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Overview BMW X5 third-generation 2018-2019

Convenient car that is able to drive everywhere, it is a great temptation for any automaker.
The first attempt to create such a vehicle in Munich made ​​even 75 years ago, when the company Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) has received a military order for compact army all-terrain vehicle, designed by Stoewer.
However, their own point of view on the practical, sporty and comfortable car company showed later during the BMW X5 2018-2019 debut.
For 14 years, two generations have passed full life cycle of the machine.
The first generation model is generally the first-ever Sports Activity class car.
Then there was the second generation, and this year was presented to the vehicle of the third generation.

The founder of the Sports Activity segment, that is – the sports car for outdoor activities, BMW X5, after all, has become the most popular in its class.
Until recently, the German company sent customers a 1st-million and 300 thousand wheel-drive cars.
Interestingly, the majority of members of this peculiar market niche off-road aesthetics had greatest impact on the Representative was of the first generation.
Then, in the late 20 th century, BMW X5 debut associated with entry into the BMW Group is known for its off-road Land Rover development company.
However, the first generation of the car though and was very skilful off-road, all-terrain vehicle on the laurels of this, in the classic sense of the word, did not apply.

In addition, in 2000-th year, the German company refused further cooperation with the British brand.
The Germans went their way.
The second-generation car introduced in 2006-th year, had a new platform with a lengthened wheelbase, extended range of engines, and an updated suspension system recustomized x-Drive all-wheel drive.
A BMW X5 looks rid of the protective plastic body panels, so the car is not made ​​clear hints on the reputation of all-terrain vehicle.
However, away from the road, this elegant “chistyulya” demonstrated quite convincing skills.
Revolutions do not happen, and in 2013 th.
The new BMW X5 received a recognizable characteristic appearance, which combines traditional design elements of massive and solid universal forms of third-generation cars.

The proportions and silhouette of the next flagship Sports Activity class as before, determine the short front overhang, a large wheelbase, front desk with an acute angle, and the third side window and rear rack with a proprietary bend.
But in the center of the new image, of course, are massive and relief “nostrils” radiator grille.
In general, the design of the front of the model lines and shapes which at first sight are formed into a huge letter “X”, eloquently testifies to its belonging to a particular class of the Bavarian cars.
Attribute error-free identification of the new BMW X5 – is the double headlights with LED elements.
Profile of a new car divided and rapid relief line, which is derived from the muscular wheel arches front, stringing and door handles hidden in the rear optics.

But apart from her exterior BMW X5 has another eloquent and emotional element, we are talking about the “gills” on the front wings of the model.
Due to their fine play of light on the side panels creates the visual effect of wedging the entire body.
But the main thing is that these “gills”, in fact, not just a decorative design element.
In fact they are part of a complex system, which with the help of active shutters in the grille removes excess air in the front wheel arches.
This element allows you to create while running a very smooth flow to the wheels, which eliminates a variety of aerodynamic disturbances and the rest of the air is output through the new “gills”.

Design a harmonious chow dvuhobёmnogo car of this size a difficult task for developers.
However, if the car needs more and defend a leading position in the class Sports Activity, designers should calculate in advance any possible consequences.
Therefore, for the new BMW X5 chosen best from every point of view, a rational idea of a separate structure of a back door.
Massive upper half received the appropriate high-class cars actuator.
In addition, it can be opened both from the interior with the help of the keys on the remote, located on the driver’s door and on the street, using a new remote key for BMW .

Spacious interior BMW X5 wonderfully combines the absence of bravado ostentatious wealth with a general sense of understated elegant luxury.
Plastic surface elements of the front panel are located on floors – one above the other.
In conjunction with its new three-dimensional architecture, it creates a totally different feeling of interior space.
Although, all ergonomics and layout remained virtually unchanged.
Futurist flavor was added and the elements of the driver’s seat – the optional instrument panel made ​​by crystal Black Panel technology, separate control display to 10.25 inches in the center of the dashboard and updated I-Drive control system.

In addition, think about the new range of BMW X5 interior colors potential buyer can before ordering cars.
The German manufacturer offers a choice of at least 7 shades of leather upholstery and leather type 2 Dakota or Exclusive Nappa.
But, probably, it is the seat became the biggest surprise of the new interior.
They are, as always, provide adequate comfort and, respectively, for the Sports Activity Vehicle class, lateral support.
Moreover, a new car can be fitted with alternative increased comfort chair or vice versa – sports.
But the biggest changes was affected passenger seats in the rear of the new BMW X5.

Updates there are limited options such as heating.
The rear seats have improved comfort other filler materials, separate them got back mechanism inclination adjustment, and cushion can be moved forward or backward in the range of 8 centimeters -th.
Two additional third-row seat at the uselessness can be easily concealed in the floor of the luggage compartment, which, by the way, in this case, will increase by about 120 liters.
However, the German automaker said that comfortably in the third row will be except that children or passengers of small stature.
Despite the invaluable ergonomics and comfort for these cars, perhaps the greatest asset of the German company remains the driving pleasure and efficiency powertrains.

In pursuit of perfection developers have updated the flagship engine version of the new car.
From now on, the power of gasoline “Eight» BMW X5 x-Drive50i will be 450 horsepower, while fuel consumption is reduced by 16 percent.
In practice, this means that the machine is equipped with a 4.4-liter engine, accelerates from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in 5 seconds and average fuel consumption is about 10.5 liters per 100 kilometers.
These results were made ​​possible by improvements in the settings BMW TwinPower Turbo system with two superchargers and systems infinitely variable VALVETRONIC valve stroke.

It also affected the torque that the new version of the unit is 650 Newton-meters.
In addition, the range of power units of the new BMW X5 will include several gasoline and diesel engines ranging from 218 to 381 ti th horsepower.
All of them without exception are based on TwinPower Turbo technology and meet the strict requirements of the environmental standards Euro-6.
Some of these engines are presented immediately after the debut of the model, while others will be offered to customers to order as soon as possible.
Available in the new BMW X5 version with index s-Drive options list says that now the buyers will be offered also a car drive only to the rear wheels.

However, most variations of the model will receive the well-known German brand admirers x-Drive all-wheel drive system.
In the modern version, it had a lightweight transfer case with high efficiency.
But the purpose and functionality of the system has not changed.
Establish control over important parameters such as velocity, frequency of wheel speed, steering wheel rotation angles and position of the accelerator pedal, x-Drive remaps the torque to those wheels that can use it most effectively.
This system not only optimizes traction on any road surface, but also improves the dynamics and the stability of the car when cornering, because it is able to recognize the first hints of excessive or inadequate control and prevent them long before I started to respond to the problem of the driver.

Note that the standard BMW X5 third generation includes monitoring the DSC stability control, anti-lock braking system ABS, the system DTC Dynamic Traction Control, Brake Control CBC cornering system of emergency braking, Brake Assist, and a variety of other functions.
In Russia, the reception of orders for third-generation BMW X5 was launched in November, and the first copies of customers will in the early 2018-2019-th year.
The cost of new items ranging from 3,100,000 to 4,295,000 rubles, depending on the modification.

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