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Overview hatchback 2018-2019 Toyota Yaris 3 generations

Japanese compact hatchback 2018-2019 Toyota Yaris 3 rd generation was introduced to motorists in Europe as part of the Frankfurt Motor Show . Unfortunately in Russia 2018-2019 Toyota Yaris sample, the official dealers are not for sale, but a compact car, which is the company with the Japanese islands in the European class-B, still worthy of our attention. And the high popularity of Japanese twin 2018-2019 Toyota Vitz (version for home market of Japan) in the Russian Far East, motorists, and not just talking about the fact that this machine is very interesting.
Overview devote European version of 2018-2019 Toyota Yaris , to discuss the exterior and interior models, find out what is the price and full specifications, conduct a small test drive, evaluate the level of equipment on an example of versions of the 2018-2019 Toyota Yaris offered by the Ukrainian Motor Show (our neighbors model can be purchased officially ). Traditionally, our helpers will auto journalists comments, reviews of the owners, photo and video materials.

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The appearance of the Japanese compact Yaris 3-th generation solutions in today’s corporate style 2018-2019 Toyota. On the surfaces of the body harmoniously coexist sharp edges and smooth lines, giving the car the same time solid and sporty look with excellent drag coefficient – 0.287 Cx.

  • Before describing the design of the exterior of the body of a compact hatchback shall indicate the external dimensions of 2018-2019 Toyota Yaris : 3885 mm long, 1695 mm wide, 1520 mm high, 2510 mm wheelbase, 145 mm ground clearance (clearance), front track – 1485 mm , the rear track – 1470 mm.

The front part of the car with compact complex shape headlights of head light, which is located between the narrow slit false radiator grille topped by 2018-2019 Toyota logo. The front bumper large size carries on its surface a lot of aerodynamic vyshtampovok, huge mouth of the lower air intake and neat spotlights protivotumanok. The short hood forward flowing organically decorated U-shaped vyshtampovki. The front end looks like a 2018-2019 Toyota Yaris animal snout with beautiful eyes, a nose and a large mouth open in a smile.

A review of the Japanese compact profile to marvel at how well designers and engineers use every millimeter of the total vehicle length of less than 4 meters. The minimum dimensions of the hood, the compact feed and downright huge doorways. When you create a car the main task facing the developers was the idea of ​​a comfortable stay of five passengers in the cabin. As a result, we face a city-car with spaced around the perimeter of the body and wheels as large facilities. At the same time the designers have tried to create a stylish, assertive and sporty image. The right in our view with the tasks perfectly. The ideal radius of the wheel arches, powerful measures in the inflated side surfaces, rapidly rising window-sill line, stylish aft bending falling roof.

The back of the body is not as expressive as the front and the profile of the car, but the Japanese experts worked here. Powerful bumper body with bright vyshtampovki on the sides, compact tailgate with a large glass, stylish vertical section marker lamps. When the visible simplicity, all the details add up to the right and harmonious mosaic of stern.

  • The car body is painted in two basic colors: white or red, also offers several optional enamel colors: Metallic – silver, dark gray, light green, blue-green, bright blue, red, dark purple and black.
  • Depending on the trim level, and their in Ukraine for the 2018-2019 Toyota Yaris has four: Base, Life, Active and Style, hatchback can rest on the ground tires 175/65 R14 on steel 14-inch wheels and tires 185/60 R15 on the disks 15 the size of steel or light alloy.

Interior 2018-2019 Toyota Yaris compact hetchbka 3rd generation in , despite not being a great overall length of 3885 mm in the body, and can comfortably accommodate five passengers comfort. In the first row of the stock of free space for the driver and front passenger is quite acceptable, especially with an eye to the Class B. In the second row seats less, but with passengers increasing by 185 cm does not prop up the ceiling head, and legroom is present, only sitting not very comfortable, as if on a chair – back straight, vertical landing.

As we said above, the car is available in four fixed trim, and even the initial version of the 2018-2019 Toyota Yaris Base with air conditioning, sound system (radio, CD MP3 USB 6 speakers), electric front windows, 4 airbags, electric power steering, ABS, EBD, the BA, height-adjustable steering column, polyurethane-trimmed steering wheel, gear knob and handbrake boxes, upholstered seats, tires 175/65 R14 on iron disks with caps, electric exterior mirrors, central lock.

Life Options add leather trim steering wheel rim and gear lever, the front panel, center console and upper door cards will receive a soft plastic finish, tires 185/60 R15 on steel 15-inch wheels.
A more intense version of Active sports a two-zoned climate control, color touch 2018-2019 Toyota Touch-screen with a diagonal of 6.1-inch (music, phone, reversing camera), heated front seats, alloy wheels 15-inch, foglights.
In the maximum configuration Style in addition to all the options listed in the previous versions are installed weight chrome elements on the body, spoiler, light and rain sensors, a sport steering wheel trimmed from the bottom rim, orange stitching on the leather-trimmed interior elements, keyless access to the interior and engine start button, touchscreen multimedia complex navigation 2018-2019 Toyota touch and Go, red illumination of the instrument panel.

Sit down on the driver’s workplace and evaluate the convenience of placing the driver and the control layout. Convenient steering wheel optimum size, devices with large dials provide excellent descriptiveness, chair with fabric upholstery, a moderate lateral support rollers and dense filling. Sitting comfortably, a wide range of seat and steering column adjustment make it easy to find the optimum position. Organization of the center console is simple, convenient and functional, especially in the presence of a touch screen. The minimum number of buttons, easy use and high-quality image display allow you to quickly master all the functions and settings algorithms. Salon Yaris compact thanks to high-quality materials, a high level of equipment and assemblies, in our opinion, the best in class.

The second row of seats by default is designed for three passengers, but it is better to sit together, living in the back of the still narrow. Back with the vertical angle, the floor is flat, the back of the first row of chairs on the back side have a recess to increase legroom for rear seat. What’s nice, just the same huge doors provide easy access to the driver and passengers in the cabin.

The luggage compartment can not boast of a large volume, in the presence of only 286 liters. If desired, separate back of the second row seats folded, forming a perfectly flat surface and increasing the luggage capacity to 786 liters. Width of luggage 2018-2019 Toyota Yaris 1365 mm, maximum length of 710 mm.

Specifications 2018-2019 Toyota Yaris mean front-wheel drive, the suspension is traditional for the compact class, front independent MacPherson struts on, behind a semi-dependent beam on torsion, front wheel disc brakes, rear drum, electric power steering EPS. On cars the two petrol engines, both of which is typical with chain timing drive.
The three-cylinder 1.0-liter VVT-i (69 hp 93 Nm), mated to a 5 speed manual accelerates the car weighing 950 kg up to 100 mph for 15.3 seconds and allows you to gain maximum speed of 155 mph. The manufacturer claims the fuel consumption of 4.4 liters on the highway and 5.9 liters in the city.
The four-cylinder 1.33-liter Dual VVT-i (99 hp 125 Nm) works in tandem with a 6 speed manual (the CVT variator), the first speaker up to hundreds of 11.7 (12.6) seconds, top speed of 175 mph. Engine passport consumes 4.6 to 6.8 liters, and the presence of the variator in a city mode is less consumption – about 6.3 liters. The curb weight of the type of transmission and trim level varies from 1015 to 1075 kg.

Test drive the 2018-2019 Toyota Yaris 3 generation: compact hatchback 2018-2019 Toyota Yaris – the car for roads with high-quality road surface, if under the wheels of bumps in the road of small and medium-sized suspension rigidly fulfills irregularities. But pit caliber make the chassis a shudder, and all the nuances of her work with the loud noise transmitted into the cabin.
The initial three-cylinder engine is reluctant to cope with a mass of under 1 tonne and can go very well, a power driver. The more powerful the motor, despite the presence of 99 forces also provide hurricane dynamics. The reason lies in the engine ecology, acceleration and top speed at classmates, but the fuel consumption of a pleasant surprise, even in the urban mode, the engine requires no more than 6 liters.

In fact, in spite of Japanese origin, the new hatchback 2018-2019 Toyota Yaris – a real European car with compact dimensions, large and comfortable cabin, high quality materials and rich equipment, stable and power handling. And of course the price of 2018-2019 Toyota Yaris in corresponds to the European level. hatchback cost in Ukraine starts from 128 096 hryvnia (512,000 rubles) for 2018-2019 Toyota Yaris Base with a 1.0-liter engine and soars to 187,983 hryvnia (752,000 rubles), for the sum offered to buy a new 2018-2019 Toyota Yaris in the maximum configuration with Style 1,33- 99 liter strongest engine and CVT.

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