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OPEL Ampera 2018-2019

To promote market OPEL Ampera 2018-2019 not popular technologies to make them fashionable.
In the near future the market is filled with electric cars or hybrids. 2018-2019 Opel Ampera, like similar to him Chevrolet Volt, an electric vehicle is with extended range.
Kit, which includes the traction battery pack and electric motor paired with ordinary gasoline engine and the motor-generator.

At the same time the internal combustion engine takes only an additional function, feeding the electric motor after the end of the charge in the main battery.
The rest of the Ampera moves by electricity, unlike hybrids.
In the Netherlands, where he was presented the car owners have an eco car tax breaks, as well as there is an active development of a network of free elektrozapravok.
From a single outlet car charging for 2.5 – 3 hours.
The instrument panel is replaced by a computer display with economizer, which shows the efficiency of the power plant.
In the middle – a ball of green color, which is yellow and flies up to the top at a very fast speed of set.

And vice versa – too heavy braking, where the free energy is overheated tormoznog device, ball goes down.
Starting Ampera quiet.
However, at high speeds aerodynamic noise is heard.
Until the speed of 100 km.
per hour worked only stepper motor at high speeds it comes to the aid of the motor – generator.
Unlike hybrids benzomotor not work until the battery is discharged.
Charging the battery is enough for about 50 km.

The petrol engine is automatically activated.
Ampera length – 4835 mm, width – 1920 mm, height 1375. Body Type – hatchback.
Number of doors – 5 seats – 4. The front-wheel drive type.
Volume of 310 liters of luggage compartment.
Curb weight – 1732 kg.
Engine type internal combustion engine + electric motor.

Capacity DVS – 1398 cm Volume of fuel tank -. 35.2 liters.
Motor power – 150 hp internal combustion engine – 86 hp
Torque – 370 HM.
Maximum speed – 160 km.
at one o’clock.
Acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour and 9 seconds.

The maximum range – 500 km.
With supplies to Ukraine its price is unlikely to be lower than in the not distant future environment will become fashionable.


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