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Review of 2018-2019 Hyundai Solaris

New 2018-2019 Hyundai Solaris at the moment of its debut in the Russian market caused a considerable stir among the potential buyers in the previous generation sold under the name of 2018-2019 Hyundai Accent (2018-2019 Hyundai Accent). Then there was stylistically substantially completed by current world fashion AutoStandard and new attractive package submitted to the court 2018-2019 Hyundai fans.

By the way, the name of 2018-2019 Hyundai Solaris model, meaning “sunny” car, coined specially for the Russian market. On the global market model is sold as the 2018-2019 Hyundai Verna, and for example, in Ukraine, as a new 2018-2019 Hyundai Accent. Verna Premiere has been included in the presentation of the Shanghai Motor Show 2010. In China, the model began to be sold in the summer of the same year, in the rest of the world – from the beginning of . In Russia, began selling a version of the sedan, but in the late spring of appeared in the salons and 2018-2019 Hyundai Solaris hatchback. For buyers CIS Solaris produced at the facilities of the new 2018-2019 Hyundai car companies in St. Petersburg.

Review of 2018-2019 Hyundai Solaris : appearance of the car – a remarkable example of the implementation of the concept of branded flowing lines. Fresh, rapid, carefully traced the silhouette of Solaris attracted into the ranks of his admirers a huge number of new fans. In a lyrical digression is necessary to mention the second component of success – declared democratic price. True, in practice, with the price and availability of the model it was not quite as broadcast advertising: after a few months of sales price was raised, and in dealer showrooms with 2018-2019 Hyundai Solaris buying began to occur such unpleasant things as a catastrophic delay delivery times and a wholesale offer to buy model is more expensive – with a significant amount of additional equipment. But the fly in the ointment does not bother neizbalovannyh beautiful inexpensive machines of domestic motorists who want to buy cars.
2018-2019 Hyundai Solaris has a harmonious appearance, which is stylistically inherits other Group news – 2018-2019 Hyundai Sonata, 2018-2019 Hyundai ix35. Now 2018-2019 Hyundai Solaris is not like the old “gray mouse» 2018-2019 Hyundai Accent, the new model stands out strikingly among classmates, attention is drawn to the parking lot and road flow.
Spaced corners teardrop-shaped headlights reminiscent of oriental beauty charming eyes, and foglights original form complete this image of a hint of its complicated nature. The car seemed permeated with a single line – side edge, starting at the front bumper and ending with an upper limit of the rear dimensions. Stilled wave comes alive when 2018-2019 Hyundai Solaris starts moving and rolling up the road, like the ocean, giving the impression of lightness and swiftness. Inflated to the C-pillar window line gives Solaris similarity with the silhouette of a coupe.

Dimensions and ground clearance

Dimensions sedan 2018-2019 Hyundai Solaris are: length 4370 mm, 1450 mm in height, 1700 mm wide, 2570 mm wheelbase clearance 2018-2019 Hyundai Solaris sedan – 160 mm..
2018-2019 Hyundai Solaris hatchback dimensions: length – 4115 mm, width – 1700 mm, height – 1470 mm, the base – 2570 mm and ground clearance 2018-2019 Hyundai Solaris hatchback – 160 mm.

Ergonomics and trim

Not long ago, burst into the ranks of world automakers 2018-2019 Hyundai group continues to fight for the lead with the leading competitors. Achieving high sales targets and today is impossible without attention to the internal decoration of the car. Although the interior decoration of 2018-2019 Hyundai Solaris used hard plastic, the overall picture does not cause any complaints on the quality of materials and assembly. Inside the flowing line continues in a broken line dash tides. The steering wheel has four spokes and stylistically updated psevdometallicheskoy insert. Colors lighting partings overloaded colorful and bright, which can tire the eyes, but easy to read instruments. practical gray shades tend to accumulate grease selected for upholstery. The front seats are cozy, supplemented by side minipodderzhkoy. Large by the standards of the B-Class wheelbase allowed to make a roomy second row, while rear passengers of high growth may not be enough space in height in a sedan Solaris. The hatchback seats slightly larger (2.2 cm) above the head – a little, but it is more convenient to sit.

luggage space

Roof 2018-2019 Hyundai Solaris sedan has a volume of 450 liters in the hatchback 2018-2019 Hyundai Solaris carrier – just 370 liters, but folding the rear seat trunk volume hatchback increases to 1345 liters.

Complete set of 2018-2019 Hyundai Solaris

Starting equipment 2018-2019 Hyundai Solaris Classic regardless of body performance boasts the front driver and passenger airbags, ABC with EBD, power steering and adjustable steering column, lift the driver’s seat, front windows, central locking and Immobilizer, 185/65 tires on steel rims R15 and audiopreparation. Many buyers may disappoint the point that the air conditioning is an option, as well as electric heated mirrors, heated seats of the first row and Heating “janitors” peace zone.
For the 1.4-liter engine provides a complete set of 2018-2019 Hyundai Solaris year: Classic, Comfort and Optima.
For the 1.6 liter. complete the same, plus 2018-2019 Hyundai Solaris Femili.


Solaris Russian assembly is equipped with one of two petrol engines: 1.4 liters. (107 l. P.) Or 1.6 liters. (123 l. C.). Both engines are paired with 5MKP or 4AKP.
Independent front suspension 2018-2019 Hyundai Solaris – MacPherson struts with stabilizer bar. Rear suspension 2018-2019 Hyundai Solaris – semidependent with torsion beam. disc brakes – front (ventilated) and rear, steering rack type with hydraulic booster.


“Sunny” is more suitable 2018-2019 Hyundai 1.6 liter engine – acceleration from 0 to 100 with the mechanics / machine in 10.2 / 11.4 seconds, top speed 190/180 km / h, average fuel consumption of 6 / 6.5 liter engine with the ability to digest the A92. Engine 2018-2019 Hyundai Solaris 1.4 liters consumes virtually the same amount of gasoline, but the dynamics is clearly losing (spurt to “hundreds” more than 2 seconds). The performance characteristics of Solaris can be attributed to the order of the balanced budget small car, but thanks to its unusual appearance really car certainly spoil a lot of blood to competitors in the class.

Test Drive

To work the clutch, transmission control, the brakes no complaints. But the handling and driving stability – not a strong point of Solaris. On a smooth road surface when driving at low speeds is no problem, but if under the wheels of broken asphalt or cars moving fast (100-120 km / h) – the wheel is necessary to keep a stranglehold, 2018-2019 Hyundai Solaris test shows that the vehicle and badly keeps hanging trajectory. Moreover, all the nuances of the road surface are transmitted thump into the cabin.

Upgraded suspension 2018-2019 Hyundai Solaris

Recognizing the flaws in the suspension production plant from August to establish model cars stiffer shock absorbers, also slightly modified suspension settings. As a result, a problem with handling and turbulence in cars manufactured after August virtually eliminated. Now the energy-intensive suspension 2018-2019 Hyundai Solaris release is able to “swallow” the big Russian pit.

Price 2018-2019 Hyundai Solaris

The current review of 2018-2019 Hyundai Solaris release would be incomplete, if not considered in the current price model. For adherents of Russian cars cost starts from 433 000 for basic equipment 2018-2019 Hyundai Solaris sedan Classic 1.4 liters. (107 l. With.) With 5MKP, bodybuilder performance of the hatchback raises the price of 10000 rubles. Richly equipped with 2018-2019 Hyundai Solaris Family 1,6 l. (123 l. With.) With 4AKP worth 659,000 rubles.
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We offer our readers an overview of the updated the Solaris the 2018-2019 Hyundai – year.

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