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New Ram 1500 2020

The American pick-up Ram 1500 (Dodge Ram) of the 5th generation is presented publicly in Detroit. In the framework of the Detroit Auto Show in 2020, or more correctly, the North American International Auto Show, the manufacturer presented two versions of the new product at once: the Dodge Rem 1500 in a chic Limited version and specially prepared for movement on the heavy off-road Ram 1500 Rebel. We offer our readers an overview of the new pick-up Ram 1500 2019-2020 – photo and video, price and specifications, technical characteristics of stylish and high-tech novelties from FCA North America. Sales of the new generation Ram 1500 pickup start in the US market at the end of March 2020 at a price of $ 27,000 for the simplest version of the Ram 1500 Tradesman with a Single Cab car, the price of the Ram 1500 Limited with a five-seater Crew Cab will be $ 53,000.

photo by Ram 1500 2019-2020

At once we want to highlight the brightest and most original solutions of the new Ram 1500 pickup that give the novelty a very formidable set of positive qualities for a successful confrontation with competitors in the person of Ford F-150 and twin brothers Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra. By the way, the predecessor of the novelty was very difficult to compete with the models of Ford and GM. If the Ford F-series pickups sold more than 897,000 copies in the last year, and almost 803,000 copies of the Silverado / Sierra, then all versions and modifications of the Ram 1500 went to more than 500,000 copies in North America.

photo Ram 1500 2019-2020 front view

The developers very carefully approached the creation of the pickup and awarded the novelty a phenomenally stylish and original body exterior design with excellent aerodynamics, a comfortable cabin with a unique multimedia complex, a 12-inch display, front and rear seats, noise reduction. As well as active vibration dampers, located in the frame so necessary for cars with petrol V8, equipped with a system of deactivation of cylinders. And, finally, … a soft hybrid system eTorque with a starter-generator that provides a torque addition of 122-176 Nm and a traction battery with a capacity of 0.3 kW. It is clear that the “soft hybrid” is beyond the power to provide any feasible assistance to powerful engines, but it is able to help in the dispersal of a heavy pick-up truck and play the role of a start / stop system. That’s how the new Ram 1500 immediately enrolled in the most high-tech and advanced pickup trucks.

Do not bore the readers with a long story and description of the details of the body of the novelty. The photos and videos posted in the review are the best proof that the 5th generation of the Ram pickup looks great. Well, there is not such a smart front part of the body of any model. It is interesting that, according to the creators, the body of the new pickup has the best aerodynamic characteristics in the class, making 0.357 Cx. In equipping the new Ram, a spoiler that extends under the front bumper at a speed of over 48 km / h, and active active shutters behind the falshradiator grille.

We concentrate more on the frame, body, cargo platform and car chassis. It should be noted that if in the construction of pickups Ford F-150 (the whole body and the cargo platform) and Chevrolet Silverado (hinged body panels and part of the suspension) is massively used aluminum, which allows to reduce the curb weight of cars by 200-300 kg compared to brothers completely manufactured of steel, then the new Ram 1500 aluminum parts at a minimum. Of the winged metal hood and tailgate, a small part of the chassis and steering components, as well as the engine support. The rest is all elements of the body, suspension and, of course, the frame, from steel of various grades.

Despite the small amount of light aluminum, the 5th generation Ram 1500 pickup truck is over 100 kilograms lighter than the fourth version of the model. In this case, only the frame, consisting of 98% of high-strength steel, has become lighter by 45 kilos, and according to the developers, it has excellent endurance and survivability. The maximum load capacity of the novelty is 1,043 kg (the predecessor has 853 kg), and the weight of the towed trailer can now reach 5800 kg (there were no more than 4800 kg).

The new Ram 1500 enters the market with three cabs – Single Cab (single row), Quad Cab (one-and-a-half with a tight back row) and Crew Cab (fully 5-seater). Simple versions of the novelty with cabs Quad Cab and Quad Cab will not be considered, but immediately go to pickups with a normal cabin Crew Cab. This type of cabin with two full rows of seats will provide the driver and passengers with comfort and an excellent reserve of free space, especially with a look at the increase of 102 mm in length and 13 mm in width compared to the cab of the previous generation pick-up. The large dimensions of the cab allowed not only to increase the distances between the front and rear seats, but also provided the possibility of increasing the doorways and rear doors, which favorably affects the landing-and-landing comfort. At 102 mm, by the way, the wheelbase and overall overall body length have grown. The pickup is available with a wheelbase of 3,670 mm and 3900 mm, with a longer base length, the size of the cargo platform increases.

photo Ram 1500 Rebel 2019-2020 front view

photo Ram 1500 Rebel 2019-2020 side view

photo Ram 1500 Rebel 2019-2020 rear view

Separate attention deserves specially prepared for storming serious off-road Ram 1500 Rebel. This version of the pickup not only differs sharply from its fellow Spartans with a mass of plastic parts that protect the body from damage, but also an elevated suspension with Bilstein shock absorbers, enlarged to 254 mm clearance and off-road tires.

photo salon Ram 1500 2019-2020

The interior design of the new generation Ram 1500 pickup produces a very pleasant impression. Interior designers assure that the interior of 99% consists of new parts … cunning, but the salon really looks amazing. In the presence of an original front panel and center console, a smart instrument panel and steering wheel, and from the multimedia system Uconnect with a 12-inch display in general the spirit captures. It is available, however, only in top versions for a surcharge, but other multimedia with 5 and 8.4-inch screens the interior does not spoil.

The list of additional equipment is very extensive: LED headlamps, front and rear seat ventilation, all-round vision system, leather seats, 900 W Harman Kardon Premium New Audio System, Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go function, Blind Spot Monitoring system with Rear Cross Path and Trailer Detection, Park Assist, a panoramic roof with a hatch, 15 variants of alloy wheels with a diameter of up to 22-inches and a huge selection of colors for enamel for painting the body.

photo interior Ram 1500 2019-2020

Specifications Ram 1500 2019-2020 year.
The body of pickup Ram 1500 5 rests on a powerful frame, a spring suspension – the front two-link, rear with a continuous bridge. As an option, a pneumatic suspension is offered in the company with amplitude-dependent shock absorbers. The brakes of all wheel discs with front 378 mm brake discs and rear diameter of 376 mm, brake pads increased by 18% compared to the pickets of pickups from competitors. The parking brake is the default on all versions of the electric. The standard drive is rear, and as an option, all-wheel drive is offered (automatic connection, there is a downshift).

photo frame and chassis Ram 1500 2019-2020

Under the hood new Ram 1500 from the start of sales will be written two gasoline atmospheric engines: 3.6-liter V6 3.6 Pentastar (305 hp 365 Nm) and 5.7-liter V8 HEMI (395 hp 556 Nm) in the company with 8 automatic transmission and, of course , the newest eTorque system (a starter generator and a battery with a capacity of 0.43 kWh, an output voltage of 48 V), which allows adding 122 Nm and 176 Nm of torque to the motors.
A little later, a pickup truck with a 3.0-liter 240-horsepower V6 turbo diesel will be available for the order.

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