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Sedan 2018-2019 Renault Latitude

The flagship of the 2018-2019 Renault company for the first time in the history of the brand tried sedan and came to conquer the Russian market.

The body and chassis are mounted on the base of 2018-2019 Renault The Laguna , some units borrowed from the Nissan the Teana .

According to its size and the size of the space is greater than the sedan, which enjoys credibility with the Russians, the Toyota the Camry , therefore demanding customers, claiming the transition to business-class, able to satisfy fully.
The materials that were used to trim is not too flashy and list various settings quite mild.
There is a three-zone climate control with air flavor, glass roof, rearview camera, Bose sound system and a massive massage chairs.
All this is available, and buyers of cars with the base engine.

Run the engine and malleable start from a place in the rear seats is almost not felt.
The engine hums quietly in the front, and the soft suspension gently shakes the irregularities, without losing the relationship with the driver.

At Latitude turns heel, but not afraid of the buildup and slides.
Management does not indulge sensitivity, including in the transformation with a V6 engine and electro-hydraulic amplifier.

Latitude 2.0, which is equipped with the CVT, the special does not have the agility.
The engine accelerates yardstick forces heavy sedan and variator reaction seems predictable, so leisurely ride in the trolley-bus mode and pleasure.
More is needed, especially with nissanovskoy “six” in volume of 2.5 liters, is paired with a 6-speed automatic, Latitude remains slow.
Acceleration is very mild, however, and the box as if deliberately slows the transition to a lower gear.

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