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New Ravon R2 – 2018-2019 Chevrolet Spark adapted for Russia

Not long ago, manufacturers have officially presented the updated car – Ravon R2, which promises to be one of the most accessible hatchbekov with an automatic transmission in the Russian market. What else will be able to surprise the new model?

Exterior Body Ravon R2

First of all, it should be noted that the new car is compact enough for the class. In many ways, the car resembles the 2018-2019 Chevrolet Spark third generation.

Ravon R2 year

In particular, the car has received an overall grille, which combines perfectly with the front bumper. As for color choices, the potential buyers Ravon R2 have the ability to choose right from 12 shades.

Some of them bring to your attention: bright red, silver, gray, milky, yellow-green. Otherwise, the design of the machine is quite standard, so nothing special to highlight.

rear view Ravon R2

Dimensions of the new hatchback

As mentioned above, the new Ravon R2 is not is large. This is due to the fact that the car is aimed at ordinary urban residents, which does not necessarily stand out from the crowd. In order to once again ensure the compactness of the new model is enough to familiarize with its dimensions. So:

  • vehicle length is 3.64 m;
  • the width of the new Ravon R2 – 1,59 m;
  • vehicle height – 1.52 m;
  • wheelbase is 2.37 m.

Special attention certainly deserves the luggage compartment, which can accommodate 170 liters of cargo. In this case, the weight of the modern hatchbeka does not exceed 950 kilograms.

Interior Ravon P2

Inside, the updated Ravon R2, many elements can be seen, which are fully consistent design direction chosen by the manufacturer several years ago. In particular, the car boasts a stylish instrument panel (motorcycle type), as well as a very impressive center console.


Speaking of interior decoration, it should be noted that it leaves much to be desired, because the designers have been used cost materials that are not able to compete with natural leather. As a result, passenger comfort and driver can be called into serious doubt, as the quality of finishing not only affects the external appearance of the cabin, but also on the level of sound insulation, and other characteristics.

As the functionality of the new Ravon R2, then they are quite extensive. For example, the car is equipped with a modern system of heating of seats, several front airbags, power steering and other devices, simplifying the life of the driver.

Salon Ravon R2

Also, attention is drawn to a modern sound system, designed to perform the role of entertainment. According to the manufacturers, “elite” the vehicle suggest the presence of air conditioning, automatic adjustments of seats and mirrors, alloy wheels, and a media complex.

Specifications Ravon R 2

First of all, I must say that the new car does not provide an extensive range of powertrains. Manufacturers say that the car will be equipped with 4-cylinder petrol engine developing a power of 85 hp. This powerplant is perfectly combined with the automatic transmission.

By the way, this “union” allows the car to accelerate to the first “hundred” for 13 seconds. In this case, the maximum speed of the new Ravon R2 is 161 km / h. Of course, performance is not the most impressive, but expect more, at least, stupid, given the low cost of the machine.

Price – the main advantage of Ravon R2

As it became known, the updated Ravon R2 appears in the mass sale already this spring. This model does not differ extremely high speed characteristics, so will appeal only to those motorists who do not chase the pace of modern life. It is planned that the model value does not exceed the mark of 430-450 thousand rubles. According to manufacturers, Ravon R2 – is one of the Russian market the most cost cars this year, so there will be many potential buyers, despite the fact that the car is not standard.

Video Ravon R2 year:

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