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Porsche Macan – new car from Porsche spoiling for a fight

The crossover Porsche Macan year officially presented as a production vehicle at the same time in two places on the planet. Double world premiere of the premium SUV Porsche Macan was held at the Tokyo Motor Show and Auto Show in Los Angeles November 20, .

The new mid-size premium crossover Porsche Macan April 5, will be the German dealers. Price new Porsche Macan will be between 57,930 euros for version Macan S and Macan S Diesel, powerful version Macan Turbo can be bought for 79,826 euros.
In Russia in 1500 the potential owners of the new Porsche Macan in (this is the quota for the domestic market in the next year) should be willing to pay the price of not less than 2.5 million rubles for the Porsche Macan S, and the Porsche Macan Turbo costs more than 3.5 million Russian rubles . The easiest Porsche Macan with initial gasoline engine will hit the market only in .

Carefully studying the photos and videos depicting a new crossover and honestly say, admiring the body design of the premium Porsche Macan is not believed that the new car of the year is based on the platform of the Audi the Q5 . So bright, sports, branded sportscar tradition Porsche looks new premium car. It is necessary to clarify immediately that the company’s engineers have significantly changed and improved donor chassis for its new SUV. Rather, the practical re-created three different versions of the chassis.

The first version of the base – multi-link suspension with extensive use of aluminum parts with steel springs and conventional shock absorbers.
The second option with active shock absorbers PASM (three modes – Comfort, Sport, Sport Plus), is the standard for version Macan Turbo.
The third unique option for the class mid-size crossover is the possibility as an option for the Macan order air suspension that can not only change the amount of ride height (three levels of High Level I – 230 mm, Normal Level – 190 mm Low Level – 180 mm) is selected manually switch care, but also to automatically maintain the specified clearance regardless of load crossover passengers and luggage. And even achieve a minimum ground clearance of 140 mm when loading luggage.

  • Accurately indicate the external dimensions of the body Porsche Macan (Porsche Macan Turbo): 4681 mm (4699 mm) in length, 1923 mm wide, 1624 mm high, 2807 mm dimensions of the wheelbase, track wheels of the front axle – 1655 mm, rear track – 1651 mm.
  • Clearance depends on the installed drives, total clearance at the Porsche Macan 198-205 mm with conventional spring suspension.

The manufacturer specifies the parameters and geometric cross body of its new crossover, capable of confidently move not only on the asphalt, but also outside of paved roads. This is possible thanks to the standard set by all-wheel drive, complemented by Porsche Traction Management, electronically controlled multi-plate clutch and robotised seven-speed PDK (offroad mode and help system during the descent from the slope). The geometry of the cross-body Porsche Macan suspension on springs (with air suspension set to High Level I mode) is as follows: the approach angle – 24.8 (26.6) degrees, ramp angle – 17.1 (19.0) degrees, the angle Congress – 23.6 (25.5) degrees.

There were fears that the outwardly Porsche Macan will look like a miniature copy of his older brother, the Porsche the Cayenne . This is partly true, but … Looking into the face of novelty easily find related similarities in the design of headlamps, false radiator grille, front fairing and even the exterior mirrors. But more on the surfaces of the body slides look, the faster dissipate fears. The elegant dome roof, original stylistic decision aft and incredibly huge radius of the wheel arches easily located in its vast expanses, even the maximum possible to install the wheel with forged R21 wheels and tires of different sizes for the front and rear axle.

  • Front – 265/40 R21, while the rear – 295/40 R21. The standard for Porsche Macan S and Porsche Macan S Diesel is the 18th wheels with tires 235/60 R18 front and 255/55 R18 rear, and powerful version of the Porsche Macan Turbo factory in Leipzig is equipped with wheels 19-radius tires 235/55 R19 and 255/50 R19.

Ends portrait of Porsche Macan crossover stylish, beautiful and full of LED lights marker light with 3D-effects similar constructively with taillights sports car Porsche 918 Spyder.
So we can confidently say that the similarity Macan and Cayenne are minimal. Thanks to its compact dimensions, kupeobraznomu body and unusual looks stern Makan real sportsman.

Just opening the door Porsche Macan realize that now okuneshsya in quality, high-tech and functional interior, assembled one of the best car manufacturers of the world with quality materials (natural and artificial leather, Alcantara and carpet).
Simple in form but convenient multifunction steering wheel with gearshift paddles, highly informative instrument panel with 4.8-inch screen in the right well, traditional for Porsche inclined surface transition center console in the tunnel with an incredible and frightening first few buttons, touch color screen with a diagonal 7 inches in the complex media.

Front seats, depending on the wishes of the customer base can be electrically in 8 directions or sports with a bright lateral support and the depth of the profile, supplemented electroresettings 18 settings and the provisions of memory (for the Macan Turbo standard). The driver and passenger in the front row there is enough space, can not be said about the inhabitants of the second row. Legroom with minimum margin, almost in contact with the top of the ceiling vault, and sits in the center of the passenger is given half location, and even in addition prevents feet tall transmission tunnel.

Roof Porsche Macan due to the original form of the stern of a compact size with the ability to accommodate 500litrov cargo with passengers in the rear seats, up to 1,500 liters with the rear row of folding condition.

Some of the equipment standard and additional options of a new premium crossover Porsche Macan: crossover will be present dual-zone climate control, an advanced sound system from Burmester, the touch screen, comfortable keyless access to the interior and engine start button, power tailgate and the front seats, leather upholstery, blind Spot monitoring system and lane departure, rear-view camera and parking sensors, adaptive cruise control with speed limiter and many other modern equipment.

Specifications of the new Porsche Macan year involve the use of three different versions of the suspension, which we described above, all-wheel drive, electromechanical power steering, disc brakes with discs 350 mm diameter front and 330 mm at the rear (for the Macan Turbo, respectively 360 mm and 356 mm), supplemented by a variety of safety systems and driver assistance automatic transmission 7 PDK.
Now the engines available for the new Macan.

  • Macan S version is equipped with a petrol 3.0-liter V6 biturbo (340 hp), the dynamics to the first hundred in 5.4 seconds, maximum speed – 254 mph. Claimed fuel consumption in combined mode 8,7-9,0 liters.
  • For Macan S Diesel is a diesel 3.0-liter V6 turbo (258 hp), acceleration to 100 kmh in 6.3 seconds, the maximum attainable speed of 230 mph. Average diesel consumption 6.1-6.3 liter.
  • Powerful, already judging by the name, Macan Turbo is equipped with a 3.6-liter petrol the V6, equipped with two turbochargers (400 hp). This allows the herd to disperse the crossover to 100 mph in 4.8 seconds and 266 mph maximum gain. At the same time fuel consumption promised by the manufacturer in mixed mode at the level of 8,9-9,2 liters.

For those owners whose data dynamic performance Macan crossover seem not sufficient, it is possible to order the Sport Chrono package (engine tuning, chassis and powertrain in Sport Plus mode with sharper responses than the usual basic version of Sport). Control by pressing only one button, and everything – gone.

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