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New Volvo V60 2020

The new Volvo V60 wagon (Volvo B60) is officially unveiled on February 21, 2020 on the eve of the world premiere in Geneva , even just before the debut of the new generation Volvo S60 sedan. In our review, the new Volvo V60 2019-2020 – the price and bundle, photo and video, specifications of the 2 generations of the Swedish station wagon. The new generation of the “sixty” moved to the modular SPA platform not only with diesel and gasoline engines, but also with a couple of hybrid modifications (the 340-horsepower T6 Twin Engine and the 390-horsepower T8 Twin Engine) and is preparing to enter the world market in the early autumn of 2020. The price of the versatile Volvo V60 in Europe will be from 40100 euros for the diesel 150-horsepower version of the Volvo V60 D3 and from 49500 euros for the gasoline 310-horsepower version of the Volvo V60 T6. In Russia the “sixty” wagon will not be officially sold, Russian motorists should wait for the Volvo S60 sedan of the new generation and the all-terrain station wagon Volvo V60 Cross Country.

photo Volvo V60 2019-2020

Creating a new generation of the universal Volvo V60 designers of the Swedish manufacturer chased not two, but immediately after three rabbits.

  • First, the “sixty” should be similar to the elder brother of the station wagon Volvo V90 .
  • Secondly, also demonstrate kinship with the new Volvo XC60 crossover.
  • Thirdly, to have your own original way.

As a result, we have such a symbiosis of Volvo V90, Volvo XC60 and something new. But to be honest, the new V60 looks like the younger brother of the V90. In the presence of a stylish and bright front of the car, decorated with brand headlights of the head light “hammer Thor”, compact falshradiatornoy grating with a large Volvo logo and bumper with a pronounced lip.
Side of the body five-door model looks organic and dynamic. In the presence of a long hood, huge cutouts of wheel arches, doors with a high window sill, compact glasses and a powerful relief, a practically even roof line, solid forage with hind wings, complemented by magnificent vyshtampovkami.

The rear part of the body of the station wagon is awarded with large, sweeping lights with LED filling, the right rectangle of the tailgate with compact glass, topped with a spoiler and a massive bumper with bright aerodynamic elements.

I would like to add that the new Volvo V60 wagon, as well as other modern models of the Swedish manufacturer, looks expensive and aristocratic. At the same time the novelty clearly demonstrates adherence to the corporate style of the brand.

  • The exterior dimensions of the body of Volvo V60 2019-2020 year are 4761 mm in length, with 2872 mm of wheelbase.

Compared with the predecessor of the station wagon V60 1 generation, the body of the new 2 generation model added 126 mm in length, and the wheelbase dimensions increased by 96 mm. Such a solid increase in the overall overall length and the distance between the axles allowed to significantly increase not only the interior, but also the trunk. With the standard position of the rear seat backs, the trunk can accept 529 liters (for reference the predecessor has only 430 liters, the Volvo XC60 crossover has 505 liters, the older brother Volvo V90 has 560 liters), folding the second-row seats, the useful volume of the luggage compartment increases to 1364 liters (at the versatile person Volvo V90 – 1526 liters, and at crossover Volvo XC60 – 1432 liters). Add to the arsenal of the trunk of the underground, the volume of which is not taken into account by the manufacturer, and the servo of the tailgate.

photo showroom Volvo V60 2019-2020

The interior of the new versatile Volvo V60 came from the Volvo XC60 crossover with all the brand attributes of modern Volvo models. There is a digital dashboard, a stylish steering wheel, a solid front panel and center console, a wide tunnel between the front seats with a comfortable armrest, advanced multimedia with a 9.5-inch screen (Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Wi-Fi, Volvo On Call ), climate control CleanZone, providing different temperatures in 4 zones of the cabin, highly comfortable driver’s and front passenger’s seats with a full set of functions (electric drive, heating, ventilation, massage), rear seats with heating and ventilation, a huge panoramic roof with a th is equipped with a motorized, high-quality materials and finishes, clear business, a wide range of electronic security systems and assistants.

The new station wagon is able to move in a semi-automatic mode on the track (Pilot Assist system), taking into account the markings, turns and other vehicles on the road, to brake and accelerate independently, and the City Safety system will ensure safe movement in urban conditions and, if necessary, stop the car itself when pedestrians are detected , animals or cyclists on the road in front of the machine, will tell you about the presence of interference when maneuvering in reverse and crossing intersections (monitors transverse traffic).

photo cargo Volvo V60 2019-2020

Specifications of Volvo V60 2019-2020 year.
The SPA platform, which is the basis of the novelty (the transverse arrangement of the engine, the completely independent suspension of all wheels, the composite spring in the rear suspension), provided a new “sixty” optional air suspension (standard spring), powerful and economical turbocharged petrol and diesel engines with a turbo (Drive- E), as well as two hybrid power units.

  • Diesel version of the versatile Volvo V60 with front-wheel drive and two types of gearboxes – 6 manual transmission and 8 automatic transmission.
    Volvo V60 D3 (150 hp) and Volvo V60 D4 (190 hp).
  • Gasoline modifications of the versatile Volvo V60 are equipped with all-wheel drive and default with 8 automatic transmission.
    Volvo V60 T5 AWD (254 hp) and Volvo V60 T6 AWD (310 hp).
  • Hybrid versions (Twin Engine AWD petrol plug-in hybrid) station wagon. Volvo V60 T6 Twin Engine AWD with a petrol 2.0-liter 254-horsepower engine, rotating the front wheels and a 117-horsepower electric motor transmitting traction to the rear wheels (the total output of the installation is 340 hp 590 Nm). A rechargeable battery with a capacity of 10.4 kWh can be recharged from the mains, the gearbox is 8-speed automatic.
    Volvo V60 T8 Twin Engine AWD with a more powerful petrol 2.0-liter 310-horsepower motor responsible for driving the front wheels and a 117-horsepower electric motor providing rear rotation (total power of 390 hp 640 Nm). The 10.4 kWh battery pack is located in the central tunnel, the transmission is 8 automatic transmission.

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