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New Jeep Wrangler 2020

The new Jeep Wrangler 2019-2020 is ready for the official premiere of the Los Angeles Auto Show on November 29, 2019 and the launch of sales in the US market in early 2020. In our review, Jeep Wrangler (Rengler) 2019-2020 model year – the first news and photos, the price and specifications, the technical characteristics of the 4th generation of the legendary model of SUV Wrangler from the American company Jeep .

The production of the new Jeep Wrangler will begin in mid-November 2019 at the plant in Toledo (Ohio USA). According to preliminary information, the price of new items will be from 30445 dollars for the version of Wrangler Unlimited Sport. True, without taking into account the cost of delivery to dealers in the amount of 995 dollars.

The new Jeep Rengler remained faithful to the traditions and kept the recognizable appearance of this SUV, a frame structure (spar frame), continuous axles of the front and rear axle, as well as lowering the transmission in the transmission. At the same time, the new generation of Wrangler acquired modern safety systems, more economical gasoline and diesel engines, a hybrid hybrid power plant for a surcharge (a non-high-power motor), a more comfortable cabin with a set of advanced equipment.

Representatives Jeep assure that the new Wrangler is able to satisfy even the most demanding customers who want to order a car in an unusual configuration. The choice will be offered by a huge selection of roof, side door and windshield variants, several wheelbase sizes, different in power petrol and diesel engines, three gearboxes – 6 manual gearboxes and a pair of 8 automatic transmissions (one of its own design and the second from the German company ZF) and, of course, various options for the all-wheel drive.

So the new Jeep Wrangler is such a designer, allowing to create an SUV, as they say, for themselves and their needs. And in the very near future the choice will be further expanded due to the hybrid version of Wrangler and the model with a pickup truck.

Let’s return to the exterior of the novelty and note that the new Jeep Wrangler, having received the factory index JL, retained as much as possible the characteristic exterior design of the body of its predecessors with ax-shaped forms, pronounced wings, miniature bumpers and classic falshradiator grating with 7 vertical slots and round headlights. However, this familiar design causes delight, especially among fans of the model. At the same time, the generation of a super popular American SUV looks fresh, stylish and modern. The main bright elements of the new body of Jeep Rengler are the turn signals located on the wings (the car of the previous generation was installed under the headlamps of the head light), the head optics with LED rings of daytime running lights, solid bumpers, stronger slope of the windscreen frame, glass doors with rounded corners.

By the way, unpretentious doors with plastic glasses, offered for the last generation of the jeep Wrangler, are a thing of the past, and all versions of the new generation of SUV are equipped with full-sized doors with power windows. However, if desired, the door can be quickly removed, and the windshield can be thrown forward on the hood.

In the design of the body of the novelty there are several new technical solutions.
First, the steel spar frame has become more solid and stiffer.
Secondly, the doors and hood of the SUV are lightweight, thanks to the production of aluminum alloy.
Complement the new bumper body with removable corners, allowing you to install large off-road wheels. And 4 versions of the roof:

  • Soft Top – the roof of fabric is dismantled by hand,
  • Hard Top – a hard roof fastening to the body bolts and of course removable,
  • Freedom Top – targa-type roof with two dismantled sections above the heads of the driver and front passenger,
  • Power Top – rigid, non-removable roof supplemented with a power sunroof.

The same motorists, who do not seem to have enough of these options, offer the roof of the Top Top – a variant with a soft and hard top. If you want – you install a fabric roof, and if you change your mind, that’s tough – and you change the whole day.
Having dealt with the design of the body and the roofs of the novelty, we offer a look at the salon of the new generation Jeep Wrangler JL, in which there is also continuity with the interior of the previous generation of the model, but … how everything has changed stylishly and qualitatively. The front panel and the center console remained recognizable, but completely modified. There is an original instrument panel with analogue dials of a speedometer and a tachometer separated by a large 7-inch color screen of a trip computer (in the base of a 3.5-inch monochrome screen), a new multifunctional steering wheel with elegant spokes lined up in a row on the torpedo round ventilation deflectors, a modern multimedia system with a color touchscreen 8.4-inch screen (initial versions will receive a diagonal of 5-inches), the original climate control unit and auxiliary functions vehicles.
Interestingly, the multimedia system – with a mass of prescribed “off-road tabs”, allowing you to personally watch the operation modes of the all-wheel drive, the depth of the ford overcome and the location of the car on the road. The all-wheel drive transmission is controlled by a classic lever, but the differentials are blocked by pressing the buttons.

Specifications Jeep Wrangler 2019-2020 year.
The new generation Jeep Wrangler is a real SUV with the classic all-wheel drive system Part-Time (rigid front axle connection), and in the Rubicon version supplemented with a demultiplier with a 4.0 reduction factor.
For expensive versions of Wrangler Sahara, by default, an automatic four-wheel drive system is offered (in 4H-Auto mode, the front wheels are connected by the electronics command, but only after the rear wheels slip). There is also a forced all-wheel drive mode and a downshift for heavy duty off-road driving (gear ratio 2.72: 1).
As well as for the model of the last generation, so for the new Wrangler 4 variants of continuous bridges are offered. The most advanced bridges are installed, of course, on Rubicon with interlocking differential locks (front and rear) and the possibility of disabling the anti-roll bar. In simple versions, the rear limited-slip differential.
Under the hood of the new generation Jeep Wrangler in 2020 from the start of sales, a pair of petrol engines will be prescribed – a turbocharged four-cylinder 2.0 Hurricane with a twin-scroll turbocharger and a modernized six-cylinder 3.6 Pentastar as well as a 3.0-liter VM Motori turbo diesel. Gearbox to choose from 6 manual transmission and 8 automatic transmission in two versions.

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