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New Volkswagen Polo 2019 – 6th Generation of the Global Bestseller

The presentation of the new generation of hatchback Volkswagen Polo 2019-2020 took place on June 16 at an event in Berlin. One of the most popular and high-tech models of the B-Class, for its entire history, sold in more than 14 million copies, appeared in the sixth generation. The updated car has made a real breakthrough in the electronic equipment part, having received a number of hitherto unprecedented in the segment of digital devices. In addition, the hatchback has grown significantly in size, has strongly transformed inside and outside, has acquired a wide range of advanced powertrains. In parallel with this, the model lost its three-door performance, but it got hold of the “charged” version of the GTI with the 200-horsepower turbo engine 2.0 TSI.

Receiving orders for Volkswagen Polo 6 will begin this fall after the novelty will be a full-scale review within the Frankfurt Motor Show. To customers, the first machines will reach in 2019. In the German market, the minimum price of a hatchback will be 12,975 euros, which is equivalent to 836 thousand rubles at the current rate. That’s how much you have to pay for a five-door with an initial petrol engine 1.0 MPI with a capacity of 65 hp. and a 5-speed manual. In Russia, sales of hatchback Volkswagen Polo 2019-2020 model year, unfortunately, are not planned, so we have to wait for the renewal of the sedan of the same name.

External improvements

Five-door Polo of the sixth generation is built around the modular platform MQB-A0, which was recently used by the Spanish relative Seat Ibiza . The use of the new base untied the hands of engineers, allowing them to significantly increase the external dimensions, and, therefore, the size of the cabin. As a result, the hatchback extended in length to 4053 mm (+81 mm) and was distributed in width to 1751 mm (+69 mm). The wheelbase has added as much as 94 mm and has made 2564 mm. The height of the body decreased only to 1446 mm (-7 mm).

Despite the changed proportions and seriously revised look, the Volkswagen novelty still remains committed to the family style of the brand, which provides for strict and conservative design. At the same time, the amendments, which added sharpness in the lines and transitions of the body, made the car more solid, attractive and charismatic.
Photo Volkswagen Polo 2019-2020 with R-Line package

In front we find absolutely new stylish headlights with an original zigzag of navigation lights and modern optics. Daylight is by default made of LED-elements, the near and far is equipped with LEDs only in expensive trim levels. At the stern, we note beautiful lanterns with interesting 3D graphics and the same LED filling. When viewed from the side, attention is drawn to the elongated dynamic silhouette of a hatchback with a long roofline ending with a spoiler, and spectacular arrow-like vyshtampovka, forming the shoulder area of ​​the car.

Rear design

The exterior design of the new Volkswagen Polo depends on the configuration and additional design packages. There are five basic variants – Trendline, Comfortline, Highline, Beats and GTI. In addition, R-Line, Black and Style decor packages are offered. Different versions may differ in the configuration of the bumpers and the exhaust system, as well as the pattern and size of the wheel disks. For example, the Volkswagen Polo R-Line is a sport front bumper, diffuser with chrome-out exhaust nozzles, a solid spoiler and 16-inch Sebring alloy wheels.

Beats version

Modification of GTI can be recognized by a red strip on the falshradiator, a special design of the front optics with the same red accents, air intakes with cellular grid structure, a large black spoiler, twin tailpipes on the left side of the diffuser, red brake calipers, ubiquitous GTI label, 17 Inch cast discs (optional 18-inch ones are available).

Volkswagen Polo GTI

The palette of body enamels of the new Polo includes 14 shades, which can be combined with 12 variants of wheel disks of 14-18 inches.

New electronic systems

Salon hatchback distinguish well-designed front panel architecture, excellent ergonomics of seats, high quality of finishing materials and simply phenomenal by the standards of the class level of “digitization”. Undoubtedly, the main innovation is a virtual Active Info Display, which has several data display profiles, each with its own graphics and color scheme.

New digital “installation”

At the same level with the instrument panel and almost immediately adjacent to it, the main multimedia system screen is located. Together, the two displays form a single information space that facilitates better reading and processing of on-board information. To combine the screens and combine them into one visual block, the developers moved the ventilation deflectors down on the center console. The display size of the media center varies from 6.5 to 8 inches, the functionality is quite impressive – Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Mirror Link, Internet access, a lot of applications, services of Volkswagen.

Interior of a hatchback

In addition to the above equipment, Volkswagen Polo 6 includes wireless charging for smartphones, Keyless Access keyless access and engine start button, large panoramic roof, high-quality Beats 300-watt acoustic system. The number of electronic assistants includes automatic braking with the detection of pedestrians, adaptive cruise control, monitoring “blind” zones, tracking cross-traffic, parking assistant.

The novelty will offer a wide range of materials and color combinations of interior decoration. For the dashboard, 13 design options are prepared, for the seats – 11 upholstery schemes. An inflammatory version of the Polo GTI will be pleased with the original interior with leather trimmed steering wheel and gearshift lever, covered with checkered cloth sports seats, black roof, background lighting.

The increase in the external dimensions of the hatchback made it possible to expand the interior space – allocating more space to passengers and increasing the capacity of the luggage compartment. At the same time it became more spacious not only in the area of ​​the knees of riders, but also over their head (and this despite the reduction in the height of the body). With regard to the Polo boot, its volume in the standard seat layout is now 351 liters, which is 71 liters higher than the previous figure and only 29 liters inferior to the capacity of the cargo compartment of the last Golf .

Technical specifications Volkswagen Polo 2019-2020

In the line of power units of the updated five-door, there are already nine motors. All are equipped with the Start / Stop system and comply with the Euro-6 standard. Opens the list of four 1.0-liter petrol “troika” – MPI 65 hp, MPI 75 hp, TSI 95 hp and TSI 115 hp. Next come the petrol 1.5 TSI Evo with 150 hp. and two diesel 1.6 TDI (output 80 and 95 hp) The most powerful installation – 2.0-liter turbo unit TSI with 200 hp. at the output – Volkswagen Polo GTI is supposed. Well, apart from the new engine 1.0 TGI 90 hp, working on methane.

Transmissions three – 5MKPP and 6MKPP, and also 7-band robot DSG. Drive only front.

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