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Pickup 2018-2019 Toyota Hilux

The official premiere of the eighth generation of pickup 2018-2019 Toyota Hilux was held in two places at the same time May 21 th of this year – in Australia and Thailand.

And if in the Asian country started selling cars in the world debut of the day, the Australian motorists will have to wait until the fall of the novelty of the year, and to the Russian market model will reach, probably, only in the first half of next year.

The transition to a new generation of positive impact on the external form of the car – pickup truck look more modern and attractive.
Especially Japanese engineers failed front part where the stand oblong headlamps, narrow false radiator grille with chrome-plated bumpers and complex shapes with a large air intake.
Of course, the pick-up will be used to drive not only on the asphalt pavement, so you should think about protecting bumpers and sills, of chipping and zarapit when driving on gravel, and not only for this, there is Stone Chip film that protects the new car body from possible trouble.

Overall, the new 2018-2019 Toyota Hilux model year looks interesting and solid, even in spite of the cab variant, which can be single, double or a queen.

With regard to the dimensions of the Japanese news, the pick-length version called Double Cab reaches 533.5 centimeters, a width of 185.5 cm and the height is limited to a mark of 182 centimeters.

Under wheelbase cars allocated 308.5 centimeters.
Thus, in comparison with a precursor new 2018-2019 Toyota Hilux became wider and longer, respectively, 2.0 and 7.5 centimeters.
Note that the pickup can pull a trailer weighing more than 3,500 kilograms, however, on the condition that he will be equipped with brakes.

Inside pickup 2018-2019 Toyota Hilux is no less impressive than the outside.
Inside, first drew the attention of the big screen multimedia system, located on the center console.
Below installed air conditioning system with individual screen controls.

The multifunction steering wheel is made in the spirit of the latest innovations of the Japanese company.
The decoration of the cabin 2018-2019 Toyota Hilux is dominated by high-quality materials – leather, soft plastics and decorative metallic inserts.

Seats front row got a wide range of adjustments and have an excellent profile with pronounced lateral support.
Rear sofa is designed for three passengers, and in the legs added 3.5 centimeters of space.

For pickup 2018-2019 Toyota Hilux model year, Japanese engineers have prepared a power line, which includes four engines – two petrol and two diesel.

The petrol line portion includes a naturally aspirated 4-cylinder engine with a displacement of 2.7 liters, which develops about 166-year-horsepower at 5500 rev / min and about 246-minute Newton meters of maximum torque and 6-cylinder 4-liter unit, issuing 278 horsepower and 376 Newton-meters at 3,700 rev / min.

Diesel line of pickup 2018-2019 Toyota Hilux will be presented powertrains GD series four-cylinder, direct fuel injection and turbocharging.
One of them has a working volume of 2.4 liters, its maximum capacity reaches 150 horsepower at 3400 rev / min and peak torque of 400 Newton-meters in the range from 1600 to 2000 rev / min.

A second 2.8-liter diesel engine produces approximately 177 mi horsepower at 3400 rev / min and about 450 Newton-meters of torque in the range from 1600 to 2400 rev / min.

All engines of pickup 2018-2019 Toyota Hilux is prepared in a pair or a mechanical or automatic transmission (both 6-band).
Consumers will be available as rear-wheel drive versions of the car, as well as modifications to the system of all wheel drive.
By the way, presumably, in our country, will be available only with all-wheel drive pickup trucks with diesel powertrains.

2018-2019 Toyota Hilux eighth generation built on the advanced platform of its predecessor.
Front Japanese car has received an independent two-lever design with stabilizer bar, and rear mounted spring system with a pair of shock absorbers on each side.

Suspension received three operating modes – Standart, Comfort and Heavy duty.
The first of these is intended to all types of roads, the second – to the asphalt coating, and the third – for solid loads.

The front wheel of a pickup 2018-2019 Toyota Hilux are equipped with disc brakes with ventilation technology, and rear wheels mounted on a simple drum brakes.
Anti-lock ABS brake function is available for all versions of the car.
Steering Japanese news works in tandem with the hydraulic booster.

As mentioned above, in Thailand selling pickup 2018-2019 Toyota Hilux eighth generation has already started, and on the Australian continent, the car will appear in autumn year.
In our country, the new product will, probably next year.
Then it will be known variants of equipment and cost.

The car has received a solid equipment – front optics in LED elements, multimedia system with a color touch screen, dual-zone climate control, music system, seven airbags and other equipment.
However, most of these options will be presented only in the top trim pickup.

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