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New Honda Accord 2019 – a fundamentally new Accord

The new Honda Accord 2019-2020 was officially unveiled on July 14 in the United States of America. The tenth generation of the mid-sized sedan was allocated a new modular platform, facilitated the bodywork, redesigned the exterior, improved the interior trim and equipment, reworked the chassis, installed turbines under the hood, previously unreachable turbines, and issued a completely new 10-speed automatic box. With this set of updates, the model will be released to the North American market in late 2019 – early 2019. The starting price of new items, according to rough estimates, will fluctuate around 22.7-22.8 thousand dollars, which only slightly exceeds the cost of the previous version of the car. Traditionally, the production of most components and the final assembly of the machine will be carried out in the USA. The responsibility for releasing the new model will be taken over by plants in Russell Point, Anna, Marysville (all – Ohio state) and Tallapus (Georgia).

Despite the fact that the “tenth” Accord has seriously aimed at conquering the European market, the main place for its sales will remain the States, where the positions of the Japanese sedan have been incredibly strong from time immemorial. So, in 2019 Accord took second place in its segment, losing only to the eternal competitor – Toyota Camry. In favor of the Honda model, 345,225 buyers made their choice, while the four-door from Toyota sold in 388,616 copies. Slightly worse than the Accord, Nissan Altima and Ford Fusion (we know as Mondeo ) were sold with 307 380 and 265 840 cars sold, respectively.

In the first six months of 2019, the disposition between the four players is approximately preserved, although now many motorists who have laid eyes on the Accord of the 9th generation will certainly decide to postpone the purchase in anticipation of the release of the new generation model. We do not expect, and right now we will conduct a full analysis, relying on available photos, bundling and prices, technical characteristics of the novelty.

Body parameters

According to the developers, the car is designed on the newest modular platform, which is already the basis of the Honda Civic and Honda CR-V . The share of high-strength steels in the structure of sedan body materials reaches 54.2%, with ultra-high strength grades accounting for at least 29%. No wonder that in this configuration the power frame has become much stronger to resist the twisting moment, and specifically its rigidity has increased by 32 percent. In general, the car became slightly lighter – by 50-80 kg depending on the modification. At the same time the new Accord can boast a good weight distribution – the mass is distributed between the front and rear axle in a ratio of 60/40. The center of gravity of the sedan was lowered by 10 mm.

The dimensions of the body of the new Honda Accord 10 have changed compared to its predecessor. The biggest delta fell on the wheelbase – it was 55 mm (2776 mm transformed into 2831 mm). Other adjustments are not so noticeable: the length was reduced by 10 mm (up to 4880 mm), the width increased by 10 mm (up to 1859 mm), the height decreased by 15 mm (1451 mm). The track of the front wheels has become wider by 5 mm, the rear wheels by 20 mm.

Design Features Honda Accord 10

In an effort to please the European audience, the updated Accord has seriously changed in appearance, acquiring more streamlined forms and completely different design of many exterior elements. But this does not mean that all new things have come to court. For example, the revised nose with a complex combination of a falshradiator, “sharp” headlights and a central air intake leaves an ambiguous impression.
Photos Honda Accord 2019-2020

The design of the sedan’s stern is also called an amateur – the odd-shaped lights, a small boot lid and a simple bumper with two trapezes of exhaust along the bottom edge. It remains to be hoped that all this economy looks more attractive than in the photo.

Rear design

But in the profile the novelty looks much nicer. A long escaping hood, an elegant roof dome with a graceful fin at the end, a short neat feed, perfectly circumscribed wheel arches – the tongue does not turn to refer to such a body as a sedan. Rather, it’s a fastback or a four-door coupe. In any case, the silhouette pleases with its sporty outlines and charging. In favor of the image, there are also “clean” sidewalls with expressive ribs that pass through the entire body just above the door handles.

Innovations in the interior and equipment

The increase in the wheelbase of Honda Accord made it possible to expand the rows of seats in the cabin, simultaneously allocating to the rear passengers 51 mm more free space in the leg area. At the same time, the seats themselves were omitted: front seats – 20 mm, rear sofa – 25 mm. A lower setting of the front seats did not lead to a deterioration in the visibility for the driver, on the contrary, due to the reduction in the thickness of the roof racks and the displacement of their backs, the area falling into the field of vision only increased.

Front riders will probably have to taste the new chairs, designed specifically for the model of the 10th generation. They have a good anatomical profile, pleasant to the touch upholstery and good lateral support. The driver’s seat is equipped with 12 electric adjustments, adjustable in height by the lumbar support, ventilation and massage functions. Passengers of the second row can count on heating both the pillow and the back of the sofa.

Interior photo

The layout of the front panel in general, and the console in particular, causes a minimum of censures – all the switch blocks and information displays are located in place, so that it is a pleasure to control them. The electronic-technical filling meets all modern requirements. The new instrument panel is pleased with the clear graphics of the 7-inch TFT-screen. Excellent fit into the architecture of the central console is located on its top 8-inch touchscreen multimedia display. Interestingly, it was equipped with two physical “twirls” on the sides, which look very appropriate and do not spoil the overall picture, echoing the similar in size climate control regulators. Functional multimedia complex, by the way, quite rich – navigation, interfaces Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, support for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi access point with the Internet 4G LTE.

Second row seats

Depending on the equipment (up to six levels of equipment are provided – LX, Sport, EX, EX-L, EX-L Navi, Touring), the list of equipment of the new Accord can replenish wireless charging for mobile devices, a 6-inch projection display (speed and speed are displayed engine, navigation card, recognized road signs), active noise cancellation system, acoustics with a number of speakers from 4 to 10 (power 160-450 W), remote control system of the car (lock locking / unlocking, engine starting, diagnostics, tracking me cost).

Four-door novelty Honda has not only one of the most spacious in the classrooms (volume 2.99 cubic meters), but also an impressive luggage compartment. Its basic volume is 473 liters (+26 liters to the previous figure), which can be increased by folding the backs of the rear seats, cut regardless of the configuration in a proportion of 40/60.

Specifications Honda Accord in the new body of 2019-2020 year

The change of generations led to a cardinal revision of the engine range of the sedan. Pre-reform “atmospherics” went into oblivion, giving way to gas turbo-units of the series Earth Dreams VTEC TURBO with variable phases of gas distribution and direct fuel injection. The engines are as follows:

  • 1.5-liter engine with a return of 195 hp and 260 Nm (got from Honda Civic) is combined with a variator or a 6-step “mechanics”;
  • 2.0-liter unit with a thrust of 252 hp and 370 Nm (moved from Civic Type R ) works together with 6MKPP or a new 10-band “automatic”.

The “younger” 1.5-liter engine is meant to replace the 2.4-liter engine (188 hp, 245 Nm), a more powerful 2.0 liter unit should replace the 3.5-liter atmospheric “six” (282 hp, 342 hp .)

In addition to the two engines mentioned above, Honda Accord will be equipped with a hybrid unit based on the 2.0-liter Quartet, which is interfaced with a pair of electric motors. The battery of the Hybrid version is hidden in the boot lid, in such a way that there are no changes in the compartment configuration with respect to the classic modifications of the car.

The updated model of the 10th generation will go on sale exclusively in the front-wheel drive version. To control the driving habits of the sedan, a selector is selected for driving mode with three settings – Normal, Sport and Econ. The four-door suspension has an independent layout – front MacPherson with L-shaped levers and a rear multi-lever. Both designs are mounted on a stretcher, in the first case aluminum. For a surcharge it is proposed to install adaptive shock absorbers with electronic control on the machine.

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