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New Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2020

The updated SUV Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2019-2020 model year is officially presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2019 . Having survived the restyling of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150 , produced since 2009, acquired a new body with a more modern design, a modernized saloon with equipment from his older brother Toyota Land Cruiser 200 . In our review of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado in the new body of 2020 – photo, price, configuration and technical characteristics of one of the most popular off-road vehicles in Russia.

photo Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2019-2020

Production of restyling versions of Prado has already started in Japan, so until the end of 2019, an updated SUV will reach the Russian market. According to preliminary information, the price of the new Prado will increase in comparison with the pre-reform Land Cruiser Prado 150 for two reasons. First, the Japanese SUV can boast of a richer equipment. And secondly, it is necessary to create a niche for the new Toyota Fortuner , so that the models do not intersect in the price corridor.

photo Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2019-2020 front and rear view

Externally updated Prado has changed minimally, having received a new front part of a body and modernized LED rear position lights. At the same time, the new parts have significantly refreshed the image of the SUV, especially in front, making similar “faces” the new Prado and Land Cruiser 200 . New headlights, falshradiatornaya grille, bonnet with a more charismatic terrain and a bumper with neat fog – such upgrades in front. The rear part of the body received other plafonds of parking lights with all-LED stuffing, a new bumper and a slightly different overlay on the boot.
In addition, the manufacturer announces for the model new 17-18 inch wheels.

The new bumpers increased the overall overall length of the body of the updated SUV Toyota Land Cruiser Prado by 60 mm to 4840 mm compared with the body of the pre-reform Prado with its 4780 mm in length. The minimum ground clearance has not changed, the ground clearance is 215 mm. It’s a shame, but the new front bumper slightly worsened the geometric patency of the SUV’s body – the angle of entry is now 31 degrees, the corners of the overpassed ramp and exit have not changed and are 25 and 22 degrees, respectively.

Novations in the cabin of the Japanese SUV Prado 150, which has experienced another second restyling since it was launched into mass production, is perhaps noticeable even more than on the bodywork. There is a modified and more informative instrument panel with a 4.2-inch color screen of the route computer, a new multifunction steering wheel, a modern climate control unit with push-button control, the latest multimedia system Toyota Touch 2 with a large 8-inch touch screen.

It is also worth noting that the architecture of the front panel and the center console with smoother transitions, and the control functions of the all-wheel drive transmission are entrusted to a large washer. Traditionally, during restyling the manufacturer persistently promises better materials for finishing.

For the new Land Cruiser Prado is available the most heaped “winter package” among all models of the Japanese manufacturer with heated not only all seats and steering wheel, but also heated mirrors, windshield and nozzles of the windscreen washer, additional electric heater of the cabin, pre-engine heating of the engine (diesel version ).

We also note the presence of three-zone climate control, smart rear-view mirrors, self-lowering down during reverse driving, first-row seat ventilation, a 360-degree view system, a set of Toyota Safety Sense safety systems with active cruise control, an emergency braking system with detection function pedestrians, a car restraint system in the lane and a monitoring system for blind areas of rear-view mirrors.

The basic Prado with conventional suspension is equipped with electronics, capable of changing the performance of the engine, gearbox and steering with three modes of operation Eco, Normal and Sport. In the presence of optional adaptive suspension modes is already 5, adds more interesting Sport S and Sport S +, allowing you to change the performance of the adaptive suspension.

photo interior Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2019-2020

The basic transmission (full-drive four-wheel drive, reduced gear) remained the same, but the electronic system Multi-terrain Select got automatic mode MTS-AUTO.

photo interior Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2019-2020

Specifications Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2019-2020 year. In the technique of the updated Prado, there is no change. Suspension of front wheels of two lever, rear not a split bridge, suspended on springs. For a surcharge, adaptive shock absorbers and rear pneumatic supports.
Under the bonnet, the version of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is still installed on a choice of three engines, at least on an SUV for the European market. With what exactly engines the new Prado will come to Russia is not yet known.

Gasoline versions of the Land Cruiser Prado 2020:

  • 2.7-liter atmospheric four-cylinder engine (163 hp 246 Nm) paired with 5 MKPP.
  • 4.0-liter six-cylinder engine (282 hp 381 Nm) in tandem with 6 automatic transmission.

The diesel version of the Land Cruiser Prado 2020 with a 2.8-liter four-cylinder turbo diesel D-4D (177 hp 420 Nm) paired with 6 manual transmissions or (177 hp 450 Nm) in the company with 6 automatic transmissions.

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