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New Volkswagen Golf 2018-2019 – serious restyling of the Golf family

We offer a review of the restyling version of the Volkswagen Golf 7 – photo and video, price and specifications, technical specifications Volkswagen Golf 7 generation, new Volkswagen 2018-2019, all updated versions of the German bestseller.

The Golf family survived a planned and very serious restyling that affected the bodywork, interior and technical stuffing of the Volkswagen Golf three-door and five- door hatchback , the Volkswagen Golf Variant wagon, the Volkswagen Golf GTI hatch and the hybrid version of the Volkswagen Golf GTE. Sales of the new Volkswagen Golf 2017 model year will start in April next year, the price of the restyling Volkswagen Golf 7 Mk will increase in comparison with the pre-reform versions of the model and amount to 18,200 euros.

The new Golf has got LED headlamps (Full LED) of the head light, available, however, as an option, modernized front and rear bumper, new wings and standard rear light mounted LED lights (for expensive equipment, LED lights with dynamic direction indicators).

New and modernized details gave the body of the updated model a more modern and solid look. The exterior design of the Volkswagen Golf 7 is harmonious and in full accordance with the family style of the German manufacturer. In this form, it seems that the current generation of the model will meet in a couple of years the successor of the Volkswagen Golf 8, work on it, by the way, are in full swing .

Interior restyling Volkswagen Golf has become even more refined and stylish due to the use of new seat covers and decorative inserts on the front, center console and door cards.

Also worth noting is the increased size of the screens of multimedia systems available for the car: a 6.5-inch screen came in the stead of a 5-inch, a multimedia computer with a 6.5-inch screen in turn replaced the system with an 8-inch screen, and the top offering is now An advanced multimedia complex Discover Pro with a 9.2-inch screen (gesture control, interfaces MirrorLink, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay) replacing the 8-inch screen.

Do not forget the German manufacturer as an alternative to the analog instrument panel to offer the buyers of the updated Golf a digital instrument panel with a huge 12.3-inch screen, like the older model of the Volkswagen Passat , but this innovation does not end there either.

The restyling models of the Volkswagen Golf 7 have become more intelligent and digital: the mirror autopilot will put control on the electronics (works at speeds up to 60 km / h), the automatic braking system with the pedestrian detection function will automatically stop the car in case of an emergency. New also equipped with upgraded systems Park Assist 3.0 (parking assistant), Trailer Assist (assistant for maneuvering with a trailer), Lane Assist plus ACC (will not allow the car unauthorized to leave the lane).

Technical characteristics of the updated Volkswagen Golf 7 2018-2019 model year.
For the updated Golf the German manufacturer is expanding the line of gasoline engines EA211 TSI with the new four-cylinder turbo engine 1.5 TSI Evo (150 HP 250 Nm) with the Active Cylinder Management (half cylinder shut-off system) – fuel consumption of only 4.9 liters.
A little later, BlueMotion will appear, the version of this engine is 1.5 TSI Evo (130 HP 400 Nm) with a fuel consumption of 4.6 liters.
The robotic transmission of the 7-speed DSG completely replaces the robot 6 DSG.
The updated Volkswagen Golf GTI acquired a more powerful 230 strong engine, and the Golf GTI Performance 245 version was strong (pre-reform models were equipped with 220-horsepower and 230-horsepower engines respectively).

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