engine is a little noisy!

At low speed the release of drones, and from somewhere in the 2000 revolutions, the low rumble penetrates into the interior – active drivers enjoy!
Especially since the 102-horsepower sedan with the “mechanics” passport transfer any the first “hundred” for 10 seconds with a little: thanks to short transmission manual transmission.

Another transmission, by the way, at the start of the sales will not be.
2018-2019 Renault officials say that the version with “automatic” is sure to be on the market, but when and what kind of machine to be used – it is not clear.
There will be the new “Logan” and the engine 1.4.
Because he will remain at the old saloon that has for some time will be produced in parallel with the new generation of the model!

Due to the fact that the 2018-2019 Renault Logan built on the same platform, the car remained suspension design – this is one of the strengths of the first generation of the sedan.
The architecture made only cosmetic changes, increasing the stiffness of the shock absorbers and stabilizer bar changing.

Suspension swallows all the irregularities, hitting his neprobivaemostyu and elasticity.
In addition, it remains cheaper to maintain: semidependent beam and MacPherson strut does not require frequent intervention and units themselves are relatively inexpensive.

Here are just young people, which is now also focused 2018-2019 Renault Logan, I would like more interesting and manageability.
None of this machine can not offer.
Excess body roll, and valkost vatnost – it’s the sedan left.

Russian 2018-2019 Renault Logan – this is not a game of “find the differences between the three Dacia Logan».
The machine was designed and tuned to Russian realities.
List adaptations, given the price of the machine, decent.
Thus, compared to the European version of the car improved sound insulation, installed steel engine protection, and the protection of the fuel.

In addition, the Russian 2018-2019 Renault Logan increased to 155 mm ground clearance and underbody Stone Chip Protection.
Have the machine and options that are not available in versions for other markets.
For example, it is heated windscreen, seats and door mirrors.

Minimum cost, maximum result – the new Logan brilliant business project.
But technologically car stuck in the past decade with the simplest design solutions, so about any new level of comfort can be no question.
But this gap 2018-2019 Renault successfully painted using a fresh design and a huge number of options.

Moreover, the prospects of the machine on the market nothing is terrible: no currency fluctuations or new competitors.
It turns out that, despite its slightly richer set of equipment available, “Logan” is still perhaps the most affordable foreign car in Russia.

Why, it is!
Cheaper – just production of “AvtoVAZ”, the revived brand the Datsun , and a few Chinese brands.
Expensive – Koreans (including South Korean cars sold under the brand name Chevrolet) and the French B + segment.
And exactly in between – the new “Logan”.
He slightly podrasteryal audience, while the more fashionable competitors, but is now ready to come back and show all the participants of the game, who is actually the king of the mountain in the segment of budget cars.

Basic modification of the 2018-2019 Renault Logan with a 82-horsepower engine and the “mechanics”, but no air conditioning and even without power steering, will cost 355 thousand rubles – is cheaper than its predecessor!
Air conditioning will be for a fee of 25 thousand rubles in the following items Confort for $ 408 thousand, and for the 102-strong motor will have to add another 20 thousand.
Maximum version equipped with the top-end engine, climate control and a full range of options (except navigation for 10 thousand rubles) is 515,000.

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