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New Mercedes-AMG Project One 2020

The auto giant Mercedes-Benz introduced the unique hyper-car Mercedes-AMG Project One at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2019 . In our review of Mercedes-AMG Project One 2019-2020 – photos and videos, the price and equipment, specifications of a mid-engine two-door coupe with a Formula-1 car. A unique coupe was created by Daimler specialists for the 50th anniversary of the AMG division, which produces powerful and fast cars. A new hybrid supercar coupe Mercedes-AMG Project Van is planned to be launched in series production in 2020. The price of each of the 275 copies of the unique hybrid coupe (in fact, we have a Formula 1 car, adapted for public roads) will be from 2.7 million euros, which is 300 thousand euros more than the cost of Bugatti Chiron , offered at a starting price of 2 , 4 million euros.

The Mercedes-AMG Project One, despite its uniqueness, will not be able to compete with the Bugatti Chiron either in terms of the power plant’s capacity (1000 HP vs 1500 HP), or in terms of maximum speed (350 km / h vs. 420 km / h). Yes, and the salon of the new hybrid hyper car Mercedes-AMG is simply Spartan compared to the chic interior of the two door coupe Bugatti. What is the novelty chip, for which the manufacturer wants such a huge amount of money?

The answer is simple and concise. The Mercedes-AMG Project One coupe is built with the use of Formula 1 technology and is adapted for use on conventional roads by the car of the Mercedes-AMG F1 W06 Hybrid race of the 2015 season … fantastic, is not it ?!

So at once we will pass to technical characteristics of Mercedes-AMG Project One 2019-2020.
The small serial mid-engine two door coupe is equipped with a hybrid power plant with a 1.6-liter V6 Turbo petrol engine with two electric motors mounted on it. The first 122-hp electric motor helps to untwist the turbocharger, the second 163-strong petrol engine installed on the crankshaft and helps the turbocharged V6 during acceleration, and also acts as a recuperator when braking, and provides power generation. Peak power in 680 hp is transmitted to the rear wheels through an 8-step robotic gearbox (one clutch disc, gear shift by hydraulic drive).

The engine of the W06 Hybrid of the formular car with a resource of only 4000 km was, of course, received for the road car a number of improvements that allowed to increase the “life” of the motor to 50,000 km. AMG engines equipped the engine of the Mercedes-AMG Project One with new pistons and a crankshaft, changed the program of the engine control unit, lowering the maximum engine speed to 11000 (at 15000 rpm the cut-off motor) and allowed the engine to run on 98 gasoline. And that is not all.

photo Mercedes-Benz AMG Project ONE Concept 2020 front view

Unlike the Formula 1 car with rear-wheel drive, the unique coupe is a four-wheel-drive car. On the front axle, two electric motors are additionally installed for each wheel separately with a power of 163 forces (the motors provide control of the thrust vector).
In the presence of a couple of battery packs, installed under the floor of the passenger compartment behind the front wheels. Stock of fuel stored in batteries is enough to overcome 25 km without activation of the gasoline engine, you can recharge the batteries from the outlet.

photo Mercedes-Benz AMG Project ONE Concept 2020 side view

It only remains to add that the entire hybrid power plant gives to the mountain a maximum power of 1000 hp !!!, but with a full charge of batteries. The dynamics of acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h are less than 2.5 seconds, from 0 to 200 km / h less than 6.0 seconds, the maximum speed is just over 350 km / h.

The exterior design of the coupe Mercedes-AMG Project One is like an alien, but not from Formula 1, but from the future. The car is incomparably beautiful, but the car body was created not for beauty contests, but taking into account the achievement of the lowest possible aerodynamic resistance index. There are huge front and side air intakes, an active splitter, opening flaps at the tops of the front wings, an electronically controlled spoiler … in a word, all aerodynamic elements can not be counted. And how cool is the air intake on the roof, smoothly turning into a huge fin.

The new mid-engine coupe from Mercedes-AMG with the original name Project One is built around a carbon monocoque with a cockpit for drivers and passengers. It is interesting that not only the monocoque, but also the gasoline engine in the company with the gearbox provide the supporting structure. The rear suspension levers are attached to the crankcase of the engine and gearbox, the shock absorbers are located almost horizontally, fixed to the chassis and connected to the suspension arms by means of pushing rods. That’s just the suspension is not as expensive as the car of the royal race.

photo Mercedes-Benz AMG Project ONE Concept 2020 rear view

And from more familiar materials and details:

First, the levers are made of aluminum, not carbon fiber.
Secondly, springs are installed, not torsion bars.
At the same time, carbon-ceramic brakes are used, and there is also a stabilization system, which, if desired, can be turned off.

photo salon Mercedes-Benz AMG Project ONE Concept 2020

photo helm Mercedes-Benz AMG Project ONE Concept 2020

The Mercedes-AMG Project One coupe’s double saloon looks like a real cockpit of a sports car. There is a steering wheel almost like a Formula 1 car steering wheel with a tachometer light, buttons and a switch, but with augmented airbag and touch panels. helping to customize the multimedia system without taking your hands off the wheel.

photo cockpit Mercedes-Benz AMG Project ONE Concept 2020

There are also two customizable 10-inch color screens that can provide the driver and the passenger with a wealth of useful information. One is located in the usual place for the dashboard, the second in the center of the front panel and serves as a multimedia complex, but with enhanced capabilities. There is also a third screen, which took the place of the interior rearview mirror, which displays a picture from the rear view camera, as well as other information on the settings of the car.

photo interior Mercedes-Benz AMG Project ONE Concept 2020

There are no chairs in the traditional concept. The driver and the passenger are accommodated in fixed lodges with a suede finish. Arrange less comfortable and choose the best fit is available only to the driver with the help of electric-controlled steering column and pedal assembly. Well at least air conditioning and power windows are installed as standard. Finishing materials, of course, premium: carbon, from which the entire cockpit is made, genuine leather, Nappa leather and Alcantara suede.

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