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Sedan 2018-2019 BMW M3

BMW M3 has been known since 1985, he became one of the first models of the BMW Motorsport division.
Since its inception has been almost three decades and now has started production of the fifth-generation M3.
His debut is accompanied by a very big change.
After the transition to the new generation of BMW M3 «orphaned.”
From now on, the car is offered only with a sedan, coupe and convertible in fact highlighted is now in a separate line and are called M4.

Traditionally, external changes are too radical and are functional.
From a distance, the car is difficult to distinguish from the usual BMW 3-Series.
M3 Sedan 2018-2019 retains a characteristic profile with a long hood, shifted back cabin and short overhangs.
Branded bisected grille combined with slanted headlights.

But on closer inspection the differences are immediately visible.
Extended wheel arches are talking about the increased track.
The huge air intakes in the bumper and “gills” in the front wings are designed to cool the engine and brakes.
On the hood there was a bulge, and rapids – lining.
Standard wheels – 18-inch and 19-inch are offered for a fee.

Designed to improve the aerodynamics of the new rear-view mirror, pointed spoiler on the trunk lid and the diffuser (it optimizes the air flow under the bottom).
From bumper peep four exhaust pipes.

His hood and front fenders are made of aluminum alloy, and the roof – carbon.
Because carbon fiber and manufactured propeller shaft and strut in the engine compartment, which increases rigidity.
All this has allowed to significantly reduce the weight of new items, so that now the minimum curb weight 2018-2019 BMW M3 sedan is only 1560 kg.

As for dimensions, the sedan body length is 4671 mm, wheelbase length – 2812 mm, width excluding mirrors is 1877 mm, with mirrors is increased to 2037 mm, well, limited height trends mark 1430 mm.
The width of the front and rear track is respectively 1579 and 1603 mm.
Height clearance BMW M3 sedan 2018-2019 model year is 122 mm.

The interior decoration of the new M3 combines leather and polished aluminum, and are available as an option, even carbon fiber inserts.
Appeared on the threshold of metal plates.
Three-spoke steering wheel – is completely new.
Replaced and devices: the center are large speedometer (with on-board computer screen inside) and tachometer with indicator economical driving.
Along the edges are fuel gauge sensors in the tank and the engine temperature.

For a surcharge, you can select the data projection system on the windshield.
The wide center panel has traditionally turned to the driver.
On top of it extends the 6.5-inch screen multimedia system.
Menu navigation is done with a round joystick.
Buttons Sound block and climate control are illuminated in red.
They are large and rationally ordered.

Appeared and a new lever gearbox.
Special sports seats for the BMW M3 2018-2019 sedan designed with integrated head restraints.
They have excellent lateral support and thus remain comfortable.
There their adjustment and electric heating.

New and rear seats.
On the second row roomier than its predecessor, significantly increased headroom.
But the couch cushion is shaped by two places, so sitting in the middle will be constrained.
Car practical enough: spacious box provided in the armrest compartment in the center console and door pockets.
Yes, and a decent trunk – 480 liters.

The new generation of BMW M3 sedan has received a completely new engine, replacing the old one with the V8 returns to 420 “horses”.
The novelty now is equipped with straight-six power unit with TwinPower Turbo S55 twin turbochargers and the cylinder capacity of 3.0 liters (2979 cm / cc), created on the basis of N55 engine.

The engine is equipped with a 24-valve timing, direct fuel injection, throttle-free carburetion system, the system of adjustment of height and duration of lift of the intake valves, as well as inlet and outlet fazovozvraschatelyami.

Maximum engine power is due to modernization is raised to the level of 431 hp
(317 kW), which develop in the range from 5500 to 7300 rev / min.
torque peak is the mark of 550 Newton-meters held in the range of 1850 – 5500 revolutions / minute.

Manual 6-speed manual gearshift operation is accurate.
The alternative – a 7-speed transmission with double-clutch DCT, wherein the speed of the work.
It is supplemented at the start (Launch control) through technology, so it is better speaker – 4.1 seconds to 100 km / h against 4.3 seconds with the “mechanics”.
The maximum speed of both versions is limited at around 250 km / h, while for a fee threshold can be raised to 280 km / h.

DCT also makes economical sedan – 11.1 liters per 100 km in the urban cycle and 6.7 liters per 100 km – in a country.
This is about 25 percent less than the previous BMW M3.
Exhaust meets Euro 6 environmental standards.
DCT also supplemented function Smokey Burnout, which controls the level of smoke from the wheels to slip bright.

The new generation of BMW M3 2018-2019 is built on the F80 platform and most of the chassis borrowed from the BMW 3 the Series- .
Front independent suspension developers used in the MacPherson strut and rear multi-link independent suspension used.
True, we note that has been changed the geometry of the front and rear sub-frame, many elements have gained more aluminum in its structure, and most of the silent blocks have been replaced by hinges.

The reduced weight, enhanced track and low center of gravity contribute to the improvement of controllability.
Thanks to the electronic limited slip differential sedan steer close to neutral.
Tires in size 255/40 ZR18 front and 275/40 ZR18 rear provide a good grip.

Sedan is easily controlled even with the disconnected system of stabilization, although to achieve the rear axle skid in this case, it is still possible.
Steering BMW M3 in 2018-2019 it was first received by the electric power (with three modes: «Comfort», «Sport» and «Sport +»), which is remarkably well adjusted.
Manage accurate and informative.

From now on, as the options proposed adaptive shock absorbers and chassis tuning technology.
In comfort mode, the behavior of the car is not much different from the usual 3-Series.
If the transfer switch to Sport or Sport +, the suspension becomes stiffer wheel – sharper, and the accelerator pedal – sensitive.
Standard brakes provide good deceleration, and for a fee now available carboxylic-ceramic discs.

sedan features a very rich: provides bi-xenon headlights, keyless access, power accessories, dual-zone climate control, the CD-player, navigation system.
Also installed 6 airbags and stability control.

The list of optional equipment – heated steering wheel, reversing camera, panorama roof, light and rain sensors.
Among the options still have the adaptive cruise control with motion in a traffic jam, the fatigue determination system driver, automatic deceleration tracking “blind” zones and observance of traffic lanes.

Sedan BMW M3 2018-2019 is already on sale.
In Europe, prices start with a mark of 71 500 euros.

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