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Sedan Hyundai Sonata 2018-2019

Sonata Sedan became the representative of the Korean automaker 2018-2019 Hyundai in the class «D» as early as 1985 year.
Since that time it was built nearly 7 million copies of this model, which made the Sonata a leading position in the list of the most mass of 2018-2019 Hyundai cars since the formation of the company.

Now the baton has taken a completely new car seventh generation.
The car is built on the platform of the previous generation sedan, but its slightly modernized, thereby improving the rigidity of the body by about 35 percent.

Now sedan length is 485.5 centimeters (add 3.5 cm).
The distance between the axes of the machine are also slightly increased to 280.5 centimeters (1 cm).
In addition, the width of the indicators increased (3 cm), and height (0.5 cm) model, which now account for 186.5 and 147.5 cm, respectively.
The width of the front track is 161.4 centimeters, the rear – 162.1 centimeters.

Car Turning circle reaches 10.9 meters.
The model has 17-inch alloy rims that are “shod” in the size 215/55 R17 tires.
Through the arched roof line, in the profile of the new 2018-2019 Hyundai Sonata  model year is similar to the previous generation sedan.
However, he received some features and other “family”, in particular – the Genesis and Grandeur .

For example, its chrome-plated trapezoidal false radiator grille harmoniously combined with elongated front LED optics and the body side got more pronounced relief vyshtampovki.
In the rear of the car settled long with fancy lights in the form of LED elements, and luggage cover boasts a small spoiler.

Inside the sedan 2018-2019 Hyundai Sonata in  was replaced by soft lines to direct the strict forms.
The quality of finishing materials increased significantly five-seater saloon.

The steering wheel of the car received an interesting shape with four spokes.
On the dashboard tachometer and speedometer split-board computer display, which will henceforth be colored.
The center console is now deployed slightly towards the driver, in the most expensive trim its crowning touch 8-inch screen multimedia complex.

The first row of chairs separates the high transmission tunnel, which is located on a tiny hand lever electromechanical brake.
Inside, the new 2018-2019 Hyundai Sonata has considerably increased the amount of free space, and the capacity of the luggage compartment is now reaching 510-year-liters.

Note that the boot lid surcharge can be equipped with an electric sensor (Smart Trunk System).
That is, in order to open the compartment, simply for a few seconds to bring the trunk lid key.

In addition, in the list of options Korean engineers have found a place for the leather interior, heating all five seats, adaptive cruise control with the function of emergency automatic braking, as well as electronic systems compliance tiering traffic monitoring “dead” zones and automatically switch the front optics light .

The new 2018-2019 Hyundai Sonata has received two petrol power units to choose from.
They are both familiar with the previous generation sedan, but have undergone some modernization.
After completions “Jr.” 4-cylinder in-line 2.0-liter engine produces around 168 horsepower mi.

The second engine also has a 4-cylinder, but its working volume of 2.4 liters (2359 cm / cc).
This unit has received feature direct fuel injection and develops about 193 horsepower at 6300 rev / min and about 247 Newton meters of maximum torque at 4250 rev / min.

Motors consume 95-octane gasoline.
By the way, the volume of the fuel tank is 70 liters.
In a couple of engines Koreans offer a manual 6-speed gearbox or a 6-band “machine” called ShifTronic.
Over time, the modification of the hybrid vehicle should appear.

Suspension of the sedan 2018-2019 Hyundai Sonata 2015 is completely independent, equipped with stabilizer bars.
The front part of the car is equipped with classic rack type “McPherson”, and feed received multi-link design with new levers.
In addition, refinements were subjected to shock absorbers and steering machines.

In addition, the first sedan to offer features Drive Mode Select, by means of which the suspension settings can be changed.
Drive in front of the Korean model.
On all wheels 2018-2019 Hyundai Sonata sedan installed disc brakes, and the front brakes are ventilated and more.

From electronic driver assistant features the ESP, ABS and EBD.
Also available are just six airbags.

The official debut of 2018-2019 Hyundai Sonata sedan 2015 took place in mid-April at the New York International Auto Show.
In the North American market, sales of the new car launched in the second half of 2014 year, there is the cost starts at 22 000 dollars.

Recall that in our country the official 2018-2019 Hyundai Sonata sales were discontinued in 2013, the year due to low demand and reorientation to other markets.
But in South Korea and the United States, on the contrary, the sedan is very popular.

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