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Sedan Honda Legend 2018-2019

On the domestic market of Japan released the flagship sedan 2018-2019 Honda Legend of the fifth generation, which in principle is slightly modified and adapted for the Japanese standards for this model Acura RLX Sport Hybrid, sold in the United States.

It should be noted that the production of the previous fourth generation car was stopped in , the year, while sales of cars in the Russian market have stopped earlier.
The Japanese had no immediate comment on the prospects for the return of a sedan in this country, so it remains only to get acquainted with the new product better, because there is something familiar.

Outwardly sedan 2018-2019 Honda Legend in exactly the same exterior model Acura RLX Sport Hybrid, which debuted back in , the year 2018-2019 model year, but with the logos of 2018-2019 Honda.
The appearance of the Japanese machine, it must be admitted, very nice, stylish and dynamic.

The brightest part of the exterior of a novelty – it’s front bumper original form, stylish false radiator grille and the sophisticated front optics in LED elements.

The aft part of the saloon is not particularly remarkable, except that note edged chrome fog that clearly hint that this is a business-class car.

If we talk about the overall dimensions of the new 2018-2019 Honda Legend 2015, the length of the sedan reaches 498.2 cm, body width is 189 cm and the height of the machine rests on the mark of 146.5 centimeters.

wheelbase length of 285 centimeters and a height clearance (clearance) Japanese novelty does not exceed 11.5 centimeters.
the fifth generation of the vehicle weight in running order reaches 1980 kilos.

Salon 2015 2018-2019 Honda Legend sedan has a classic five-seat layout.
In the interior, the Japanese engineers used high-quality materials.
Inside, a large number of leather and decorative inserts made of wood.
Overall, the interior looks quite modern and solid.

Here, in the first place, it is possible to note two multimedia complex screen (one 7 inch and the second 8-inch) mounted on a central console (the one that is located below the touch), a projection screen on the windshield and push the transmission control unit.

Inside the sedan quiet enough because of the soundproof cabin 2018-2019 Honda Legend 2015 Japanese engineers have worked very seriously.
In addition, the car supplied the active support of the power unit, so no extra sound in the car almost inaudibly.

The new sedan 2018-2019 Honda Legend 2015 has in its arsenal, only one version of the power unit, but he offered to help as many as three electric motors.
Himself an internal combustion engine – a petrol-aspirated V-shaped unit which has received six cylinders and a swept volume of 3.5 liters (3476 cm / cc).

Moreover, the engine 24 has a valve-timing mechanism, the valve timing change function, direct fuel injection technology and the function off row of cylinders at small loads.

This engine develops about 315-year-horsepower at 5800 rev / min and about 359-minute Newton meters of maximum torque achieved at 3800 rev / min.

Together with the 3.5-liter engine runs with an electric engine returns 47.5 horsepower (35 kW), which is integrated in the robot 7-band transmission with double clutch function.

The other two electric motors (power of each 37 hp or 27 kW) installed on the rear axle of a sedan.
Both the electric motor can be operated separately from each other and redistribute traction between the rear wheels more efficiently than some of the latest active differentials.

Such a configuration is referred to as transmission Sport Hybrid SH-AWD and has three operating modes.
In the FWD mode Engine Drive runs a petrol engine, rear wheel drive in EV Drive Mode only electric motors are used on the rear axle, and four-wheel drive mode Hybrid Drive in the work takes the entire arsenal of motors.

The total actual output hybrid 2018-2019 Honda Legend sedan 2015 installation reaches 382’s horsepower, and peak torque of 461 Newton-meter.

Information about the dynamic performance of the new Japanese car is still unknown.
But focusing on the identical model Acura RLX Sport Hybrid, it can be assumed that the Japanese novelty will spend on acceleration from zero to 100 kilometers per hour and about 5.0 – 5.5 seconds.

If we talk about fuel consumption, the company has sounded in the consumption Hybrid Drive all-wheel drive mode at 6 liters per 100 kilometers in the combined cycle.

The new 2018-2019 Honda Legend 2015 is equipped with a fully independent suspension.
The front part of the machine is based on a system of double cross-arms, while the rear part of the received multi-link design.

The wheels on both axles of the car equipped with disc brakes with ventilation function.
Rack and pinion steering to electric power received help with replaceable effort.

Note that even in the basic version of the machine, a system of assistance in maneuvering Agile Handling Assist (AHA), which brakes the inner wheel when cornering.

In addition, the 2018-2019 Honda Legend sedan 2015 receives a system of exchange rate stability Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA), as well as adaptive cruise control, the help function at the start of the hill and an electronic parking brake.

In addition, this sedan is the first production model of the Japanese automaker, which received the active safety system called 2018-2019 Honda Sensing.
Her duty – to avoid a collision with a pedestrian.
For this radar and cameras involved.
Range of action of system is about 60 meters, but more than 60 kilometers per hour, it switches off when speed.

The basic equipment of sedan 2018-2019 Honda Legend 2015 Japanese also included an increased security package, the optics on the LED elements, navigation system, climate control and music Krell Industries system with optional remote control for the passengers of the second row and fourteen speakers.

In Japan, sales of sedan 2018-2019 Honda Legend new generation launched in the second half of January 2015 year.
Prices for the car start from 6,800,000 yen, which is about 58,750 dollars.

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