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New Toyota Tj Cruiser Concept 2020

The new Toyota Tj Cruiser Concept is ready for the official premiere in the home for the Japanese company Toyota at the Tokyo Motor Show in late October 2019. The concept will tell about the serial first-born of the trademark Tj Cruiser, registered in the US in the spring of 2019. In our review, the concept Toyota Tj Cruiser (Toyota Tiigi Cruiser) 2019-2020 – the first news, photo, price, equipment and specifications of the original novelty with the brutal appearance of the SUV and practical van interior.

photo Toyota Tj Cruiser Concept 2019-2020

The new Tj Cruiser is a crossover-compact with a TJ-encoded name: the letter T-Toolbox (literally translated as a tool box), J-joy. It’s ridiculous, but it turns out that the model is called “a tool box that brings pleasure.” In which kind of concept Toyota Tj Cruiser will get to the conveyor is not yet clear, as, however, not even known the approximate price of the novelty equipped with a hybrid power plant.

photo Toyota Tj Cruiser Concept 2019-2020 front view

photo Toyota Tj Cruiser Concept 2019-2020 rear view

The appearance of Toyota’s new concept is not so ordinary, original and brutal, that the car can easily be mistaken for an armored car. At the same time, the Tj Cruiser looks much nicer than the Rezvani Tank presented not so long ago. The main design features of the exterior of the body of the Japanese concept can safely be considered a straight front body with a huge falshadiatornoy grille, a majestic hood towering above the compact wheel arches, outstanding, in turn, from the body of the car.

photo Toyota Tj Cruiser Concept 2019-2020 side view

Straight lines, smooth horizontal and vertical surfaces on the car body, by the way, in abundance. Smooth lines of the roof and side glazing, evenly cut feeds and indeed, like a van, swinging front doors and sliding doors of the second row – just rectangles, and the glass of the novelty with a clear straightness.

It only remains to add that the roof, hood and front wings of the conceptual novelty are covered with a special coating protecting the paintwork of these details from minor damage. So you can not be afraid of the formation of chips on the hood, scratches on the roof and wheel arches.

  • The exterior dimensions of the body of the Toyota Tj Cruiser Concept 2019-2020 are 4300 mm in length, 1775 mm in width, 1620 mm in height, with 2750 mm of wheelbase.

The dimensions of the body are quite compact, but the distance between the front and rear axles is impressive, only 40 mm smaller than that of the larger Toyota models. SUV Toyota Land Cruiser Prado with a body length of 4780 mm has wheelbase dimensions of 2790 mm, and in the crossover Toyota Highlander with a total length of 4855 mm, the distance between the axles is identical – 2790 mm.

photo of Toyota Tj Cruiser Concept 2019-2020

The imposing dimensions of the wheelbase of 2,750 mm, both for cars with a total overall body length of 4.3 meters, make it possible to organize a very convenient, multifunctional and roomy cabin, more like, to be honest, the cargo compartment of the van. The floor of the luggage compartment and the back surfaces of the backs of the separate seats are made of special hard plastic resistant to scratches.

photo interior Toyota Tj Cruiser Concept 2019-2020

To ensure the maximum volume of the luggage compartment, not only the backs of the rear seats are folded, but also the back of the front passenger’s seat. Thus, in the salon car you can load items under 3 meters. To fix the load, there are a lot of hooks, loops and eyelets.

photo trunk Toyota Tj Cruiser Concept 2019-2020

Registration of the front part of the cabin and the driver’s workplace is very simple and concise, but at the same time there is a mass of advanced modern equipment. The entire width of the cabin on the front panel is a color multifunction display, on the center console, a color touch screen multimedia system, responsible for both multimedia and climate settings. In the presence of a stylish multi-functional steering wheel, electric parking brake, chairs of original shape and design, the minimum number of physically operated buttons and switches.

photo Luggage compartment Toyota Tj Cruiser Concept 2019-2020

Specifications of the Toyota Tj Cruiser Concept 2019-2020. At the heart of the Toyota concept is the newest modular TNGA platform, providing the ability to equip the novelty with a hybrid powerplant, which includes a petrol 2.0-liter gasoline engine and an electric motor. According to preliminary information, in the serial version, the car will be available to order with both the front-wheel drive (Front-wheel-drive) and the four-wheel drive (Four-wheel-drive system).

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