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New Subaru WRX and WRX STI 2019 – restyled sports suburban Subaru

The company Subaru announced the launch of sales in Russia of the updated sports sedan Subaru WRX and its extreme variation of the WRX STI. Both models survived restyling in early 2019 and were officially presented at the January Motorshow in Detroit. Now the Russian division of the company has decided to bring cars to our market, and WRX will return after a year and a half absence. Restyled cars slightly adjusted their appearance, improved noise insulation, improved the multimedia system, calibrated the suspension and steering in a different way, installed new synchronizers in a mechanical box. The classic version of the Subaru WRX 2019-2020 with a 2.0 TURBO engine of 268 hp estimated at a minimum of 2 399 000 rubles , the performance of the WRX STI with a 300-horsepower engine of 2.5 liters is offered at a price of 3,249,900 rubles. Orders for novelties are already being accepted, but the first copies will appear in dealers’ salons not earlier than October 2019.

The main share of sales of the WRX model traditionally falls on the North American continent, where, in fact, the presentation of the updated machine took place. So, in 2019 in the United States was sold 33,279 four-door with a promising three-letter nameplate on the back. In Russia, the sports sedan of Subaru is sold in scanty amounts, which forced the manufacturer a year and a half ago to bring the basic version from our market. Modification STI then decided to leave, but she was interested in the whole number of customers for the whole time of her presence. Such a depressing picture did not become a stumbling block for the Russian office of the company, so the inveterate “subarist” got the opportunity to acquire a refreshed WRX with a slightly more humane price tag (the STI model fell 149,000 rubles after restyling).

Overview of innovations and complete sets

The modernization of 2019 in relation to the exterior appearance of the car was of a formal nature. The developers confined themselves to a revision of the radiator grille and air intake section, which changed in the likeness of similar elements of the last Impreza . Among other innovations, it is worth noting the appearance of other design wheels – in the Russian specification 18-inch for both WRX and WRX STI.
Photo of the new Subaru WRX STI 2019-2020

Among the improvements that increase the level of comfort, attention is paid to improved noise insulation (thickened glass in the doors is used, other seals are selected) and an enlarged multimedia display (7.0 instead of the previous 6.2 inches). The information and entertainment complex Subaru Starlink with the new 7.0-inch screen, by the way, is included in the set of standard equipment, installed on all variants of the sedan. In addition to these innovations, some progress has occurred in filling the complete sets.


The base Subaru WRX with 2.0-liter unit and 6MKPP is available in the Elegance version, which includes fully LED optics, fabric interior trim, side mirrors with electric folding, heated front seats with electric adjustments, a 5.9-inch display in the instrument cluster, rain sensors and light, seven airbags, an ERA-GLONASS system.

Version / package Elegance Premium Premium Sport
2.0 268 hp / 6MT 2 399 000
2.0 268 HP / CVT 2 569 900
2.5 300 hp / 6MT (WRX STI) 3,249,900

The level of equipment Premium , prepared for the version with motor 2.0 and variator, includes leather seats, keyless access, navigation system, front-view camera, three-mode selector SI-DRIVE, automatic control of headlight, detection of cars when reversing.

Interior of the model

The most powerful and high-speed modification of the Subaru WRX STI is offered only with a mechanical box, and only in one Premium Sport package. Such a car will please the buyer with an exclusive design and a special lightweight design of 18-inch wheels, Recaro sports seats, a two-zone “climate”, a special interior trim using black gloss inserts and STI logos.

Specifications Subaru WRX in the new body of 2019-2020 year

As we have already found out, in Russia the “charged” Subaru sedan is available in three versions:

  • Motor 2.0 TURBO 268 hp (350 Nm) + 6MKPP;
  • Motor 2.0 TURBO 268 hp (350 Nm) + Variator Lineartronic CVT;
  • Engine 2.5 TURBO 300 hp (407 Nm) + 6MKPP.

Both turbocharged power units are 4-cylinder horizontally opposed engines with two camshafts and a 16-valve timing. At the same time, the “younger” 2.0-liter engine is equipped with direct injection, and the “older” 2.5-liter motor is equipped with a multipoint distributed one.

A more tiring engine allows the STI version to show the best dynamics, finding the expression in the index of 5.2 seconds of acceleration to 100 km / h. Such a jump makes increased demands on the braking system. This is why Brembo mechanisms are applied on both axes: front axles with 6-piston calipers, rear axles with 2-piston calipers. Less incendiary modifications with a 268-horsepower 2.0 liter engine are equipped with standard disc brakes with ventilation. But the spurt here is not so fast – 6.0 (MKPP) or 6.3 (CVT) seconds when accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h.

All variations of the Subaru WRX are exclusively all-wheel drive, but there are differences in the 4WD configuration itself. For example, the four-wheel drive four-wheel drive system is built around a symmetric center-to-center differential with viscous coupling, whereas the WRX STI uses an active limited-slip differential (DCCD). The latter, by the way, in the course of restyling has learned to rely only on the indications of electronics, although earlier the blockage occurred taking friction into account.

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