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New Kia Ceed SW 2020

The new Kia Ceed SW (Kia Ceed Sportswagon) is presented publicly at the Geneva International Motor Show on March 6, 2020. The new station wagon Kia Sid CB was lighted in Geneva, along with the sibling brother hatchback Kia Ceed 3 generation , which officially opened a little earlier on February 15, 2020. In our review of Kia Ceed SW 2019-2020 – photo, price, configuration and technical characteristics of the 3-generation Korean station wagon. Sales of the new Kia Ceed Sportswagon (Kia Ceed SW) in Europe will start in the 4th quarter of 2020 at a price of 16,300 euros for a car in the basic configuration with a gasoline 100-horsepower engine 1.4 MPI in the company with 6 MKPP. In Russia the station wagon and new generation Kia Sid hatchback will appear in the fall of 2020.

photo Kia Ceed SW 2019-2020 front view

The Kia Ceed SW station wagon, as well as the sibling coupe Kia Ceed, not only moved to the new “cart” K2, but also changed the name cee’d to a more pronounced Ceed, which stands for Community of Europe, with European Design translated as “For the European community, with European design”). The Korean wagon of the European class-C got the front part of the body identical with the hatch and a different design of the stern with more expressive and stylish overall lights.

photo Kia Ceed SW 2019-2020 rear view

By the way, the station wagon Kia Ceed Sportswagon on the side and rear looks more solid, stylish and attractive than a relative hatchback. Journalists who had time to contemplate the novelty at an automobile exhibition in Geneva alive noted that the new generation of Korean station wagon from behind resembles the BMW all-rounder.

  • The external dimensions of the body of the Kia Ceed SW 2019-2020 year are 4600 mm in length, 1800 mm in width, 1465 mm in height, with 2650 mm of wheelbase.

Compared with the predecessor of the 2-generation station wagon, the third-generation car body added a length of 95 mm (with identical wheelbase dimensions) to a width of 20 mm, but it became 20 mm lower. The length of the front overhang was reduced by 20 mm to 880 mm, and the rear overhang, on the contrary, increased by 115 mm to 1070 mm.

So from now on, the profile of Kia Sid SV looks like a real sports station wagon with a long sloping bonnet, a strong tilt of the windshield frame, a roofline hinting at the dome, and a stylish rear end.

The interior of the station wagon is exactly the same as that of the hatch, but the differences, understandably, are present, this is a more spacious luggage compartment of the model with a five-door wagon body. The 3 rd generation Kia Ceed SW can take 600 liters at the standard 40:20:40 split seatback position. Folding the back row with a light touch to a special lever we get absolutely flat floor and the ability to load more than about 1800 liters of cargo volume. The luggage compartment will be pleased with the presence of a protective curtain, hooks for bags and nets, rails for fastening loads, and a capacious underground. When ordering the Smart Tailgate option, the tailgate will receive an electric drive.

photo salon Kia Ceed SW 2019-2020

The list of standard and optional equipment for the new station wagon is identical to the base and optional packages of options for the soplatform hatchback. A choice of standard or LED optics, a multimedia system with color touch screens of diagonal 5.0, 7.0 or 8.0 inches, premium JBL Premium audio system, heated windshield and rudder, heated front seats and rear seats, ventilation driver’s and front passenger seats, a platform for wireless charging of smartphones, a system to prevent frontal collisions, and cruise control, monitoring of blind areas and a traffic assistant in the lane.

photo the trunk of Kia Ceed SW 2019-2020

photo luggage compartmentKia Ceed SW 2019-2020

Technical characteristics of Kia Ceed SW 2019-2020.
Under the hood of the station wagon Kia Sid SV the same petrol and diesel engines will be prescribed, as in the engine compartment of the siblings’ brother of the hatchback Kia Sid. These are gasoline engines 1.4 MPI (100 hp), 1.0 T-GDI (120 hp), 1.4 T-GDI (140 hp), as well as 1.6 CRDi turbo diesel engines (115 hp) and 1.6 CRDi (136 hp). All engines are paired with 6 manual gearboxes, but for the most powerful petrol and diesel engines, a robotic 7-speed gearbox is available as an option. There is also a Drive Mode Select system, which allows changing the characteristics of the engine and steering from normal mode (Normal) to Sport (Sport).

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