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New Toyota Alphard and Toyota Vellfire 2020

Updated minivans Toyota Alphard and Toyota Vellfire 2019-2020 are presented in Japan and are ready to enter the local market on January 8, 2020 at a price of 3354480 yen (about 1712 thousand rubles). Having survived restyling wen Toyota Alfard and its top version Vellfire got even more aggressive appearance than in the pre-reform versions, with an abundance of chrome decor and modernized lighting equipment, a more refined interior, an advanced Toyota Safety Sense second generation complex and a more powerful V6 3.5 petrol engine with recoil in 301 force. In our review of the Toyota Alphard and Toyota Vellfire 2019-2020 – photo, price, configuration and technical characteristics of the chic Japanese minivans who survived the planned multi-faceted restyling.

The start of sales of the updated Japanese minivan Toyota Alfard (top version of Toyota Vellfire officially is not supplied to Russia), according to preliminary information, is planned for the summer of 2020. The price of new items has not yet been announced, but it is unlikely that the cost of restyled Alphard will be lower than 3.7-3.8 million rubles. Pre-reform minivan Toyota Alfard is offered in the domestic market at a price of 3578000 rubles with a gasoline 275 strong engine.

Wen in the performance of Toyota Vellfire for export is not supplied and is intended exclusively for the Japanese market, where, incidentally, is sold even better than the less expensive brother of Toyota Alphard. Toyota’s plans for the next 2020 to sell in the local market at least 3,600 copies of Alphard and more than 4500 minivans Velfire. So we will devote the top version of the Japanese crossover to just a few lines in our review, telling about the phenomenally aggressive and stylish appearance of the minivan Toyota Vellfire, who received a frankly formidable and predatory design of the front part of the body in the process of restyling.

Toyota Alphard in the top version of Vellfire and before the update flaunted a formidable “face”. It seemed that the Van was ready to just break everything in its path. However, Japanese designers succeeded in adding even more threat to the expression “face” of the minivan. The novelty has received a redesigned false grille, modernized two-storey headlights with LED sections, a huge burr with a chopped shape, supplemented by a large air intake and compact LED fog lamps. The minivan’s forage has acquired dimensional lamps with changed LED graphics.

photo Toyota Vellfire 2019-2020 front view

photo Toyota Vellfire 2019-2020 rear view

It is interesting that the Toyota Alphard minivan, having survived the upgrade following the top version of Vellfire, is able to frighten car owners by overtaking them on the road. To see in the mirrors of the rear view is a reflection … horrors at night can dream. Toyota Alphard with a new “face” looks like a devourer of city cars: the incredible size of the mouth of the falshradiator grille, highlights on the sides majestic air intakes in full growth of the monumental bumper, high-positioned headlights, highlighted by a complex chrome-plated decor. The rear part of the body, of course, got new shades of parking lights with a tweaked graphics. The side surfaces of the body of the minivan abound with complex facets, split lines, vyshtampovkami and splashes, not feed, despite the heaviness, and a work of art.

photo Toyota Alphard 2019-2020 front view

photo Toyota Alphard 2019-2020 rear view

Part of the innovations in the new body of the Japanese full-size minivan is hidden from the eyes. But they are present and provide more comfort to the driver and passengers, as well as increased accuracy in management. All thanks to the increased torsional stiffness of the body, achieved by wider use of adhesive joints and better sound and noise insulation of the cabin. At the same time, there is a minimum in the interior of the changes. One can only note the presence of an updated instrument cluster with the option of selecting the color of the illumination and new versions of materials for interior decoration. The most stylish, in our opinion, is a leather black and white interior with decorative inserts made of natural wood. It is interesting that the manufacturer announces almost 40 !!! variants of complete sets. It is also worth adding to the asset minivan special versions for the disabled with a new, more compact mechanism for loading and unloading wheelchairs in the cramped conditions of Japanese cities.

photo interior Toyota Alphard 2019-2020

photo of the cabin Toyota Alphard 2019-2020

Minivans Toyota Alphard and Toyota Vellfire 2020 model year are standardly completed with the advanced complex of safety systems Toyota Safety Sense 2 generations. Electronics, cameras and radars are capable of recognizing pedestrians and cyclists (albeit only during the daytime), reading and recognizing road signs, following the markings and keeping the car in the lane, telling the driver about the possibility of resuming traffic to the permissive signal of a traffic light or while driving in traffic jams.

photo of interior Toyota Alphard 2019-2020

photo interior Toyota Alphard 2019-2020

Technical characteristics of Toyota Alphard and Toyota Vellfire 2019-2020.
The main change in the technical stuffing of the Japanese minivan is hidden under the hood of the flagship versions of the novelty with the petrol engine V6. Now in the engine compartment is installed upgraded 3.5-liter six-cylinder engine 2GR-FKS (301 hp 361 Nm), replacing the engine V6 3.5 2GR-FE (280 hp 344 Nm). The new engine is paired with 8 automatic transmissions in contrast to the previous engine, which is being aggregated with 6 automatic transmissions.
The remaining engines migrated to the updated minivans from the pre-reform versions without changes.
This four-cylinder 2.0-liter 2AR-FXE (152 HP 260 Nm), working with the CVV-i variator (the same engine is installed on the base version of the Toyota Camry ).
Also in the line there is a hybrid power unit consisting of a petrol 2.5-liter 152-horsepower 2AR-FXE engine running on the Atkinson cycle and two electric motors: a 143-horsepower 2JM on the front axle and a 68-horsepower 2FM on the rear axle (total power electric motors of 197 horses). The hybrid power plant provides the minivan with all-wheel drive and a modest fuel consumption.
Conventional petrol versions of Toyota Alphard and Toyota Vellfire are by default with front-wheel drive, but as an option, the all-wheel drive system is available (the rear wheel drive is connected via an electromagnetic clutch).

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