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New Toyota Auris 2020

The hatchback Toyota Auris 3 generation is presented as the world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show in early March 2020. The new generation of Japanese hatch Toyota Auris, having moved to the TNGA modular platform, will please potential owners with a sturdier body with a chic exterior design in the style of hot-hatches, excellent handling and a pair of hybrid powerplants. In our review, the new Toyota Auris 2019-2020 – photo and video, price and configuration, technical characteristics of the successor of the most sold in Europe model from the manufacturer from Asia with a hatchback body.

photo Toyota Auris 2019-2020

According to preliminary information, sales of Toyota Auris 3 generations in Europe will start at the end of summer – early autumn of 2020 at a price of 22500 euros for Toyota Auris with a petrol 116-horsepower engine 1.2 Turbo. Official sales of the new 3-generation Auris hatchback from Toyota in Russia are not planned, the second generation of Japanese hatch, by the way, was also not delivered to the Russian market. Domestic car enthusiasts need to be patient, after all, in a couple of months, the Toyota Corolla of a new generation will debut, having also moved to the TNGA platform.

photo Toyota Auris 2019-2020 front view

The predecessor of the novelty hatchback Toyota Auris 2 generation in Europe was sold quite successfully. At the end of 2019-2020, the Japanese 5-door hatchback Toyota Auris is ranked 9th among compact C-class models with a result of more than 243,000 copies, becoming the most successful car of the Asian brand with a hatchback body in Europe. Such a high result of the Japanese model provided not only high quality and reliability of the model, but also the availability of a wide range of engines (turbo diesel, atmospheric and turbocharged petrol engines, as well as a hybrid powerplant).

It would seem that for the successful promotion of the new 3-generation Auris hatchback the recipe is known, but … Toyota decided to change the strategy for promoting the model. The Japanese completely abandoned the diesel engines, left only one gasoline engine, but offered for the new Auris two hybrid powerplants. At the same time the novelty received a super modern, stylish and aggressive body exterior design, a new trolley with a rear independent suspension and a lot of advanced equipment.

photo Toyota Auris 2019-2020 side view

Appearance of the 3rd generation Toyota Auris is able to cause admiration in the buyers and envy of competitors. The Japanese hatchback of the new generation got a bright and original body, flaunting in front a huge falshradiatornoy grating, located in the arms of a massive bumper with a huge number of aerodynamic elements, pointed hard-to-design LED headlights and headlamps and wings hanging over the headlights and wings with a powerful relief.

Side of the novelty’s body looks as if we have a powerful, charged hatchback, rather than an economical hybrid car. In the presence of a sloping and short hood, huge circular cutouts of wheel arches filled with 18-inch wheels, sports rear-view mirrors, located on powerful legs, doors with a high window sill and stylish strokes of the ribs, a heavily lined back windshield frame flowing into the slowly flowing to the stern roof, frying the forage, supplemented with a bumper with magnificent forms.

The rear part of the compact Japanese hatchback is a real work of modern design art: a compact tailgate with a strong glass tilt, like a coupe with a car, large and swollen light bulbs with LED filling, a majestic bumper with vertical slots of the air ducts, diffuser and implanted trapeziums exhaust nozzles.

  • The exterior dimensions of the body of the Toyota Auris 2019-2020 are 4370 mm in length, 1790 mm in width, 1450 mm in height, with 2640 mm of wheelbase.

photo Toyota Auris 2019-2020 rear view

In comparison with the predecessor, the new Auris has increased by 40 mm in length, with the novelty not only having large axes of 40 mm greater than 40 mm, but also slightly different body proportions providing a more dynamic profile. The front overhang decreased by 20 mm, and the rear overhang, on the contrary, increased by the same 20 mm. The height of the new hatch has been reduced by 25 mm.

Annoyingly, but exhibited for acquaintance at an automobile exhibition in Geneva Toyota Auris 3 generation did not allow to glance in the interior (doors are closed, and glasses are tightly toned). The manufacturer is not yet in a hurry to reveal the interior of the novelty. However, we managed to find out that the seats in the cabin became a little more than the model of the previous generation, and the rear seats are set lower, so that passengers do not prop up the top of the slightly lowered roof. According to preliminary information, the new generation of hatchback Toyota Auris will receive a standard instrument panel with a color screen of the on-board computer, dual-zone climate control, a multimedia complex with a 7-inch touch screen, 7 airbags, and a set of safety systems Toyota Safety Sense P.

Specifications of Toyota Auris 2019-2020 year.
By using the new TNGA modular platform, the new 3 generation Japanese compact hatchback received a sturdy body made from high strength steel of various grades, a lower center of gravity, sharper steering and a new rear multilever suspension architecture.
The base version of the hatchback Toyota Auris is equipped with a 1.2-liter petrol turbocharged engine (116 HP 185 Nm) in the company with 6 manual transmissions and an optional Multidrive S.
Two other versions of the novelty are hybrid.
The economical version of the Toyota Auris Hybrid with a hybrid 122-horsepower unit based on a 1.8-liter gasoline atmospheric engine and an electric motor.
A powerful version of the Toyota Auris Hybrid with a hybrid 180-horsepower engine based on the latest atmospheric 2.0-liter Dynamic Force gasoline engine with a high compression ratio (14: 1) and an electric motor. The same powerplant, by the way, is equipped with a new compact crossover Lexus UX 250h , also shown in Geneva.

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