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New Peugeot 408 2019 – restyled sedan S-class

In the Russian market, sales of the renewed Peugeot 408 2019-2020 sedan of Kaluga assembly started. The four-door restyling survived slightly changed externally, acquired previously unavailable options, got a new 1.6-liter engine and a 6-speed automatic box. The components and prices for the Peugeot 408 in the new body have already been announced, and soon the cars will start arriving at the salons of the official dealers of the brand. The basic version of the model with a 115-horsepower petrol engine and 5MKPP will cost 949,000 rubles, which is 81,000 more than the cost of a pre-styling version of the car. Competitors in the French sedan are still the same – Skoda Octavia, Toyota Corolla, Kia Cerato , Hyundai Elantra and Ford Focus .

In Russia today, the affairs of the “four hundred and eighth” go, to put it mildly, it does not matter. For the entire 2019, only 1,413 customers opted for the Peugeot sedan. For comparison, the absolute dominant C-class – Skoda Octavia A7 – was sold in an amount of 21 759 copies, and even strongly sagging in sales of Toyota Corolla sold in a total of 3,745 pieces. Serious preconditions for improving positions are not observed now, as Russians will be offered a slightly retouched version of the pre-reform machine based on the old PSA PF2 platform, but at a higher price. Perhaps the rationale for increasing the value of the model can be found in the technical data and price list, which we will study during our review.

Innovations in the design of the body

As we have already found out, the new Peugeot 408 retained the old base, and, therefore, no changes were necessary in the overall dimensions of the four-door. They actually are not: length – all the same 4703 mm, width – 1815 mm, height – 1505 mm. The distance between the front and rear axles remained at the level of 2717 mm, the ground clearance did not exceed 175 mm.

The external appearance of the sedan for Russia has changed in the likeness of the same-name Latin American fellow sold in the markets of Brazil and Argentina already since 2019. However, there are differences in the details between the machines, for example, in the design of the radiator grille. With the predecessor, the discrepancies are more large – in the configuration of the head optics, the shape of the same falshradiator, the architecture of the front bumper as a whole and the fog lights in particular (plus there were running lights).
Photo of Peugeot 408 model of 2019-2020 year

In the stern part of the model of innovations is not observed – and the lights and the bumper remained in their original form.

Making a stern

Packages and prices Peugeot 408 2019-2020 restyling

Inside, the sedan did not visually change – the front panel is still the same, there is no multi-rudder, the finish is exclusively fabric. However, some progress has occurred in the equipment, as will be discussed below.

Interior version Allure

Two initial complete sets – Entry (949 000 rubles) and Access (992 000 rubles) – have an identical set of equipment, except that in the second case there is an air conditioner. And so the “base” includes a steering column adjusted for the angle of inclination and departure, side mirrors with a drive for adjustments and heating, four electric windows, an on-board computer, audio preparation, a 12-volt socket, fabric trim, 16-inch steel wheels, front airbags (driver and passenger), ABS, ESP. Initially, the sedan is adapted to our conditions, which is expressed in the presence of a reinforced suspension, a large washer reservoir, a high-capacity battery, a reinforced starter and metal crankcase protection. Absolutely new things for standard equipment – LED navigation lights and fog lights with the function of turning lights.

Specifications of Peugeot 408 2019-2020

The main results of the restyling applied to the technical part were the replacement of a 120-horsepower 1.6-liter engine with a 115-horsepower similar volume and an obsolete box 4ACPP at 6AKPP firm Aisin. As a result, there were four modifications:

  • “Atmospheric” 1.6 liters. 115 hp + 5MKPP;
  • “Atmospheric” 1.6 liters. 115 hp + 6АКПП;
  • Turbo engine THP 1.6 liter. 150 hp + 6АКПП;
  • Diesel HDI 1.6 liter. 114 hp + 6MKPP.

In the design and adjustments of track adjustments was not made: as before, the front stand McPherson, in the rear – a twisting beam, the steering mechanism is equipped with an electrohydraulic amplifier with variable effort.

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