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Overview BMW 750 car 2018-2019

As strange as it sounds, but the BMW 750 2018-2019 is able to make love domestic road services.
On it is able to, perhaps, only one car in the world, and it’s – 7-ka of the previous generation, which is different from other generations, not even the work of the engine and gearbox, and not the general technical specifications and air suspension.

Previously, BMW 750 suspension worked in a different way, and reviews about her work sounded completely different.
Alone she rocked and lulled, the other – on the contrary, podtryasyvala on the bumps.
Only this suspension works quite differently.
Structurally, it has remained virtually unchanged.
The Bavarians have made some changes in the leverage, but most importantly, it works differently in four completely different modes – sport, sport +, comfort, and comfort. +

In the sport mode with a +, a BMW 750 clearly fulfills every unevenness and just sticks firmly to the road.
Behind the wheel is very comfortable, amazing handling at high speeds and skorostischah?
When every photo work logger.
Passenger, of course, not to be envied.
He obviously is not very comfortable with.
Then it is necessary to slow down and go in comfort mode, and sets the perfect balance and harmony with the outside world in the cabin.
But then again, when entering into a protracted turn at high speed the car starts to heel.
Not critical, and electronics BMW 750 keeps the situation under control, but noticeable.
Then again, you have to switch to sports mode.
And so on to infinity.
And you know why?
Because the suspension is ideal, and in fact, and in another mode.
She, like ABC, shows how a car should behave in a particular coverage for a given speed.
Its potential is really limitless.

Rear sofa in the BMW 750 has all the necessary personal belongings in order to outdo any airlines in terms of passenger comfort.
Electric coils as gently as in Airbus, close the door behind you, leaving double glazing the noise and bustle of the streets, all the windows have electric shutters, individual ventilation, individual climate control.
Even personal masseur somewhere in the back of the seat executes one of the programs.

All is good, but there are also disadvantages in the BMW 750: displays on the back seat without a touchscreen, so you have to use the individual function iDrive.
That’s that.
We have somewhere and get hurt.
But in the BMW 750 has everything one can expect from a modern car.
There’s just a robot that he would have to manage it.
But such a pleasure, we will not give anyone.

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