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Overview 2018-2019 Ford Kuga – crossover after restyling

It’s no secret that 2018-2019 Ford Kuga (name for the CIS countries) for other 2018-2019 Ford Escape, enjoys great popularity in the global automotive markets.

The new model 2018-2019 Ford Kuga model year

To keep the demand for such a high level, US manufacturers have decided to present a slightly updated model. Many experts today simply do not know what to expect from a new car, but we will try to answer this question.

Appearance 2018-2019 Ford Kuga

If we talk about the changes in the design of the updated 2018-2019 Ford Kuga, it should be noted that significantly changed the grille, which is perfectly combined with stylish lamps. Of course, special attention deserves the front bumper gets a chrome finish.

updated Kuga , front view

According to the American engineers, it is the presence of chromium is the key to the car refinement.
Among other things, the new 2018-2019 Ford Kuga boasts a large number of aluminum parts, which certainly affects the overall weight of the machine.

If you look at the updated crossover side, we can see the overall wheel arches and a stylish roof rack, which is inherited from its predecessors.

the new Kuga, rear view

Exterior 2018-2019 Ford Kuga new body (Escape)

Salon updated 2018-2019 Ford Kuga fully corresponds to the design style, which was chosen a few years ago manufacturers. However, despite this, one can immediately notice that the interior of the car became more spacious and ergonomic, compared to previous models.

updated interior 2018-2019 Ford Kuga

In addition, American engineers have taken care of the functionality of the machine. In particular, the restyled 2018-2019 Ford Kuga boasts modern dashboard and multifunction steering wheel.
Sure, a few words should be said about the decoration of chairs, because it simply amazing. All seats have a maximum level of comfort, and also have different regulations.

As you can see, the car interior really has changed dramatically, but, despite this, many of the controls leave much to be desired. For example, to reach a climate-control system, the driver will have to bend forward strongly, and multimedia system interface and does almost imperceptible on a small display.

If we talk about the good points, it should be noted that even in the basic versions of the new 2018-2019 Ford Kuga will be available with air conditioning, 6-channel audio system, a rearview camera, a modern steering wheel, parking assistant and socket. In general, the driver can control all processes from a central console, so he will not be distracted while driving.

Dimensions of the new 2018-2019 Ford Kuga Body

According to manufacturers, the updated 2018-2019 Ford Kuga hardly grown in size, when compared to its predecessors. To verify this, just look at the “dry” numbers:

  • The length of the car – 4.6 m;
  • US crossover width – 1.84 m;
  • The height of the new 2018-2019 Ford Kuga – 1,71 m;
  • The length of the wheelbase – 2.7 m.

In addition, the new car will boast a spacious luggage compartment, which amounts to 440 liters.

In this segment of the crossover 2018-2019 Ford Kuga will be the main competitor to have updated of KIA the Sportage , the Hyundai the Tucson , of Mitsubishi the ASX .

Specifications 2018-2019 Ford Kuga

American engineers have taken the decision not to change the range of engines, which proved to be excellent in the past years:

– The volume of 1.5L (upgraded 1.6l), producing 185 horses (250 Nm);
– 2.0l volume, capacity of 245 hp (374 Nm);

presumably, the new 2018-2019 Ford Kuga is a gasoline engine, whose volume is 2.5 liters, and power – 168 horsepower. Also alternatively turbocharged powerplant, producing 240 horsepower may be used which is designed to “top” modifications.
Of course, the technical capabilities of the car are not limited to good power plants, as the new 2018-2019 Ford Kuga boasts a front-wheel drive. In addition, the surcharge will be available to these features: blind spot monitoring system, pre-start and warm-up tire pressure sensor. All this will be complemented by a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Restyling 2018-2019 Ford Kuga price

Of course, the new crossover will not soon appear in the free market, but we can already say that its price will not exceed the mark of 25-30 thousand dollars, which will allow the Russian motorists can easily acquire this model.

Videos new 2018-2019 Ford Kuga (Escape) year:

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