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Pickup 2018-2019 Ford Ranger 6th generation

What is the name of the Ranger is not yet very familiar to fans of the domestic 2018-2019 Ford, you little more about what is said.
After pick-up with the same name appeared in the line of the American automaker is already back in 1982-th year.
And since then, on the production lines, “2018-2019 Ford” plant in Minnesota and Kentucky were collected over 7 million -th 2018-2019 Ford Ranger.
The end of this story has not put even stop production of the model in the United States in 2011-th year.
Then the pickup assembly organized in Thailand, Argentina and South Africa.
And demand from traditional Asian and Australian regions has spread even to the conservative Europe.
The style of most American pickups have surprisingly romantic basis.
Their simple lines and massive forms should resemble the times of conquest unsafe prairies and hard work of courageous pioneers.

However, the predecessors of the youngest representatives of the “2018-2019 Ford” brand tribe pickups monumental charisma clearly not enough.
The situation changed dramatically in the autumn of 2010-th year, when the international motor show in Sydney, Australia, 2018-2019 Ford Ranger has demonstrated a new generation.
The development of a new global platform, which has become the bearer of a new generation of the model, engineers involved in the design of the united company’s offices located in Australia.
On some insulation speech was not a project.
Australians have received not only access to numerous development colleagues from America and Europe, but also a “ticket” to any of the test sites.

However, tests carried out elsewhere, at the risk of “light up” the prototype ahead of time, the developers initially did not dare.
After all, the central regions of Australia is not just a very little populated, except for a few routes, and they are still almost no travel.
And this is exactly what you need four-wheel drive 2018-2019 Ford Ranger test.
Combining the efforts of virtually all engineering divisions of the company, in the end, given the expected result.
The new 2018-2019 Ford Ranger proved to be really an entirely new car.
With the new engine, transmission, suspension and frame.
Well, and, of course, with a new exterior design, modern interior and cargo bed that can accommodate more than 1,100 kilograms of luggage.

Even a cursory acquaintance with the car catches the eye that looks new 2018-2019 Ford Ranger has become similar to their American “family.”
He had a massive grill falshradiatora with three cross bars, closed mesh “nostrils” on the sides and lights a specific form.
While against the backdrop of the monumental front of the 2018-2019 Ford F150 new Ranger will look like a gymnast next to the bodybuilder.
Since his appearance is not formed straight lines and angles and smooth curves and plastic combination of planes.
In addition, the pillar “Ranger” are much greater than that of “relatives” angle.
In general, the front of a pickup truck seems to be quite rapid, almost like a car.

That’s what told about this company’s chief designer Craig Metros: “We started with a silhouette front end, bowed all the lines back and made the car more agile visually.
The greater the slope and got the front corners of the body.
But here it is not only in style, this form has a much better aerodynamics.
Looking at the profile of the new car, we draw attention to significant changes in the silhouette.
We decided to significantly tilt the windshield, getting thus a more modern look.
However, the most important decision was to raise the side body line.
It changed its proportions, allowing us to make the surface of the wider metal and glass on the contrary – more narrow, so the car has a severe appearance. ”

Not backed by real visual mobility capabilities, “fordovtsy” would have a “disservice” not only clients of the company, but also themselves.
However, this did not happen.
Thanks to the new steering box, pick a length of 5 meters 35 centimeters and a width of 1 meter 85 centimeters shows good agility and precise handling.
From lock to lock steering wheel makes only 3 and a half turns, and this is one of the best in the segment.
A good impression is left and engines.
Instead of the former turbodiesel that previous Ranger had to share with the Japanese pickup Mazda BT-50, new 2018-2019 Ford Motor got 2 out of the lineup Duratorq TDCi, operating on diesel fuel.

The smaller 4-cylinder turbo diesel volume of 2.2 liters has two options for forcing – capacity of 125 and 150 horsepower.
The second engine temper hotter. 5-cylinder turbodiesel in volume of 3.2 liters produces 200 horsepower, and most of the traction of 470 Nm is available in a range below 2,000 rpm.
Fuel consumption is quite acceptable, 5-cylinder version of the Double Cab with the all-wheel-ti burns about 10 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers.
Of course, the extra load will increase the “appetite” of the engine.
The ground clearance of 237 millimeters and the ability to easily connect the four-wheel drive at speeds up to 120 kilometers per hour ti provoke to conquer off-road not too active motorists.

Although for extreme off-road fun new 2018-2019 Ford Ranger has a very long wheelbase – 3 meters 22 centimeters, the car’s behavior on the volatile coating remains predictable and well controlled.
These characteristics of the pickup is required, first and foremost, independent design and front suspension settings.
Moreover, the new drive 2018-2019 Ford Ranger now works with several supporting systems are integrated into a functional DSC.
For example, do not notice the help function Hill Launch Assist, which helps a heavy vehicle starts to rise without setbacks, it is simply impossible.
Noteworthy system and Hill Descent Control, which maintains a constant speed while descending a steep slope.

At first glance, the speed of the automated descent may seem excessive, but it turned out to be possible to adjust the buttons on the steering wheel.
By the way, if you open the car and get in the cabin, you can see that the steering wheel itself looks quite modern, so to speak, in Cars.
Not a bad impression on the 2018-2019 Ford Ranger and interior materials.
Plastic, increasingly, hard, but it is pleasant to the touch, and the details are well adjusted.
The seats, which are the most expensive version Wildtrak lined with combination skin, become more comfortable, especially the rear, where passengers are most pickups usually suffer from crowding.
However, the greatest compliments deserves noise and vibration of salon.

Note that the most cheapest option 2018-2019 Ford Ranger with the engine at 125 horsepower rear-wheel drive and the “mechanics” worth about 25 thousand euros ti.
And for the most expensive 200 -strong Wildtrak version with rich equipment, leather seats, four-wheel drive and 6 -step “machine” need to put about 41 000 euros.
With an eye to the proposition of competitors such prices are justified.

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