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Quick Start 2018-2019 SsangYong New Actyon

It became popular in a short time after its introduction a new Aktion Ssangyong – the first crossover in the lineup the Korean company 2018-2019 SsangYong, New Actyon is issued since 2010. In , at the Geneva Motor Show visitors of the exhibition were somewhat surprised by the presentation restyling 2018-2019 SsangYong New Aktion sample year. Changes in appearance were cosmetic, saloon car in general has not changed.
In our review, we look at the Korean crossover on all sides – choose exterior colors, wheels and tires, specify the size of the body and the trunk, to evaluate the technical characteristics of the new Ssang Yong Aktion New (the “people” practiced by different names convoluted Reading Korean company ), gasoline engine and diesel engine, gearbox and drive type, sit down in the area and assess the quality of the materials and the level of complete sets. And of course do not forget about a test drive, and the price for which is proposed to purchase new Sang Yong Aktion in Russia.
Just remind our readers that evaluate the exterior and interior of New Actyon crossover produced for Russian motorists at the company Sollers in Primorsky Krai (Vladivostok) can be photo and video materials placed in the end of the review.

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Design is engaged in crossover Italian masters ItalDesign Giugiaro studio and, to be honest, the car turned out not only stylish and beautiful but distinctive and original. The front part of a scowling headlamps, located between them a neat inverted trapezoid false radiator grille with soft contours and corners tightened fine mesh in a chrome frame. The powerful front bumper is configured in two parts – the upper body is painted to match the color of the bottom is not painted plastic harmoniously merges into the main composition and carries on its surface an additional air intake slit and stylish slanted columns protivotumanok (in the basic version are plugs).
Profile crossover body with large doors, high sill side glass, powerfully vyshtampovki swollen wheel arches, a compact back with a large roof rack. The side surfaces with smooth lines and harmonious waves rifts.
Feed blocks decorated with vertical lighting, simple in form, but a stylish and right rear bumper diffuser with an imitation of black plastic. Trapezoidal exhaust pipes attachments organically written off in the recesses at the lower edge of the bumper. Traditionally, as usual, and, in our view, correctly, the lower part of the body of the Korean crossover abundantly covered with a plastic protective overlays – looks stylish and practical. From any angle Sang Yong Aktion new looks handsome, like anything memorable in the way of the car there, but confused crossover with other cars simply can not.

  • With its exaggerated form of the car seems bigger than its compact dimensions: 4410 mm long, 1830 mm wide, 1675 mm (1710 mm with roof rails) in height, 2650 mm wheelbase.
  • Clearance (clearance) depends on the dimensions of which are mounted on wheels Ssangyong New Aktion: tire 215/65 R16 and 225/60 R17 – clearance of 180 mm, larger tire 225/55 R18 – 190 mm. Alloy wheels 16, 17 and 18 gauge, steel R16 are set only on the initial version of the Welcome crossover with front-wheel drive.
  • The curb weight of the vehicle depends on the motor, drive type and equipment level, and ranges from 1530 kg to 1767 kg.
  • For the coloring of a body crossover is offered seven options enamel colors: white, silver, gray, blue, dark gray, red, orange and black.

Body in 2018-2019 SsangYong New Aktion strong, but … the factory to protect the engine compartment from the bottom there, and the lowest to the ground point is a tank. Motorists should not forget about it, leaving the paved roads and storming the high hurdles.

Interior “Korean” can not boast designer delights – very large steering wheel, high and not conveniently located paddle switches, a simple instrument panel (in the expensive versions Supervision Devices) with on-board computer screen – clear and informative. The front panel and center console of traditional architecture, simple and intricate. In the initial versions only audio training with 6 speakers and air conditioning, richer version with climate control and have a head unit 2DIN (CD MP3 USB and AUX Bluetooth ports).
Seats in the front row of the new Aktion Saneng soft, amorphous lateral support (for reviews of the owners – in the long journey tired back). Back row pleases a large margin of legroom, and over the head of a lot of air. Comfort adds a completely flat floor and adjustable tilt separate back seats. Roof with a full cabin of passengers will take 486 liters of cargo, add the back row we get a flat cargo area with a capacity of 1312 liters. A nice addition is a full reserve underground and lots of storage space for small items in the cabin.
Starting grade for New Actyon called Welcome (gasoline engine box Mechanical 6 speed manual, front-wheel drive) in the presence of ABS with EBD, a pair of front airbags, alarm system, exterior mirrors with electric and heated mirrors are equipped with LED turn signal and backlight landing zone in the interior, power steering, trip computer, cruise control, central locking, heated rest area of ​​the front windshield wipers, power windows on all doors (sorry that air conditioning at extra charge only).
Variety complete sets Saneng New Aktion allows you to select the crossover to your taste, weight versions – Original, Elegance, Elegance +, Luxury and Premium. Maximum Premium grade delight leather trim, electric power steering with telescopic adjustment, electric driver’s seat, heated front rear seats and steering wheel, parking sensors, sunroof, Electronic weighing the electronic safety systems (ABS, EBD, ESP, BAS, ARP, and HSA), exclusively wheel drive transmission automatic transmission 6 automatic transmission.

Specifications Ssangyong New Aktion year: for to the proposed three engines (two diesel and gasoline engine), two 6-speed gearbox (mechanical and automatic) and two types of drive (2WD – front-wheel drive, Active AWD – automatically connects four-wheel drive). Consider all possible configurations.

Diesel 2018-2019 SsangYong New Actyon is equipped with an engine D20DTF, depending on the boost engine produces 149 or 175 forces.

  • New Aktion diesel (149 hp) 6 speed manual 2WD (6 speed manual Active AWD) – fuel consumption in the combined cycle of 6.0 (6.4) liters, the maximum speed of 174 mph.
  • NA (149 hp) 6 2WD automatic transmission (automatic transmission 6 Active AWD) – the average fuel consumption of 7.3 (7.5) liters, accelerating as much as possible to get up to 174 mph.
  • Ssang Yong Aktion New diesel engine (175 HP) 6 speed manual 2WD (6 speed manual Active AWD) – average appetite 6.0 (6.4) liters, the maximum speed – 179 mph.
  • New 2018-2019 SsangYong Aktion diesel (175 hp) 6 2WD automatic transmission (6 AKP Active AWD) – consumption in the combined cycle of 7.3 (7.5) liters with a maximum speed of 186 mph.

Petrol version with G20 engine capacity of 2 liters:

  • New Aktion petrol (149 bhp) 6 speed manual 2WD (6 speed manual Active AWD) – fuel consumption in the combined cycle of 7.5 (8.2) liters with a maximum speed of 163 mph.
  • New Actyon gasoline (149 hp) 6 2WD automatic transmission (automatic transmission 6 Active AWD) – with an automatic transmission, fuel appetite increases with mixed mode to 8.0 (8.5) liters, and maximum speed is 165 mph.

Suspension is fully independent with stabilizer bars and shock absorbers, spring – on the front wishbone suspension with racks McPherson, rear Multi-link. Power steering – Original versions and Elegance, power steering – to complete Elegance +, Luxury and Premium. Brakes All-wheel disc with ABS and EBD as standard, in a saturated version adds advanced assistance systems in the face of ESP, BAS, ARP and HSA.
Automatic four-wheel drive is connected at a slipping front wheel (clutch), it is possible to force the lock sleeve to move in heavy traffic conditions (operating at speeds up to 40 mph).

Test Drive New Sang Yong Aktion year: try out the diesel 149 hp AT-wheel drive and automatic. On the pavement crossover – a typical passenger car with a soft, comfortable suspension. But, alas, much roll in the corners, and included them with laziness. On the line New Aktion stable and obedient, even at high speed. Suspension does not pay attention to the large hole in the cabin is quiet, only the tire slap. On a country road compact machine pleases adequate cross, not afraid of the car and hanging diagonal (one wheel without reliance on ground), imitation locking differentials by means of brakes (brakes electronics hovering wheel and redistributes the torque to the other wheel) allows you to confidently storm ditches. So, with proper handling 2018-2019 SsangYong New Actyon skillfully boost moderate terrain.

How much: Ssangyong selling new Aktion Year in Russia will start with a modest price to 699 thousand rubles for the crossover with a gasoline engine, INC 6, front-wheel drive in the initial configuration Welcome.. Buy new Sang Yong Aktion in picking Premium is offered for the price in 1209 rubles -. For the diesel engine (149 hp) with 6 automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. Aktion many owners are interested not only service, but the tuning of his car. “Working” operation results in the need to think about the small (and sometimes large) repair. To date, reviews of the owners, the optimal solution for Ssangyong New Aktion is warranty service and repair. Buy accessories and spare parts for repair and tuning better by ordering in electronic stores.

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