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New Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport Concept 2020

Show car Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport Concept, debuting at an automobile exhibition in New York in 2020, anticipates the new serial coupe 5-seat crossover Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport. In our review Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport Concept 2019-2020 – photo and video, the preliminary price and equipment, technical characteristics of the harbinger of a new coupe crossover from the German company Volkswagen . The car is based on the modular platform MQB.

Crossover Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport is a close relative of not only the large 7-seat Volkswagen Atlas , offered in Russia under the name Volkswagen Teramont , but also the Volkswagen Golf and Volkswagen Passat models. According to preliminary information, the Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport will lose its prefix concept in the future in 2020 and will become a production car with a price around 35000-40000 dollars.

Interestingly, in the New York Auto Show 2020, the German automotive giant Volkswagen presented visitors to the exhibition two prototypes built on the modular MQB platform: the Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport Concept coupe and the Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak Pickup Concept , alluding to a new serial pickup. However, if the prototype of the pickup truck is created, so to speak, for “intelligence” (the German manufacturer intends to study the reaction of the public), then the Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport concept will become a production car in 2020.

Designers awarded the new coupe crossover with a stylish and sporty appearance with compact body overhangs, a low roof, elegant front and rear lighting equipment, a large size spoiler over the heavily tilted glass tailgate, huge wheel arches, body sides with bright lines and splashes, large 22-inch wheel disks, shod in low-profile tires 285/40 R22.

Show car, by the way, flaunts unusual LED daytime running lights, flowing from the headlamps to the falshradiator grille, highlighting the entire front part of the body of the crossover. The main headlights are LED (near and high beam), however, as well as rear parking lights. In this case, the logos WV installed on the grille and the tailgate also with LED backlight.

  • The exterior dimensions of the Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport Concept 2019-2020 are 4846 mm in length, 2,029 mm in width, 1735 mm in height, with a 2,980 mm wheelbase.

The prototype of the 5-seater Volkswagen Atlas with a coupe body with exactly the same wheelbase dimensions as the 7-seat Atlas / Teramont, but smaller by 191 mm in bodywork and 33 mm in height, with a larger overall width as much as 50 mm.

Five-seater salon of the forerunner of the serial crossover Volkswagen with a coupe body demonstrates all modern developments and advanced equipment from the portfolio of the German manufacturer. There is a virtual instrument panel with a 12.3-inch display (the screen resolution is 1440×540 pixels, the graphics can vary depending on the mode of motion chosen), a central screen of a multimedia system with a diagonal of 10.1 inches (proximity and control sensors), and a touch screen for the management and adjustment of air conditioning (four zone climate control). Under the ceiling on the console are touch buttons that control the background LED interior lighting and panoramic roof.

Also noteworthy is the almost complete absence of physically operated buttons and switches, a non-fixed selector for automatic transmission control, a light and airy front panel architecture and a generally chic interior.

Technical characteristics of the Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport Concept 2019-2020. In technical terms, the prototype of the new crossover from Volkswagen AG is quite high-tech and equipped with a hybrid power unit capable of recharging from the socket, based on the V6 3.6 FSI petrol engine (280 HP 360 Nm) operating in tandem with a 6-speed robotic gearbox (6 DSG) , which transfers traction to the front wheels, as well as two electric motors. The first (55 HP 220 Nm) is installed in the front and works as an assistant of the ICE, and the second (115 HP 270 Nm) is located behind and rotates the wheels of the rear axle. Thus, we have an all-wheel-drive hybrid system in front of us, providing a total return of 360 hp and 670 Nm. Electric fuel is stored in lithium batteries with a capacity of 18 kWh, located in the central tunnel of the body of the crossover.

According to the manufacturer, the Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport concept can accelerate from 0 to 97 kmh in just 5.4 seconds and gain maximum speed of 209 km. It is interesting that only on electric traction the crossover is capable of driving 42 km. For the hybrid powerplant, several modes of operation are prescribed: E-Mode (only the rear electric motor is fully electric mode of motion), Hybrid (automatic control), GTE (sport settings of the unit), Off-road (active active electric all-wheel drive) and Battery Hold / Battery Charge. We add that the advanced 4Motion Active Control system allows you to choose the optimal mode of operation for almost any road surface, for choice of On-road Comfort or On-road Eco), Off-road (Rocks, Sludge or Sand, Gravel), Sport and Snow.

The manufacturer also offers for the novelty a simplified version of the hybrid power plant with a total capacity of 314 forces and a storage battery with a capacity of 2 kWh. Even with such a system, the crossover catapults to the first hundred in 6.5 seconds, and the maximum speed is 180 km / h.

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