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NEW JAGUAR XF 2018-2019

With the upgrade 2018-2019 Jaguar XF would be to wait and, as it appeared on the market not so long ago.
However, things are going well at the company, and competitors are not asleep.
The luxury car market bend under him other members of the E-class – Audi A6 and BMW 5 Series.
Restyling XF should show the market that in this segment more choices.
The appearance of the new 2018-2019 Jaguar XF like underscores its potential.
He and sporty, and dynamic, and elegant.
Updated bumper and hood bend improve aerodynamics and reduce noise from the oncoming airflow.

Headlights, with predatory squint, equipped with xenon lamps and LEDs.
The rear optics, of course, LED has become more massive.
The luxurious interior of the cabin is made in two colors.
The new seat makes it easier to lay hold on them on the turns.
In the second row is not a large comfortable for passengers, all due to the high central tunnel and a low ceiling.
As for the dashboard, the scale changed coloring, it has improved the readability of the instruments.
The media system appeared themed buttons for easier navigation through the menus.

The basic version is equipped with a 3-liter engine the V6, it is not too aggressive, but persistent.
Enjoy the pleasure of a thoroughbred and the steady acceleration of the engine sound and the ease and precision steering not strain once again.
Suspension different elasticity, but not rigidity.
Luggage cover electrically offered on all versions.
Body Type – sedan.
Number of doors – 4 places – 5. Length – 4961 mm, width – 1877 mm, height – 1460 mm.
Wheelbase – 2909 mm.

Curb weight – 1690 kg.
Drive back.
Transmission – 6-speed automatic.
The working volume of the engine – 2967 cm / cu.
Maximum power – 238 hp at 6800 rpm.
Maximum torque – 293 Nm at 4100 rpm.
Maximum speed – 237 km / h.
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h is 8.3 seconds.
Fuel consumption per 100 km: city – 15.8 l track – 7.5 liters, the average – 10.5 liters.
The cost of the new 2018-2019 Jaguar XF – from 45 600 euros.

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