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New Jaguar I-Pace 2020 – electric first-born of the brand Jaguar

Electro crossover Jaguar I-Pace presents new products of Jaguar company 2019-2020 model year. The world premiere of the electric first-born of the brand Jaguar compact premium crossover Jaguar I-Pace (Ai-Pace) is timed to the Geneva International Motor Show in March 2020. In our review of Jaguar I-Pace in 2019-2020 – photos and videos, the price and specifications, specifications of the British electric crossover, which can compete with the American electric car Tesla Model X. The first to estimate the electric Jaguar will be motorists of Great Britain already in the end of spring this year, having bought Jaguar I-Pace EV400 at the price from 63500 pounds sterling. At the same time, buyers can expect compensation in the amount of 4,500 pounds – a subsidy from the UK government when buying an electric car.

photo Jaguar I-Pace 2019-2020

The production of Jaguar I-Pace with two synchronous 200-hp electric motors (total power 400 hp 696 Nm), powered by a lithium-ion traction battery with a capacity of 90 kW / h, will start in April 2020 at the Magna Steyr plant in the Austrian city of Graz side by side with the crossover Jaguar E-Pace . Sales of the new electric crossover Jaguar I-Pace in Russia are planned, but not earlier than in the autumn of 2020. However, the price of an electrical novelty for the Russian market has not yet been announced.

photo Jaguar I-Pace 2019-2020 front view

I would like to note immediately that the serial electric crossover Jaguar I-Pace turned out to be almost an exact copy of the prototype Jaguar I-Pace Concept , shown during a special event at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November 2016. The novelty flaunts a stylish, original and modern body, a forward-shifted saloon and a solid wheelbase of 2990 mm. Exterior design of the body of the electric first-born Jaguar is delightfully original. The crossover looks great in front and behind, and in profile it’s just gorgeous.

photo Jaguar I-Pace 2019-2020 side view

The huge wheels (22-inch wheels, low-profile rubber 255 / 40R22), located in stately wheel arches, compact body overhangs, neat hood, lush forms of front and rear wings, exciting lines of side doors with a high window sill of compact glasses and touch pens, a windshield frame with a strong slope, an elegant domed roof, a powerful forage. Looking at the electrically crossover side note the ideal body proportions.

The front and rear parts of the body of the British electric car may not look as stunning as the sidewalls, but they are also not devoid of bright and stylish elements. In the arsenal of the front of the body is difficult to compose LED headlights (LED matrix), branded falshradiatornaya lattice Jaguar with a fine mesh, a powerful bumper with solid vertical slots of air ducts and horizontal sections of LED fog lamps, a hood with an original relief.

photo Jaguar I-Pace 2019-2020 rear view

The electric premium crossover power of the premium class exposes flawless LED parking lights, a tailgate with a high vertical part, a miniature spoiler and a compact glass topped with an original wing, a lean bumper with a diffuser.

images Jaguar I-Pace 2019-2020 rear view

  • The exterior dimensions of the body of the Jaguar I-Pace 2019-2020 year are 4682 mm in length, 1890 mm in width, 1565 mm in height, with 2990 mm of wheelbase.
  • For the crossover, the wheels are available in sizes from 18 to 22 inches (pictured).
  • The coefficient of frontal aerodynamic resistance of the body of the electric first-born Jaguar is 0.29 Cx.
  • The curb weight of an electric British crossover with a driver 2208 kg.

The interior of the serial electric crossover I-Pace is quite similar to the interior of the prototype I-Pace Concept, but less revolutionary. The front panel received traditional ventilation ventilators and leather trim instead of felted, like the prototype, physically operated buttons appeared on the center console and doors, but … the general interior concept was preserved.

photo interior Jaguar I-Pace 2019-2020

A digital, multi-function instrument panel with a 12-inch screen, a compact steering wheel with a plump rim, a convenient Touch Pro Duo Flight Deck interface with a pair of color touch displays, a floating central console, a driver’s and front passenger’s seat with advanced lateral support, comfortable rear seats and, understandably, all attributes of a crossover of a premium class (high-quality materials of furnish and a huge set of options).

The volume of the main luggage compartment varies from 656 liters in the standard seating position of the second row to 1453 liters on condition of the transformation. Add a front trunk, located under the hood and capable of taking 27 liters of cargo volume. In addition, in addition to the traditional glove compartment, there is a 10.5-liter compartment under the floating console, and under the rear seats there are boxes for notebooks.

For the upholstery of armchairs, a cloth developed by Kvadrat specialists (wool with the addition of artificial threads) and thinly grained leather Windsor is used.

Specifications Jaguar I-Pace 2019-2020 year.
At the heart of the electric crossover is an original aluminum platform. But at the same time some of the units and assemblies are borrowed from the Range Rover Velar and Jaguar F-Pace (steering gear and suspension, the front two lever, and the rear multi-link – Integral link). Standard spring suspension, by the way, if desired, you can replace the optional pneumatic. A lithium-ion traction battery with a capacity of 90 kW / h with liquid two circuit cooling is installed in the floor and integrated into the power frame of the body. This solution not only increased the rigidity of the body to an excellent performance of 36,000 Nm / deg, but also provided a low center of gravity of the electric crossover by as much as 130 mm lower than the Jaguar F-Pace. At the same time, the crossover of the electric car has an ideal 50:50 weight distribution along the axes.

Jaguar I-Pace enters the market in only one version of the EV400, implying the presence on each axis of a synchronous 200-horsepower engine weighing only 39 kg. Dimensions of electric motors are compact: diameter – 234 mm, length – 500 mm. In total, electric motors generate 400 forces and 696 Nm of torque and provide the crossover with the dynamics of acceleration from 0 to 100 kmh in 4.8 seconds and, understandably, the all-wheel drive.

The manufacturer promises that one battery charge provides a crossover run of 480 km (on a WLTP cycle), in fact 350-400 km. The charging time of the battery is 80% between 10 hours when using a 7 kW outlet to ridiculous 40 minutes from a little-spread 100-kilowatt terminal. The 50-kilowatt terminal will charge the battery of the new Jaguar I-Pace by 80% in 85 minutes. By the way, the battery is able to withstand the effects of low temperatures as much as minus 50 degrees Celsius.

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