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Review 2018-2019 Cadillac CTS sedan

Executive sedan should be large in size, easy to equip and striking in appearance.
And that applies to this class Cadillac CTS 2018-2019 – the hero of our today’s review.
When you look at this car, you realize that this kind of executive sedan designed with a guide to the most demanding customers.
In its appearance harmoniously intertwined power and elegance.
Ambitious “American” The place looks brutal, but it was in such forms, and is it modern corporate identity “Cadillac”.
Chopped faceted contours of the body, vertical rear lights and headlights, front, plenty of chrome – beautiful and original.

In addition, Americans say they have created a machine that is in no way inferior to the German premium three-piece – Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz .
And do not discount Cadillac 2018-2019 off as to be strong – you need to compete with the strong.
And the CTS sedan is ready for the competition, and its main trump card today – it’s exclusivity.
Interior is subordinated to a single strict style.
By the attributes of luxury could be considered the presence of wood and refined high quality leather.
Level of Japanese premium brands Infiniti and Lexus car reached, and even surpassed them in terms of design.

The front seats in the Cadillac CTS have a large range of adjustments, including a cross and backwater.
The steering column is also adjustable by means of electric drive.
So proper and comfortable fit is chosen quickly.
Among other pleasant tactile sensations can be noted steering wheel and heated seats.
By the way, more seats and ventilated.
In general, Cadillac CTS interior looks colorful.
The central console is decorated with a large retractable screen with touch controls.
By the abundance of all kinds of the driver is no stranger today buttons and icons thanks to clear quickly understand their purpose.

As befits a premium in the car has cruise control, Bluetooth, multimedia complex, rain and light sensors, a rearview camera, parking sensors – in general, anything that can provide a modern automotive industry.
Dual-zone climate control is located at the bottom of the center console, in principle, and ergonomically, and, at the same time is unusual.
Dashboard Cadillac CTS is in the form of three wells and is not overloaded with information, but will have to get used to the scale of the speedometer.
In practical terms, you can note holders, double boxing, and although small, but comfortable pockets in the doors.
So small things on the road there is always where to put.

Lounge moderately spacious, driver and front passenger are sitting far apart.
The Americans claim that the car behind the most spacious in the class, especially in the space above your head, making it difficult to disagree.
Behind it will be comfortable, yet, two of the passengers, the central tunnel and molded seats indicate that there will be more than a third.
Materials Handling hole in the car narrow, but very long and luggage compartment capacious (about 385 liters ti), and if necessary, carrying long loads its volume can be increased by folding the rear row seats.
Although the interior transformation for the Cadillac CTS owner is not relevant because, in the first place, this sedan was created as a representative for a quick and comfortable ride.

Its driving characteristics were polished to perfection on the legendary Nürburgring.
So this car was created for those who understand a lot about fast driving.
However, unfortunately, in our road conditions to test all technical possibilities Cadillac CTS impossible.
Test sedan was equipped with a 3.6-liter petrol engine producing 318 horsepower.
Accelerated from zero to the first “hundred” it is capable of an impressive 6.2 seconds.
The maximum speed of the model is 225 kilometers per hour.
Within the city, this engine consumes 16.8 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers on the highway consumes about 8 liters -th, and in mixed mode – about 11.2 liters.

The power unit got in a couple of smart 6 -step “automatic”, which perfectly holds the selected gear to maximize acceleration.
The car quickly and obediently responds to the driver’s commands.
Do not be afraid to disperse the Cadillac CTS allow powerful and efficient disc brakes (rear, besides, ventilated), which, if necessary stranglehold stop this massive machine.
For 18-inch wheeled wheels tucked just huge calipers, credible, not only their appearance, but also work.
The independent spring suspension provides a constant contact with the road wheels.
Despite the considerable weight (almost 2 tons), a sedan, even in tight corners confidently holds its course without frightening the banks and drifts.

Suspension settings have rigid model, but it does not cause discomfort, since at high speeds these suspension settings add vehicle stability and driver and passengers confidence.
In the critical case the driver will come to the aid of an arsenal of active safety systems.
Sedan Cadillac CTS can be a drive to the rear wheels and all-wheel drive, as in our version.
In normal mode, four-wheel drive splits torque evenly between the axles, but with a sharp start and wheel slip with electric instantly transmits 100 percent of torque to the rear wheels.
Especially valuable it will be winter.
This brutal car very quickly responds to steering, so turn the “steering wheel” in the driver turns a pleasure.
This sedan is different small turning radius.

Despite its huge size only – length is 486.6 centimeters (by the way, Cadillac CTS is the longest wheelbase among the “classmates” – 288 cm), the car is surprisingly maneuverable – less than three turns of the steering wheel from lock to lock.
And now let’s sum up.
When it comes to representative machine, in most cases we are talking about a sedan that has to be a powerful engine, with a beautiful and comfortable interior and a spectacular appearance.
And Cadillac CTS meets all these requirements.
Note that the cost of a sedan in the Russian market starts from 1 350 000 rubles Base equipment.

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