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Sedan 2018-2019 Acura TLX

There is an old anecdote in which a Japanese man asks what he clamped in his fist.
After receiving the answer “TV,” he says, “That’s right, but how many pieces?”.
Japan – a high-tech means.
Television sets that fit in a fist, the robot Asimo, cars with all pivoting wheels, the S2000 with resourceful atmospheric engine.

But over the years the glory of “Honda” somewhat faded: Japanese manufacturers are forced to economize.
And for the spectacular facade of modern models of hidden machinery, not amazing.
But there are Acura, and it does not save on the part of technology.

Acura brand was founded in 1986 as the premium division of concern Honda.
Since 1995, the year in its lineup was the E-Class sedan the TL , and in 2003 appeared his younger brother, the TSX , is equipped with a richer version of the European the Honda the Accord .

Now replace just these two models comes a new sedan Acura TLX 2018-2019, which, unlike its predecessor, will be presented not only in the US market.
Honda pulled long for an official conclusion on the Russian market its premium brand, providing an opportunity to gray dealers meet the demand for “Acura”.

This spring, the Acura brand was sold officially.
But the debut was modest: only two crossover models in two metropolitan dealers.
Now, however, it will be added to the sedan TLX, and in the future may bring in Russia and the NSX supercar.

Wheelbase from 2018-2019 Acura TLX is the same as that of the TL (2776 mm), the body overhangs are much shorter, so the length is reduced by almost 100 mm – up to 4833 mm.
The width is 1854 mm, and height – 1448 mm.
In order to reduce the weight of the hood is made of aluminum alloy, and in the design of the chassis used magnesium.

Therefore sedan lighter than its predecessor by 64 kg – 1578 kg in the basic version.
The stiffness of the body at the same time increased by 21 percent.
Long TLX 2018-2019 would cost attributed to the D-class, but he concedes Mercedes C-Class and BMW 3-Series in the size of the wheelbase.

New TLX is created on the current Accord, and the power structure of the bodies of these two sedans same.
Identify their relationship can be, if you look at the car in profile.
TLX- fundamentally different.
And I must say, it looks spectacular.
High-tech highlights and details: LED lights with five pupils, push-button control “automatic” on the V6 version, like a supercar.

Exterior is made in the traditional style of the Acura.
The design is dominated by edges and straight lines.
Branded chrome grille reminiscent of the beak.
With her combination of narrow lights, which, incidentally, are the all-LED in all versions of sedan Acura TLX 2018-2019.

The V-shaped bumper, two air intake provided.
The car has a long hood and a truncated rear end.
Large angle of inclination of the windscreen and a high arched window line add profile swiftness.
The initial version has 17-inch alloy wheels, and offered for a fee and 18-inch wheels.
The integrated trunk lid spoiler, and extended “shoulders” of the hind wings are stressed oblong lanterns.

At first glance, why not write a sedan Acura TLX 2018-2019 handsome?
He sports, but rather a solid silhouette.
Image – bright, but at the expense of thick sides and a massive rear light – solid.
However, the list “stainless steel” on the grille still looks questionable, and may be confused with ass back to 95 per cent of vehicles in this class.

About salon should know two things.
First – it looks great.
The second – from it almost does not smell “yaponschinoy”!

Not in the sense of smell as such – leather and plastic in the Acura TLX exude aromas just the same way as in the Toyota Camry or the Nissan the Teana .
No, we are about the quality of materials and attention to detail.

The cabin has more silver inserts and overlays “under the tree.”
The front panel is shaped like outstretched wings.
A small three-spoke steering wheel steering wheel in the base version.
The large dials of the speedometer and tachometer complemented by chrome rings.
Between them is placed onboard computer screen, and the edges of the dashboard – pointers remaining fuel in the tank and the engine temperature.

The center console is slightly tilted.
She set two monitors at once.
Upper 8-inch, the navigation system outputs the data.
The bottom touch screen with a diagonal of 7 inches replaces part of the key audio blocks and climate control, as well as responsible for multimedia AcuraLink system.

Switches are little and they are large, and therefore it is not difficult to understand them.
Interestingly, instead of the traditional transmission selector buttons are set (however, there are paddle switches).
The saloon sedan Acura TLX 2018-2019 pechatochnyh two drawers, a large box in the armrest, door pockets and a niche in the central panel.

The steering column is adjustable in height and depth.
The front seats are motorized, and provides a function of their heating.
Seats are comfortable and offer good lateral support.
Driver and front passenger shares the high transmission tunnel.
Visibility forward and to the side is good, but a small rear window.
However, all sedans Acura TLX 2018-2019 has a rear-view camera.

On the second row space is very generous legroom, but the growth of more than 180 people, five centimeters feel lack of space above your head.
The pillow is shaped sofa for two places, so sitting in the center of the passenger more constrained.

Trunk volume has grown to 405-year-liters and loading height was lower than that of its predecessors.
There was a branch and under the floor.
On the choice of two engines with direct fuel injection and variable valve timing regulation system i-VTEC.

The initial 2.4-liter “four” develops 206 liters.
at 6800 rev / min.
It vysokooborotisty and it is desirable to spin continuously, it being possible to achieve and 7000 rev / min.
Maximum torque 247 Nm only available at 4500 rev / min.

Robotic 8-speed transmission with two clutches demonstrates rapid switching.
Thanks to her, was able to achieve a good dynamics – 6.7 seconds to 100 km / h and maximum 200 km / h.
In the urban cycle fuel consumption is 9.8 l / 100 km, and in the country – 6.7 l / 100 km.

V6 of 3.5 liters develops 290 liters.
at 6200 rev / min.
He and more tractive, because at the same 4500 rpm / min achieved torque of 362 Nm.
However, 90 percent of its available range of 2000 – 6000 rev / min.
This motor is somewhat quieter than the 2.4-liter, and its sound is pleasant and intense.

In addition, a TLX received 9-step “automatic”, which works more smoothly.
In addition, it allows you to move around in top gear at a speed of 110 km / h at just 1500 r / min.
Acceleration to 100 km / h takes 6.1 seconds and top speed is limited at around 210 km / h.
Due to the cylinder cut-off technology could achieve good efficiency: 11.2 l / 100 km in town and 7.6 l / 100 km – on the highway.

Option with “six” can be supplemented with SH-AWD all-wheel drive.
It not only improves traction, but also helps to overcome understeer thanks to technology changes the thrust vector.

This is very useful, because the 3.5-liter version of the “nose” of the heavier, which significantly on winding roads.
Especially in front-wheel drive version with V6 with a sharp start sometimes felt the effect of the parasitic torque steer, while the all-wheel drive – no.

New TLX more focused on handling.
Sedan Steering precise and sharp, and the feedback is enough.
Suspension is quite elastic, but rolls in small bends.
For an extra charge available rear-wheel steering.
At low speeds, they are deflected in the opposite direction from the front wheels to reduce the turning circle.

If the rate is large, then all four wheels turn in the same direction, which makes steering close to neutral.
The car has received adaptive dampers and change settings technology chassis and engine with economical and sport modes.

The cabin is quiet thanks to new acoustic materials and proprietary system active noise cancellation.
The steering wheel is relaxed, and the dense suspension on flat roads lulls.
Pressing the unobtrusive IDS button next to the selector lever returns the accelerator sensitivity.

The IDS (Integrated Dynamic System) has four modes of operation.
It changes the algorithms of transmission, power steering, all wheel drive, stability control and even climate control.
But the difference between adjacent modes is not so great, so our choices – or the economical Eco, or audacious Sport Plus.

Russian car sales which will start before the end of the year, will be different from the US is minimal.
Our “Acura” set noise insulating laminated glass, heated steering wheel and rest areas windshield washer fluid level sensor, the plastic crankcase, and thicker brake discs.

Only two trim levels.
Techno Basic equipment c engine 2.4 is very rich: provides leather upholstery, power accessories, dual-zone climate control, sunroof, light sensors and rain, the connection Bluetooth, 355-watt audio system, adaptive cruise control.
7 also mounted airbags, stabilization and control of pressure in the tires.

The Advance version with a V6 engine adds ventilated front seats, automatic deceleration tracking “blind” zones and observance of traffic lanes.

Engineers managed to create on the basis of a completely different car Accord.
TLX 2018-2019 rides and handles better, but the “Accord” with the appearance of the sedan Acura does not turn into a pumpkin.
Firstly, he did not bad going, and soon the updated version of the sedan will appear on the Russian market.
And secondly, between the cars – the price chasm.

New TLX depending on the engine as much as possible expensive packaged “Accord” 460 – 670 000 rubles.
Sedan Acura TLX in 2018-2019 with an engine of 2.4 is 1.899 million rubles, with the engine 3.5 – from 2.369 million rubles.
Of course, in view of the equipment – a good proposal.

From the Japanese premium sedans Acura TLX in 2018-2019 – the most exotic and one of the most technically advanced.
Spectacular appearance and advanced all-wheel drive can be put in the car the pros.
But in comparison with the same German competitors “Akure” lacks thoroughbred.
How long have you seen the Audi A4 or Mercedes-Benz C-Class in the “Full stuffing”?
And thrusters rear wheels and an active rear differential no girl will not turn back, nor the bank rate on the loan is not lower.

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