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New Volkswagen Virtus 2020

The new Volkswagen Polo Sedan 2019-2020 is officially presented, but so far in Brazil and under the name Volkswagen Virtus. The new generation of Volkswagen Polo Sedan, also Volkswagen Virtus, is based on the Volkswagen Polo 6 generation hatchback with a modular MQB-A0 platform in the base. In our review Volkswagen Virtus (Volkswagen Polo Sedan) 2019-2020 – photo, price, configuration and technical characteristics of the successor of the first generation of the four-door Polo Sedan.

Sales of the new Volkswagen Virtus in Brazil will start in January 2020, the novelty will be located in the line of the German company in the local market between the Volkswagen Voyage and Volkswagen Jetta models. According to preliminary information the price of Volkswagen Virtus 2020 goals in Brazil will be from 65,000 Brazilian real (at the current rate of about 1188 thousand rubles).

The new Volkswagen Polo Sedan (Volkswagen Virtus) having moved to the new modular platform MQB-A0 markedly increased in size compared to the previous generation Polo sedan. The car received from the developers a newly designed chassis, though with a familiar layout (front of the McPherson strut, rear semi-independent suspension with a beam), a new turbocharged three-cylinder petrol engine 1.0 TSI, modern and stylish exterior design of the body, a comfortable saloon with a solid set of the most advanced equipment and more. capacious trunk.

  • The external dimensions of the body of Volkswagen Virtus 2019-2020 are 4480 mm in length, 1751 mm in width, 1468 mm in height, with 2650 mm of wheelbase.

In the bodywork of the new Polo Sedan (Virtus), the share of high-strength steel has been significantly increased, by how many percent the manufacturer, unfortunately, does not report.

Considering the German novelty on official and “live” photos from the presentation, we note that the new Polo sedan, albeit still in the Brazilian version of Virtus, looks more solid and respectable than the model of its predecessor.

The new four-door has received the entire front end of the body up to the middle post from the Latin American version of the hatchback Volkswagen Polo 6 generation (the differences are in fact small parts from the European version, and the headlights are simpler) and, of course, the completely original rear end of the body with large door apertures of the rear doors and a heavy stern, decorated with excellent stylish horizontal shades of parking lights with three-dimensional LED graphics.

The new Polo sedan definitely grew up and does not look budget-minded. There is a slightly aggressive front part of the body, a stern and solid profile of the body with a pronounced edge at the level of the door handles, moderately inflated vyshtampovki over the wheel arches, the boot lid with a spoiler, well, rear parking lights as if taken from New Audi models, but ideally blended with the design stern.

The interior of the new Volkswagen Virtus (Volkswagen Polo Sedan) is completely borrowed from the European hatchback Polo. If you do not take into account the fact that in the second row of the four doors passengers are allocated more space than in the rear seats of the hatchback brother, and the luggage compartment is able to accept as much as 521 liters (the boot of the previous generation Polo sedan is more modest, only 460 liters).

The body, trunk and interior became larger, but the volume of the fuel tank was reduced to 52 liters.

In the rest we have a stylish, modern, high-quality interior with a chic set of super modern equipment. The maximally packed versions of the new Virtus (Polo Sedan) will please owners with a virtual Active Info Display panel with a 10.25-inch full-color screen, an advanced multimedia system with an 8-inch color touchscreen display (Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Mirrorlink, Internet access).

As well as adaptive cruise control, dual-zone climate control, keyless entry system, start / stop system for turbo engine, semi-automatic Park Assist parking system, automatic braking system in city traffic conditions with pedestrian detection, panoramic roof with hatch, 4-pillows of security and stabilization system.

In the initial complete sets, however, the instrument panel is conventional with pointer pointers, a simple radio tape recorder or multimedia with a 6.5-inch screen, air conditioning and a minimum of electronics.

Specifications Volkswagen Virtus 2019-2020 year. As mentioned above, the MQB-A0 platform with a front independent suspension realized using McPherson struts in front and a rear semi-independent suspension with a torsion beam is based on the novelty. In the Brazilian market, the new Volkswagen Virtus comes with two petrol engines.

  • The basic four-cylinder atmospheric 1,6-liter (110 HP 155 Nm, when working on ethanol gives 117 hp 162 Nm) is completed 5 MKPP.
  • More powerful turbocharged three-cylinder 1.0 TSI (115 hp 200 Nm, on ethanol power above 128 hp 210 Nm) paired with a classic automatic transmission – 6 automatic transmissions (and no you robotic DSG boxes, to the delight of Brazilian motorists). Sedan with a turbo engine can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 9.9 seconds, the maximum speed of 194 km / h.

It remains only to add that the Brazilian brother of the new Volkswagen Polo Sedan with the original name Virtus has already risen on the conveyor of the Volkswagen plant in the city of San Bernardo do Campo (Brazil).

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